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Want to make your hair thicker and smoother quickly but are afraid that using clip-in hair extensions will cause pain? Tape Hair Extensions will be the choice to solve all your concerns. 

Ivirgo Hair Factory produces this extension with the desire not to cause scalp pain or damage to the user’s natural hair. Tape Hair Extensions are also designed for the most flexible use by users. 

If you are considering choosing this product, refer to the comments below to determine if it is the best choice for your needs. 

Product Features

Tape Hair Extensions do not require complicated installation. It is also easy to use and maintain. In addition to the advantages, it also has other impressive advantages that anyone interested in hair extensions should consider. 


This hair model has a completely natural color. This light hair will make your face more radiant. You will stand out from the crowd when using it. 

The hair color provided by Ivirgo Hair Factory is quite bright but still supports dyeing and bleaching well. You can get darker or more vibrant hair depending on your chosen color and the process of dyeing and bleaching your hair at home. 


We offer hair extensions in lengths from 6 – 32 inches.  However, we recommend using a 26-inch hair extension. The hair extensions must be removed as your natural hair grows over time. 

So you do not need to invest in a hair extension up to 32 inches. 


Ivirgo Hair Factory’s adhesive tape extensions are 100% natural human hair as the primary material. Our experts will straighten the hair and attach the tape. 

The materials we use are both user-friendly and environment-friendly. We have not received customer irritation with adhesives or other friendly ingredients we use on Tape Hair Extensions. 


The Tape Hair Extensions composition is rigorously tested. So you can hardly detect split ends and tangles in your hair extension products. 

We are also proud to offer hair extensions with relatively intact cuticles. You can do all kinds of beauty treatments with an undamaged cuticle, such as curling, straightening, and curling.


Tape Hair Extensions is a versatile hair model. It quickly makes your hair thicker, longer, and smoother.

Due to the unique sticker design, you can comfortably tie your hair in a ponytail, let your hair down or curl your hair when using this hair extension. 

It is the top hairstyle for active users who love changing styles. 


How to apply Tape in Extensions?

Before applying the hair extension tape, you need to determine the area you want to use the hair extension. When applying hair tape on an area of ​​hair that is too thin or too small, it can cause damage to the hair. 

For the most natural look, experts recommend attaching hair extensions in a brick pattern. To attach this hair extension, you will use two wefts to clip with the natural hair in the middle. 

The section between the ribbons should have a slight width. Also, make sure the hair in the band middle and the wig are the same thickness. 

How to remove Tape in Hair Extensions? 

You will need a specialized liquid solution to handle the sticky part. It would help if you did not use alcohol-based cleaners. 

They have a rather unpleasant smell and cause damage to the hair and scalp. Try spraying an oil-based cleaner on the junction between the tape and the hair. About 30 seconds, the tab will loosen, allowing you to pull the tape out of your hair. 

How do you reuse Tape in Hair Extensions?

Before re-gluing the extension, you will need to remove the old adhesive. After that, wash and dry your hair, and use some hair care cream to prepare for applying for hair extensions. 

Finally, you must prepare a new pack of adhesive tape and stick the hair extension on your hair. 

How long do Tape Hair Extensions last?  

Usually, hair extensions with tape are in 6 – 8 weeks. Because your natural hair has grown at this time, making the extension no longer in its original position. 

In order not to cause damage to your hair, you should get in the habit of checking and maintaining your hair extensions weekly. After about a month, you should go to the hairstylist to check for hair slippage or knotting. 

How do you care for Tape Hair Extensions? 

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your hair extensions, you first need to choose the right hair care products. Products containing alcohol and sulfates are not recommended. These products dry out the hair and weaken the adhesion. 

You should also brush your hair regularly to avoid knots. You also need to use products that protect your hair from heat and chemicals every time you style it. 


Tape Hair Extensions are highly aesthetic and widely used. However, not all users use this type of hair extension properly. 

You can easily use this hair extension through the above sharing. Always get the perfect look with your favorite Tape Hair Extensions. 


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