24 inches tape straight ombre 2c 613c



Hair extensions are the fastest and most straightforward way to have long, shiny, and bouncy hair. Many hair extension stores are on the market today, and Ivirgo Hair Factory is one of the brightest names for any lady to consider.

When you visit our store, you will find many beautiful hairstyles like 24 Inches Tape Straight Ombre 2c 613c

Many women have trusted to choose this hairstyle for themselves. Join me in finding out why this product has such great appeal in the following article!


Straight hair is effortless to use and versatile in many cases. They fit a lot of different face shapes and clothing styles. No matter what age, straight hair can still bring elegant and seductive beauty to girls.

It is the perfect choice for girls with round faces or those who want to hide their flaws. With this smooth straight hair, big cheeks, high cheekbones, or a not-so-beautiful forehead will become more charming.

The structure of the cuticles in our product is highly ordered in the same direction, providing smoothness to the hair. You won’t need to spend much time combing your hair every morning when you wake up.

This product does not exist in the same color from top to bottom but has a unique gradation. That’s why this hair extension product is called ombre. 

The hair at the ends will have a natural light blonde color. This color gradation brings an eye-catching beauty and is full of life.

Even if you want to make your hair different colors, you can completely bleach and recolor your hair freely.


Our 24 Inches Tape Straight Ombre 2c 613c is from the natural hair of Vietnamese women. Here, women in rural and mountainous areas often take care of their hair with natural herbs available in their area. 

Betel nut, lemongrass, grapefruit peel, locust, and five-color grass have nourished the women’s hair here, keeping the hair smooth and shiny.

These hair samples, after being purchased, will undergo careful processing from leading experts in the field of hairstyling. 

All parasites and dirt will be removable from the hair. We also keep only healthy and damaged hair strands. The natural hair treatment process without the impact of chemicals brings out the product’s natural beauty.

You will not need to worry about residual chemical residues affecting your health or natural hair. 

We preserve the natural properties of the hair, and you can freely change the hairstyle, bleach, and dye it again as you wish. A strong and durable coat will satisfy all your beauty needs.


Most of the hair extensions are 10 to 20 inches long. However, this length may only be somewhat suitable for the needs of many people. With this in mind, we bring you curls with a minimum length of 6 inches and a maximum of 32 inches.

You can choose the most appropriate hair extension size depending on your needs. Personality and strong girls will certainly not be able to resist the attraction of curls from 6 to 10 inches. If you want to enhance your femininity and softness, do not hesitate to order products from 18 to 32 inches.


If you are a customer who wants to order a small number of hair extensions individually, we expect you to contain at least 2 bundles in one order. Two hundred grams is the minimum weight we sell in individual orders.

In addition, the store also offers hair extensions at wholesale prices for you. 

Depending on the hair type, we can provide wholesale with different amounts. Every month we can market from 1000 to 2000 Kg of high-quality hair. 


After our store has confirmed your order, we will pack the product according to the requirements and send it to you by reputable shipping units. 

DHL, EMS, UPS, and Fedex are the store names chosen as our companions. They will bring the product to each customer in the shortest time possible.

Delivery time will vary from 3 to 7 days depending on the distance from where you live to the shop.

In some exceptional cases, the delivery time will be delayed. We will continuously update the status of your order so that you can easily track and arrange to receive the product.


Should I use multivitamin hair conditioners?

Certainly yes. The oils contain various vitamins that will provide nutrients to the hair, keeping your hair healthy and shiny. These nutrients also work to reduce damage and prevent hair loss.

Why should I have a hair extension?

Hair extensions are the simplest method to have the lengthy and bouncy hair you dream of in a short time. Moreover, you can try many different hairstyles and hair colors on extensions without fear of damaging your natural hair.


Curly hair extension products have always had a unique attraction for ladies. 

Whether you love the strong style and outstanding personality or are a gentle romantic, this hairstyle can meet your needs. 

With premium quality and excellent durability, 24 Inches Tape Straight Ombre 2c 613c can conquer any demanding customer.

Quickly find your favorite hair extensions at Ivirgo Hair Factory. I hope you soon have the look you’ve always dreamed of!


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