What to use instead of hairspray for curls in shape all day long

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Curly hair is never out of fashion and it can make you more attractive for sure. To have curls, people usually use hairspray to keep them in shape longer. However, it provokes the unnaturalness and rigidity of hair. Many people wonder what to use instead of hairspray for curls to have beautiful hair all day long. In this post, we will answer this question and show you how to use hairspray for curly hair more effective. Let’s take a look.

what to use instead of hairspray for curls
Curly trend: What to use instead of hairspray for curls

What to use instead of hairspray for curls

Coconut oil

It is common knowledge that coconut oil [1] can help your hair smoother and stimulate hair growth. However, people hardly know that it also supports the process of styling hair. Like hairspray, coconut oil has ability to bond the hair, keep the hair in shape longer. An advantage of this natural hair-hold is to make it natural, moisturize it and avoid damages caused by high heat styling tools.

what to use instead of hairspray for curls
Coconut oil

Instruction: depend on the length and the thickness of your hair, you can apply a reasonable quantity of coconut oil to your hair. Normally, you should use ¼ teaspoon for short hair, ½ teaspoon for shoulder-length hair and 1 teaspoon for longer hair. Apply coconut oil to your hair and let it dry before styling your hair. If your hair has split ends after curling, smear a little coconut oil on these parts. Thanks to that way, your hair will be protected, polished and held in order all day long.

Note that: you shouldn’t apply coconut oil to your scalp to avoid scalp secretion and dust, which make your hair look dirty.

Shampoo and conditioner

Choosing right shampoo and conditioner is a method to force your hair into shape easier. If you wonder what to use instead of hairspray for curls, you need to have a healthy hair for curls making first. Styling hair may cause the loss of humidity and split ends. Consequently, these problems bring about the difficulties in hair making neither, especially in curling hair. Therefore, a suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair and your scalp help your hair strong, humid and able to hold the curls better.

what to use instead of hairspray for curls
Remember to use shampoo and conditioner correctly

Be aware that shampoo can hurt your hair and make it dry. Remember to apply shampoo to the scalp and hair roots only to cleanse dust. The rest of your hair should be provided nutrients by conditioner.

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what to use instead of hairspray for curls
what to use instead of hairspray for curls

It sounds unreasonable but water is really helpful in keeping hair in shape. When finding tips for curly hair making in the Internet, you are apparently recommended to braid your hair when it is 20-30% moisture, let it dry naturally or use hair-dryer with average heat. This method makes use of the humidity of hair to curl your hair easier without damaging it. In addition, the strands of curly hair will loosen up after a day. In that case, you can moisten it with a little bit water, roll the strands and reheat them (if available) to keep them in your expected shape. It is not only convenient but free as well.

Cool your hair down

Generally, people will use high heat to make the shape of hair easier, faster but high temperature cannot keep the strands of curls in order for longer time. Nevertheless, if you know how to use heat wisely, you may have fluffy hair without hurting it. After using heat styling hair, you need to cool your hair down. Roll the strands of curls and use hair-rollers to fix them in your head. To make it more effective, you should use hair-dryer with cool mode to chill your hair off within 5-10 minutes, or even longer if you want, to have hair-hold longer.

what to use instead of hairspray for curls
Hair-rollers, friends of curly hair

Note: you can use bobby pins instead of hair-rollers.

How to use hairspray for curls more effective

Although we have many other things what to use instead of hairspray for curls, we still cannot deny its convenience and usefulness. Hairspray is no longer strange to our beauty schedule. Thanks to ingredients which have ability to bond the hair in hairspray, your hair style can last for longer time. Yet, its weaknesses are to result in hair unnatural, rigid and dirty look. In spite of its disadvantage, you can solve these problems if using hairspray in right way.


Choose right hairspray products

In hairspray products’ ingredients, there are some elements such as copolymers of polyvinyl pyrrolidone [2] (PVP) and polyvinyl acetate [3] (PV). Besides, an indispensable ingredient is alcohol which enhances the lifespan of the products. Alcohol can result in shortage of humidity of hair, split ends and other bad effects. Therefore, you should buy ones with less alcohol to protect your hair.

Shake hairspray product before applying

Before applying hairspray to your hair, you should shake the product to mix all ingredients well. Each ingredient of a hairspray product has its own role which is not for holding hair-style only. Somes of them create physical features (foam for example), somes have purpose of products preservation (alcohol for instance). Hence, it is necessary to shake these substances together to create the best look for your hair.

what to use instead of hairspray for curls
Shake it! Shake it!

Spray in the right way

You should hold the bottle upright, take a 20cm gap between the bottle and your hair, and spray on hair. Try not to repeatedly apply hairspray because it leads to irregularities, inflexibility.

what to use instead of hairspray for curls
How to use hairspray in right way

Great little tips to help the curly hair always be beautiful

When combing your hair, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb instead of using a wave comb to help keep the curls in shape and into the fold.


Put the comb from the bottom to the top instead of starting from the root when you comb your hair, which will help the curl to retain its natural appearance.


A great tip for busy girls who still want to have beautiful hair is before bathing, apply conditioner on the hair, take a towel and cover it for a while. After showering, wash your hair under the shower to help your hair moisturize longer.


Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to create your own effective hair conditioner. Gently rub the mixture on the top of your head and gently massage into your scalp, the nutrient will slowly and deeply clean the scalp, helping the hair to soften naturally without causing hair dryness or breakage.


Instead of combing your hair when it has dried, use a cream and brush your hair as soon as the hair is still wet to limit the breakage and still retain your hair.


For wavy or curly hair, you should only dry 85%. If you have curls, you must dry them completely, not too if you don’t want dehydrated hair. That is how to care for curly hair scientifically.


After washing your hair, squeeze the water with a T-shirt instead of a ragged towel because your t-shirt will not absorb too much water and nutrients from your hair like a face towel, but handcuff your hair to your hair and don’t get tangled .


When the hair is dried, depending on the hairstyle, you should tie the ponytail or bun on the top of the head so that the hair waves are not straightened or lost.


You can use dry conditioner to help your hair retain moisture and make it easier to style.


Combining coconut oil to condition the hair before bathing or when the hair is too dry will help the hair shine.


Preventing curly hair from breaking off by smoothing them with balm after styling is complete.

Thus, the hair will be more smooth, sticky and not dry. To restore damaged hair, spray on the hair with a 1: 1 ratio of water and nutrients and massage as usual.


Using a specialized shampoo for curling hair is also a good way to keep curly hair. The specialized shampoo for hair curling has a very high nutrient content, so it can supplement nutrients for hair. There’s nothing like a gift for your hair with a set of shampoo and conditioner for your curly hair.


Use silk sleeping pillows instead of cotton to prevent hair from getting tangled when you wake up in the morning. The hair will friction on the smooth surface of the silk and maintain its natural curl.


To keep the curl of the hair long, separate it into curls and curl it before going to bed to make the hair look better.


Finally, if possible, don’t wash your hair on rainy days.

We have just given you the answer of “what to use instead of hairspray for curls in shape all day longandHow to use hairspray for curls more effective”. It is obvious that hairspray helps a lot in curly hair making despite its disadvantages. Additionally, you can try some tips to keep your curly hair in order above without using the harmful chemical products. If you have any question, please let us know. Do not hesitate any longer, let follow our website to discover the beauty secrets right once and for all.


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