If you want to order human hair in your country, but they are very expensive, up to about 1000USD. You are confused about the value of human hair extensions. Don’t worry, in this post, I will introduce you how to buy 100% virgin hair for hair extensions and they will be cheap remy hair but the quality is high. In this post, I will show you many tips for making international business without cheat, imitation goods, synthetic hair or difference in quality…

Do you know about blonde hair and Black Straight clip in hair?

Blonde hair is known for white hair because they have white tone color, however, if you choose small number color, they will be yellow tone.

Blonde color is the most popular in Russia, American and some countries in the world, they are very interested in blonde color.

My company supplies many color tone for blonde hair, from #12 to #60 and #613 color.

from #12 to #20, the tone color is quite yellow, and from #22 to #613, that is white tone.

Number 60 color is the lightest color in color chart, they are very white.

Tell about Black straight clip in hair, they are the clip in hair and color is black. The black color is the most popular color in the world, many people and many countries like black color- classic style. Clip in hair is the kind of hair, which is most easy to use. We – the manufacturer will attach clips to weft line, you only need to clip them on your hair, very easy to assemble and disassemble them.

Firstly, let’s find the reasons why remy hair is not cheap remy hair?

Remy hair is the kind of hair, that is cut off from a head of the human. they are 100% human hair and have full characteristics of human hair. So we will face many difficult to buy beautiful hair because human hair grew very slowly.

When you buy human hair in your country, they are bought thought many people, they are commercial, as well as third party, so you will buy more expensive than normal.

And this reason explains why it is very easy to make you buy imitation hair – plastic hair or synthetic hair. Imitation hair cannot dye, bleach, blond or restyle hair from curly, wavy to straight. If you try to do this, the bought hair will be fire or deliquesce. All slide hair will fail.

You should choose a good, reputable supplier to avoid cheating, do not be hurry to believe in cheap price with high quality.

Compare to cheap Remy hair and virgin hair?

The similar:

They are also human hair, 100% Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair

They have all of characteristics of human hair

You can wash them, restyle straight to curly or wavy, make weft, wavy…

The Different:

Cheap remy hair Virgin hair
They are mixed from 2-3 donors Cut off from one’s girl, no mix
Can not dye, bleach Can dye, bleach
Cheaper so much More expensive

How to buy the best cheap remy hair extensions, 100% Vietnamese human hair?

To buy cheap remy hair extensions, you should buy from initial suppliers instead of businesses. Because if you buy from the agent, you have to pay the fee for third parties.

Initial suppliers are people who manufacture human hair directly and distribute them for wholesalers to around the world, they usually distribute to agents and businessman in advance, from that, businessman distribute to retailers or final customers. So if you are final customers or retailers, you have to buy more expensive and do not have any discount.

cheap remy hair
Best cheap remy hair extensions

How to become human hair wholesalers to buy cheap remy hair

Very easy to become a hair wholesaler, you only choose a cheap remy hair websites of some companies and compare the price. Website: is our website, we supply many kinds of hair and we manufacture ourselves human hair from 100% human hair extensions. That is the reason why our hair is cheaper than other companies.

You want to buy cheap remy hair, not cheaper hair?

The cheap remy hair is a kind of hair in our catalog. We supply many sizes of hair, from 6 inches to 30 inches cheap remy hair. They are also remy hair, but the cheapest remy hair for buyers, they can not dye bleach,… Because they are combined from many hairs, cut off from many others head. Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of cheap remy hair.

About advantages, the first is clearly price, Cheap hair is very cheap when you compare with others in catalog hair. This characteristic is very suitable for who only wants to use some times for special day, or who has a little money.

About disadvantages, Cheap remy hair can not be dyed, bleached, … however, you can restyle them from straight to curly, or to wavy… you also can sew hair to weft hair, use keratin like tips hair….

In concluding, Cheap remy hair is good or not good for you depending on your purpose when you order human hair.

cheap remy hair
Cheap remy hair websites

Our company is Ivirgo Hair Investing and Commerce Joint Stock Company, we manufacture human hair on my factory ourselves and distribute hair around the world. With 5 years in this field, we are confident that our quality is the best in the same price, and our price is the cheapest in the same quality.


Q: Which color you have for Clip in hair except for Black color?

We have many colors, in this color chart, we can make all of the color for you and make them become clip in by sewing the head and attach clips to weft line.

Q: When I buy Blonde color, can I dye or bleach it?

The answer is yes, but you should pay attention that, to make blonde color, we bleached natural hair, that is the reason, you do not need to bleach it again.

And Blonde is the lightest color in color chart, so you can not raise tone color of it, you only can dye them to darker, example brown, red, dark brown…

cheap remy hair

Q: How can I order clip in hair?

Like other kinds of hair, let’s contact us via a website : and we are available for support. We offer many methods of payment and many methods of shipment, as long as you feel convenient.

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