Tape hair 28 blonde

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  1. With proper care, how long could you reuse the hair? my babe hair has lasted me a year at least but i’m looking for a cheaper alternative

  2. Hi I wanna buy 28 inch length dirty blonde. Can I order it? If yes, when i will receive it? I live in the US California

  3. This hair is silky and has an nice thickness to it. Easy to install and the adhesive is super strong. It washes in Styles beautifully. Nobody knows it’s not my own grown hair

  4. Excellent quality hair !! The hair is very thick and you don’t need near as many as you would think for a full head also the color is beautiful! I’ve been buying hair from IVIRGO HAIR for a couple years now and they have excellent customer care especially if you have questions or issues . I am a hairstylist and use this product for my customers as well. Well worth the price will not disappoint!

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