Tips and tricks: how to install hair extensions and three popular methods

Are you finding the way in order for your hair to look as shiny, smooth and long as you want? Are you going into deep regret when you have just had your hair cut? Are you fear of your damaged hair or your excessive hair loss?

If so, let hair extensions do their work! However, you do not know much about how to install hair extensions and which method would be suitable for you. Knowing these questions of yours, we write this article to introduce all tips and tricks that may be helpful. Now let’s get started!

Types of hair extensions

Before getting into details about how to install hair extensions, you first need to know what hair extensions are and how many types of hair extensions there are. As long as you understand them well, you could apply hair extensions properly.

According to salon professionals, there are 6 types of hair extensions which are in favors of many users today. Please note that you learn about all these 6 types before truly seeking methods of how to install hair extensions because one size does not fit all.

Weft hair extensions – hair is sewn together with braids or seamless tracks.

Tape-in hair extensions – applied directly or sandwiched for more volume and thickness. Hair is taped onto a group with 2 inches wide.

Micro link – also called as micro beads or locks, characterized by its ability to easy put in and take out. One minus point of micro link is that the heat from metal rings causes the hair to burn or break.

Fusion – When trying to know how to install hair extensions, especially this type, you need to be very patient as it takes 3-4 hours to apply. Fusion hair extensions are used on individual keratin bonds, which enables you to treat them as if they are yours.

Sew-in/weaves – applied by braiding your hair into a corn row first, then using a needle and thread to attach with extensions.

Clip-in If the article deals with how to install hair extensions without mentioning clip-in, it will be a miss. Clip-in hair extensions are always on top of the list because it is the least damaging (even zero damage) and you can apply and take out easily and quickly.

While there are 6 types you need to know about how to install hair extensions, it is suggested that you should choose these 3 following methods as they are friendly with nearly all types of hair extensions.

How to install hair extensions – clip-ins

Clip-in is a perfect option for those customers who are looking for a quick do-it-yourself hair extension method with no permanent bonding. Utilizing clip-in hair extensions not only helps you save time but also minimizes harm and damage to your natural hair.

So how to install hair extensions, particularly this type?

Clip-in hair extensions are so easy to apply and tools are not even required for installation. First, you need to find clip-in hair extensions in the market. You may be confused at various brands, styles, weights and lengths of them. Therefore, it is necessary that you remember to purchase ones that most closely match your natural hair colors and texture.

Depending on your natural hair, you can decide the quantity of required clip-in hair extensions. Generally, a set of clip-in hair extensions ranges from 14 inches to 22 inches long. You may need to test hair dye for better application.

Now, we will look through 3 main steps of guide how to install hair extensions – clip-ins. Only after 4 minutes at home will you have a truly charming hair!

how to install hair extensions "
A process to apply clip-in hair extensions (Image source internet)

How to install hair extensions – clip-ins – step 1

  • Simply use your fingers to make sure that your natural hair is dry and tangle free. Part your hair wherever you find normally and comfortably.
  • Lay out your clip-in hair extensions on a flat surface.
  • Section off hair about 1 inch from the nape of your neck. Secure your hair above by a claw clip or hair tire.
  • Keep sectioning off hair with the opposite side of your head. At the back of your head, section off the bottom part and clip up the rest of your hair.

How to install hair extensions – clip-ins – step 2

  • Select the weft of hair that is the most suitable for the section. Do it carefully for each section.
  • Small hair elastics are needed to create sections of hair with the same distance apart as the extension clips.
  • Open up the clips on the first weft
  • Always attach the middle clip first. Comb the clip and your natural hair then snap shut. Check whether the attachment is securely in place.
  • Snapped closed, you should use your fingers to smooth out.
  • Repeat with the clips on the left and right side of the weft.

How to install hair extensions – clip-ins – step 3

  • Attach another weft in the same process as the first.
  • Make a horizontal part to attach the smaller side pieces above the ear and attach the clip in wefts in the same way.
  • Use a mirror to adjust and ensure that no visible weft is revealed.

That is all the things that you need to remember on how to install hair extensions in form of clip-in ones.

How to install hair extensions – weaves

If you have a thick hair and you are interested in weave, this part is for you! We will detail every step that you need to have an eye-catching hair extension at home.

First of all, we will repeat what weaves are because we are pretty sure that a part of our readers would not know about them. A weave includes wefts or tracks of store-purchased hair to your natural one to lengthen and beautify your hair. It is attached by a needle and thread stitching or bonding glue.

Sewing a weave requires enormous efforts and time, especially sewing by hands, which has all been done for you. The only thing you need to do is to find and buy it.

Follow us and you will know how to install hair extension – weaves

how to install hair extensions
How to install hair extensions – weaves? (Image source: internet)

How to install hair extensions – weaves?

  • You still have to choose a product that is best fit your natural hair as in the first part.
  • Apply setting solution: keep your hair in place and avoid hair damaging. Then use a comb to create a rectangular part on the top of the head and a U-shaped bottom part.
  • Measure and cut the first weft extension. In order to hide extensions, the sides of the weft should be placed half an inch from your hairline on either side of your head.
  • Install the weft to your hair in condition that the glue is facing your hair. Start half an inch from your side hairline, press the weft against your hair about 2 or 3 centimeters.
  • Let it dry in 3 minutes. It is suggested that you give it a light tug to ensure it is fixed in place.
  • Repeat the aforementioned steps with two and a half inches above the last track.
  • Until all the wefts are in place, take down the rectangle and comb both hair extensions and natural hair.

Now, we hope that you could get all the tricks of how to install hair extensions – weaves at home. If you have anything needed to ask for advice, do not hesitate to comment below.

How to apply tape-ins

When everybody comes to me then wants to know how to install hair extensions at home, I would ask them if they are patient enough. If not, they should go to a salon and have hair extensions put in.

For tape-in hair extensions, it would be much easier if you are accustomed to creating things with your hands such as sculpting, styling and building. The principle to purchase tape-ins is the same as clip-ins and weaves.

There are three things you must remember when learning to how to install hair extensions – tape-ins: use a friend (optional but it is a need), be aware of placement and sticky to sticky (the sticky needs to bit from the top and bottom extensions are touching each other).

how to install hair extensions
How to install hair extensions – tape-ins
(Image source internet)
  • Wash your hair: your mop should be clean; you should get your hair washed and dried before sticking stuff to it, which lengthens tape-in longevity.
  • Section off hair from bottom to top: start your first row an inch or two up from the bottom. Use a comb to part your hair equitably. Clip the top half up.
  • “Sandwich”: this is a crucial step of the guide how to install hair extensions – tape-ins because you need to gather a VERY thin section of your hair. The adhesive tape on the top extension is supposed to touch that of the bottom one in order that the two stick together. Use a comb to make them blend together.
  • Attach tape-ins: let’s flush against your scalp. To check the stickiness, use your fingers to feel. Press the top and bottom wefts together firmly for approximately 20s. Note: do not place the wefts too close to the edges of scalp.
  • Repeat the process: You can only finish apply tape-ins until you have added them all. The quantity of tape-ins depends on the size of your head. Normally, it is average when you use about 5 rows of hair extensions.

By quick tricks and steps, your tape-in hair extensions probably look harmonious with your natural hair. Now, you do not need to wonder how to install hair extensions, particularly tape-ins anymore and if you still have questions to think about, do not hesitate to comment and ask us for help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I help my tape-in hair extensions more secure?

A: Thank you for your really intriguing question! To make your tape-ins secure, remember to put them in correctly. The second thing you should bear in mind is to say no to color the hair the same day you apply tape-ins, say no to alcohol or oil-based items. Should you have a naturally oily hair, replace tape-ins more frequently. Oil control shampoo is recommended.

Q: How can I cut and style beautifully when I already have my tape-ins applied?

A: I do not know how you are defining the word “beautifully” here because beauty is always in the eyes of beholder. From my viewpoint, if you possess a long natural hair and have already layered them, there is nothing much to do to style. If you have a short natural hair, trimming is necessary so as for your hair to look naturally charming.

Q: Umm maybe you forgot to mention how to wash clip-in hair extensions properly, right?

A: Thank you for your constructive question. When washing clip-in hair extensions, please note that you only use shampoo and conditioner on human hair extensions. This is a MUST to follow. Other steps to follow, please have a look at the article how to wash hair extensions for more information.

Q: Where could I buy hair extensions (clip-ins, weaves or tape-ins, whatever is okay)?

A: As I mentioned before, I purchased hair extensions online and there are thousands of platforms that you can choose from. As for me, I often go around in Amazon or Ivirgo to read about products then order. They may be a good choice for you but it depends. Where you can trust, let’s buy their products!

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