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With diverse and novel hair extensions created every day, choosing the right hairstyle is a difficult task. One of the latest innovations is the many color flat tip.

Wholesale Hair Vendors is pleased to introduce you to our expertise in this hair extension. Please consult with us to reinforce your final choice.

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What Is The Flat Tip Extension?

About Flat Tip Extension

Flat tip hair extension is a completely new innovation with a blend of tape-in ​​and I-tip hair extensions.

They are curls with smooth, flat ends similar to tape hair. However, stylists can attach flat tips to their hair using rings and microbeads or glue.

Microbeads are used to clip each strand in place to your biological curl for maximum naturalness. If you want to use glue, salons often choose high-quality keratin glues for durability. The best thing is that this process does not involve chemicals or heat, so it limits damage to the hair.

About Our Product

Ivirgo Hair Vendorsmany color flat tip is the widest collection of flat tip hair extensions you can find.

The basic length of hair models ranges from 6 to 32 inches. You can absolutely choose curls with a style that suits you. The 32 inch length gives professional stylists space to edit freely.

The basic hair shape and type we offer is straight hair. It is the most versatile and easy to use hair type.

Straight hair creates a natural and elegant look for the user. It also provides freedom for those who want to curl their hair as they can curl their hair to their liking.

Color is the strongest point of this model. Ivirgo Hair Vendors proudly offers a rich range of hair colors with over 20 colors.

Deep tones like black or dark brown are suitable for girls who love tradition and sharpness. In contrast, personality girls often tend to look for striking bright tones such as gold, platinum, or gray.

You won’t need to go through tedious and lengthy bleaching steps. We offer a wide range of colors and tones. In case you want to dye your personality, these extensions are suitable for all dyes.

Why Should You Use Flat Tip Hair?

There are many reasons to encourage you to use flat tip hair extensions. This type of hair extension comes with the following notable advantages.

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Provide Natural Feel And Look

The top advantage of this hairstyle is the natural look and feel. They blend and blend perfectly with your hair texture.

You can style your hair or curl it as you like. Besides, it helps your hair to become full of life without the feeling of being hooked and edited.

Invisible To Naked Eyes

Many people love flat tips because they are invisible to the naked eye. The flat ends of the hair have a similar color to the hair, so it will be difficult to recognize.

However, the ends of your hair will become visible as your hair grows out over time. At that point, contact a professional to have it reinstalled.

Add Length And Volume

Flat head hair extensions add length and volume to the hair. They are made from 100% real Remy bio-hair that has never been treated other than a gentle coloring and moisturizing process.

Offer Pain-Free Experience

The process of gluing and removing hair extensions does not cause irritation, discomfort or pain. They are relatively simple but will require some specialized tools.

Protect Your Natural Hair

Since flat extensions do not require the use of any heat styling tools during use, they do not damage natural hair. The microplastics, rings or glue used to secure the extension to your natural hair are completely safe and will prevent any damage to your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Flat Tip Hair Extension Last?

Typically, these extensions can last from three to six months depending on your quality and care. You can even reuse it three times by replacing it with new beads or using new microbeads.

The flat tip installation process is not difficult, but requires a high degree of meticulousness. Hairdressers usually take one to two hours to complete a haircut.

Who Are Flat Tip Hair Extensions Best For?

Ivirgo Hair Vendors recommends the following clients to use flat tip hair:

  • Customers who have used many different hair extension methods but are not really satisfied.
  • People who don’t want to use tape in their hair.
  • People who value comfort, flexibility, and changeability.
  • Customers who are concerned about hair damage and do not want to use heat and chemicals on their hair.


For any further questions, contact a Ivirgo Hair Vendors consultant immediately. We are ready to serve you!

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