Shocking Images Of Katy Perry Without Makeup? Update 2023

Katy Perry must be a familiar name to many readers here as she is a worldwide superstar with a large collection of chart-topping hits and fashionable outfits. When it comes to Katy Perry, almost all of the fans in the world would think of a girl with strong personality and cool style. She has actually taken the society by the storm by such talen.

What if you happen to see Katy Perry without makeup? What would your reactions be? What if a celebrity wears no makeup while filming? Is she still stunning and glorious? Are you curious about it? Are you still her fan or you start to make judgements.

Let’s explore her shocking images recently and comment your feelings right after the article is done.

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Katy Perry in her most wonderful look on the stage

Before getting to see Katy Perry without makeup, follow us to see her most wonderful look on the stage. Why? Because if you want to make an accurate comparison, you need to have two objects to look at. So, with the perfect makeup and hi-end outfits, Katy Perry turns out to be a real start that nobody could resist their head turning around.

Katy Perry without makeup
Who can say no to this eye-catching performance because it is just so top notch and hardly do we have a word to describe her sexiness.

Katy Perry is a temporarily hot pop star, a singer-songwriter and actress from California. She is endowed with many talents that make her famous in a short period of time. She is among those who would love to change up her look all the times. She is like a magician whose appearance is transforming from baby pink to blue, to black and finally to everything between. Her makeup is one of the spots that grab people’s attention. The variety of her makeup ranges from smoky eyes, cat eyes to dark matte lips. It is the characteristics of her job as a celebrity that do not allow us to see Katy Perry without makeup.
Katy Perry without makeup

    Katy Perry – a singer who has been releasing music since 2001 with her beautiful appearance and circles of fans surrounding.

We are all familiar to stunning photos of her on the concerts, in hot movies and in the stage of Oscar and fashion shows. Therefore, it may be your first time, except for those who are her fans (because they often take them as a picture to troll their friends), to look at Katy Perry without makeup. From our personal perspectives, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the makeup cannot prevent you from loving her.

Do not let you wait for any moments any more and now, we will browse through her – Katy Perry without makeup, through the images that we have collected.

Shocking images of Katy Perry without makeup that make you surprised

When she is in her unguarded minutes, she still rocks her audience with her fucking glamorous look. She is extremely good off screen and if you do not believe, trust your eyes when you see these following pictures. Katy Perry without makeup is a truly flawless soul.

  • In the hoodie look

Katy Perry without makeup
Taking off all the makeup layers, how do you feel about her?

Katy Perry is turning 33 years old right now and this is her exact look in her thirties. In the hoodie – a normal outfit when compared to her amazing and fashionable clothing items on the stage, she is still killing people with her sense of humor and her beautiful smile

At that ages, her skin is qualified enough and many of us must be admiring her so much. One sentence – Katy Perry without makeup represents her power of unconcealed beauty.

  • Backstage look

On the contrary to most artists out there, when waiting for doing a show and waiting for others to help her transform in sparkling dresses, she is smiling in her true self. She is far from much glamor of Hollywood and many layers of showbiz. That is just the way she is – Katy Perry without makeup, which really makes the world be head over heels in love.

Katy Perry without makeup
Katy Perry is taken by her makeup artists in a photoshoot. She looks completely lovely and natural even without cosmetics. A red candy costume with a bun is perfect in Katy Perry without makeup.
Katy Perry without makeup
The fantastic musician and the human being at the same time. In this picture, she even wears no lipstick.

It seems that photographers can easily grab the moments of Katy Perry without makeup right backstage. She seems to be a natural girl who is only wearing makeup on special occasions. She is self-confident with her glowing skin and her million-of-buck smile.

  • In the studio

As the famous singer of many hit wonders, the owner of ‘Roar’ regularly ‘visits’ the recording studio. It happens the same with other singers or musicians because, for them, studio is their sanctuary. Katy Perry is always up to ears in many projects and she does not bother about makeup in the studio. However, to our surprise, she is even brighter and friendlier than normal.

Katy Perry without makeup
In this picture, Katy Perry without makeup still gives off a scent of lively and positive energy.

Why does she have to cover up her natural beauty by unnecessary makeup layers while she possesses a powerful voice and the heart of thousands of people? Katy Perry without makeup still melts our soul via the mic in the studio.

  • Close up look

In the position of a celebrity, it is inevitable that Katy Perry has to suffer from close up look. Unfortunately for those who have the intention of creating troll pictures, Katy Perry without makeup is enchanted as if she is wearing a transparent layer of cosmetics.

Katy Perry without makeup
Who can deny that she is not pretty?
Katy Perry without makeup
This picture seems so familiar, especially her fans. Her surprised and humourous face in her green hair – all the things make Katy Perry without makeup so special and cute.
  • Casual look

It can be said that Katy Perry has tons of pictures that are evident proof that she is blessed with a natural beauty. Even in casual look, she stands out from others by her nuances and facial expressions. There is a saying that if a person if beautiful from the inside, she can never be short of being wonderful from the outside. In this case, Katy Perry without makeup is its living example.

Katy Perry without makeup
Wide eyes and jet black hair like any other ladies but nothing could stop her from being youthful and attractive.

From all the aforementioned pictures, we can see that her sea green eyes are the things which light her up. Therefore, even when she decides to cover her face and her eyes with no makeup or lens, she is overwhelming for a reason.

Katy Perry without makeup
Could you believe that this is Katy Perry without makeup on the red carpet?

With a tight working schedule, she is always busy. In the picture, she had just moved right after taking a shower. On the red carpet, her strands were still wet and of course, she wore no makeup at all. She smiled awkwardly because of this incident. However, to the audience, it just does not matter because she is so incredible.

  • In the beach

Once upon a time, the press is so interested in tracing the footsteps of celebrities in the beach, especially female stars. The simple reason is that in the beach, they will show off their sexy body and valuable moments that we rarely have a chance to spot in the stage. Katy Perry is not the exception.

One more reason is to find the true beauty of stars. When going to the beach, makeup is of no use and necessity. The beach would help us to spoil the merriment and it is a gold place to see for trolic pictures. Now, do not let you wait any second. Together we enjoy our Katy Perry without makeup in the beach!

Katy Perry without makeup
What a precious moment of the paparazzi! He/she must have captured her perfectly. How classical this beauty is!
  • In shorts and night cam

Many journalists make enormous attempts to ‘investigate’ every angle of Katy Perry but apparently, they have failed. Sometimes, Katy Perry is not afraid to post some of her ugly photos to make her fans burst out laughing. However, when taking a close look, we could easily recognize her though she tries her best to be uglier than her of daily life.

Katy Perry without makeup
This is the best comparison ever of Katy Perry without makeup and with makeup.
Katy Perry without makeup
Katy Perry when she dated John Mayer – one of the greatest musicians ever. She was dressed suitably and was willing to enjoy the muddy terrain. Her refreshing smile prove that she is so contented with herself – the image of Katy Perry without makeup.
  • In film ‘Part of Me’

‘Part of Me’ is the autobiographical documentary concert film about the life story of Katy Perry. In this film, she appears without cosmetics and she herself claims that she is willing to going a natural look. She said that makeup was makeup and it was a war paint. She is also a normal girl from California and she is proud of her pretty plain Jane.

She agrees that Katy Perry without makeup looks a bit like her brother. So, it can be concluded that despite having blossomed into a true global pop queen, Katy Perry is not pulled by the Hollywood glamour. She still accepts who she is and that may be the reason why she does not bother to makeup or not.

Katy Perry without makeup
She even sacrificed her lustrous hair because of Part of Me in particular and because of art in general.

We think that with a fair amount of pictures above, you can answer the question in the title on your own. It is the case that Katy Perry is among gifted artistes of US – UK who still keeps her simple way of life. However, her natural appearance should not be underestimated. In contrast, it is so much stunning that it goes beyond our expectations.

From this article, it is not exaggerated if the world calls her an angel or the queen of no makeup. Thanks for reading this article and hope that you will raise your love for this Katy Perry without makeup!

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  1. Avatar of Samsue
    Samsue says:

    Katy is really cute but in many of those pix, she has makeup- albeit thinly applied. Allspice, the article was poorly written _ some juvie sentences snd some bad grammar. Lost credibility.

  2. Avatar of Jessica Perry
    Jessica Perry says:

    No editing. This was my makeup today. Was inspired by Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour, and put my own twist on it. Also inspired by Monique Beautyy to post my makeup from today.

    (low key crying because my eyes look just like Katy’s in the last three shots. Prob gonna upload a comparison photo)

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