Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color Chart–the advantages, instruction.

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Ion is a famous brand which provides hair color and hair care products. It has been a favored brand among professional hair stylists. Their name also reaches out to the larger population with their introduction of DIY-friendly product which enables colorists to manage their own hair dyeing at home. Here are all the details about the products: advantages of Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color, the Ion Demi permanent hair color chart and a detailed instruction for applying Ion Demi permanent hair color.

The advantages of Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color Chart

Permanent vs Demi-Permanent Formulations

Ion Demi permanent hair color chart

Permanent hair color: The name itself has indicated the permanent effect of the color on your hair. The formula of permanent hair color contains elements which could deeply penetrate into the hair cuticle [1]) and alter the pigment of your hair. With the ability to enact the radical changes in your hair color, permanent hair color is most-used for hair lightening or grey-covering.

Demi-Permanent hair color: Unlike the permanent formula, demi-permanent hair color’s effect is less resistant. With a low-peroxide developer, the color molecules do not penetrate the cuticle layer; therefore, it could not lighten or change your hair pigment permanently. Instead, it could darken your hair color, change the tone and enhance the shining effect of your hair. The colors of demi-permanent type do not last long. It will fade gradually after every time you wash.

With a milder formula, demi-permanent color is the perfect choice for ones who are still shy of the strong use of permanent color.

Ion Demi permanent hair color chart is promised to bring a durable hair color for its users. Like other demi permanent hair colors, this one does not contain ammonia [2]– a strong chemical mostly used for permanent hair dyeing.

You can use the products of this line for blending grey hair and enhancing hair tone without charging the natural pigment of your hair or damaging your hair. It even contains ingredients which are good for your hair’s health.

Having an easy-to-do instruction, this product can be applied it at home by anyone, not only professional hairdressers.

The introduction of Ion Demi permanent hair color chart

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You can refer to the following table for the new hair color:

Ion Demi permanent hair color chart

The instruction of Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color:

General instruction:

Step 1: Have a strand test on your hair before going for the whole-scalp coloring.

Step 2: Put a towel around your shoulders.

Step 3: Wear gloves before applying pre-color treatment.

Step 4: Apply strain barrier cream around your hair scalp to prevent the color spread to your hairless skin area.

Step 5: Mix the color with the developer in a suitable ratio for different purposes. Apply the mix to your hair from the front to the back.

Step 6: Wait until the processing is done.

Step 7: Use after-color seal

Step 8: Rinse and dry your hair

Ion Demi permanent hair color chart

Specific instruction for each color objective:

  • Covering grey hair

You can use one of the colors from Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color chart mentioned above to cover your grey hair or make it less distinguished from the natural-colored hair.

The color of the same level or lighter than your natural pigment is the preferred choice for grey hair coverage.

You can adjust the coverage effect by altering the mixing ratio. For example, if you desire a stronger coverage effect, you should increase the ratio to 1:1 (2 oz color and 2 oz developer). The process would take about 30 to 40 minutes. But if you just need sixty-percent coverage, you can change the ratio to 1:2 (2 oz and 4 oz) and the lesser dramatic effect would take only about 20 to 25 minutes (without heat).

  • Enhancing effect – Changing the tone of your natural hair

To change to tone of natural hair, you should pick the color which is lighter than your natural pigment.

  • Deepening – darkening the natural hair color

If you are quite satisfied with how your hair looks and want to go for a darker shade of the same hair color, you have to pick the same-level or darker color from the Ion Demi Permanent Hair Colorchart. Mix the color with a same a mount of developer [3] (the ratio of 1:1) and wait for about 20 to 25 minutes.

  • Toning

If you have your hair pre-lightened or highlighted and want to add tone to your hair, you have to choose a lighter tone than your hair color and follow the mixing ratio of 1:2. The toning effect only takes 10 to 15 minutes. It is highly recommended that you do not use heat while toning.

  • Refreshing

After a time of coloring, your hair color might fade. You might consider refreshing the hair dye by applying a color of a lighter level than the color that you used for permanent dyeing. Only apply to the mid-length part and the ends. To achieve the desired effect, use the ratio of 1:2 and wait for 20 to 25 minutes.

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