Snow White lovers, is it possible to have black hair?

Have you ever dream of having ebony hair like Snow White in the fairy tale you read when you were a child? I bet that a lot of you are in love with shining black hair. Unfortunately, what you have is blonde hair. So, is it possible to have black hair ? How can you do that? Let’s find the truth!

is it possible to have black hair
Do you like Snow White’s ebony hair (Source: Internet)

Why do you want to have black hair?

Black is considered one of the most elegant hair colors in a hair palette. Black hair can give you a formal and gorgeous appearance as well.

Each of you has different reasons for why you want to have black hair. A lot of people want to change their styles. Other ones just want to have black hair back after realizing that when they get too much stress, they get unexpected gray hair which makes their hair look patchy. However, is it possible to get black hair? That is what we are looking for the answer to.

is it possible to have black hair
Black hair can help us have an elegant look (Source: Internet)

3 advantages of black hair compared to colored hair

The mysterious, attractive feature of black

The variety of dye colors makes many women passionate to experiment: from pink, green, platinum fancy to red, deep brown classic. However, if you favor the mysterious beauty, black hair is the right choice. Natural black not only brings the charm typical for girls, but also creates a feeling of closeness and fondness. No need to be fussy, straight black hair is loose on your back, which makes many of you bewildered.

Exhilarating skin beauty

There is no denying that colored hair can make skin brighter, giving a different style. However, the hair color is not necessarily suitable for the skin of the dark-skinned female. Because the trendy tones like blue, purple, pink, gray smoke are more suitable for bright white skin. Meanwhile, black hair is friendly and comfortable with the skin of most dark-skinned girls.

Easy to match clothes and accessories

If you’re still afraid that black hair looks old, less modern, you’re wrong. Monotonous, boring looks will disappear if you press F5 for hair with a bang, sparse, curled or short cut. Moreover, black hair is rated “easy” when it comes to different types of costumes and accessories. A little bit delicately, the girlfriend can shine with her own style.

Is it possible to have black hair?

If you are wondering if you can have a chance to get black hair, the answer is…yes! Of course, no matter what hair color you own, you can still have black hair, thanks to a huge variety of hair dye products in the current market and natural ingredients as well. However, there will be some differences in the methods to make different hair colors black.

At the moment, I would like to show you how to make your hair black naturally with simple ingredients in your kitchen.

Henna, shikakai remedy and more

If you are asking yourself that ”is it possible to have black hair naturally?” I will say ”Sure!” This is a herbal henna ((Herbal Henna, Ingrediants of Herbal Henna, Process for Herbal Henna, Usage of Herbal Henna, Herbal Hair Colors. (n.d.). Retrieved from dye. Things you need to prepare consist of:

  • an iron bowl
  • a bowl of henna
  • 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of Indian gooseberry

    Herbal Henna, Ingrediants of Herbal Henna, Process for Herbal Henna, Usage of Herbal Henna, Herbal Hair Colors. (n.d.). Retrieved from

  • 1 tbsp of shikakai
  • 1 tbsp of soap nut
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp of curd
  • ½ tbsp of coconut oil
  • ½ tbsp of vinegar

Well, I know it is rather too much, but it is so easy to find out, so just try. After preparing all the ingredients, mix all of them in a bowl and make a paste. Then, apply this paste to your hair and let it stay from 1 to 2 hours, then wash it off. Try to do this routine 2 to 3 times a month and definitely, you will see your wanted result.

This routine is able to work on brown or brunette hair. There is one more thing that this natural way can take you a little bit long time to turn your hair black. Otherwise, I am pretty sure this way cannot completely ruin your hair.

is it possible to have black hair
Shikakai is good to dye hair (Source: Internet)

Hibiscus flower

As you may know, hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia. Surprisingly, this kind of flower can be used to make your hair black naturally. Just crush the leaves and mix it with the soap nut. Apply to your hair daily, so you can own shiny healthy black hair. Also, this remedy can help to reduce dandruff well. Another way, you can crush Indian gooseberry into small pulp. After that, mix this with hibiscus juice and apply to your hair within 30 minutes. As a result, you will have your desirable black hair.

is it possible to have black hair
You can have black hair naturally with hibiscus (Source: Internet)

Vitamin C

Do you have a lot of gray hair? It makes you feel unconfident? Is it possible to have black hair? Do not worry anymore because I am going to share with you how to get black hair while your head is full of gray hair. However, you need to know that this way cannot turn all the white hair on your head into black hair. It just increases the possibility of growing black hair and preventing gray hair grows. So now, are you ready to own beautiful black hair?

Let’s start a day with fruits which are rich in vitamin C such as guava, orange and coconut. Do you know that actually, solid coconut is able to do you a favor to absorb more vitamins from fruits? Vitamin C is so beneficial for hair care, so if you can try to follow this healthy diet every morning for at least a month, you can get a result which is as good as you want.

is it possible to have black hair
Remember to provide your body with Vitamin C (Source: Internet)

Chemical hair dye

”Is it possible to have black hair and blue eyes?” If you are continuously wondering whether your blonde hair can turn black or not, what I will say is ”yes!”. Nevertheless, you should notice that unlike brown or brunette hair, blonde hair is so light that it is difficult to turn black. But it is not impossible.

What you must do to make your blonde hair turn into black is bleaching. I am sure that you know how bad your hair will be after bleaching, but I am afraid that there is no way if you want to have black hair. However, do not be so worried because if you have a good treatment, it will be fine.

There are a lot of hair dye products now that can serve you well to color your hair at home, but I highly recommend that you guys should go to a professional salon for the best result as well as the best treatment. The hair stylists will definitely know what they have to do with your hair. You also need to apply permanent hair color to make sure that you do not have to spend too much money dying hair regularly.

Try to use a coloring treatment including nourishing ingredients like macadamia oil, for example. It is also essential that you need to dye the roots of your black hair every 3 or 4 weeks so that the color black can remain longer and longer.

There is a common situation. That is your hair may not be black as it supposed to be. It may show a red shade. Therefore, it is so necessary for you to require your hair stylist to apply the first black treatment to your hair which bleached. Then, you can color your hair in your own at home.

is it possible to have black hair
Black hair dye for you to use at home (Source: Internet)

So I have already shared with you some popular methods to get black hair back. For those of you who do not know ”is it possible to have black hair?”, I am quite sure you got the answer to this question, right? Hopefully, no matter what color of your hair, you can find a suitable way to have your own black hair. Finally, thanks for reading!

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