10 inches body wavy closure 1b

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Under the bleaching chemicals effect, your hair can be dry and even broken if not taken care of properly. 

In particular, the hair shaft and tail are the most affected parts. It is easy to ruffle and has a dry and complex phenomenon. 

To help you have bouncy hair and an attractive body, Ivirgo Hair Factory recommends the 10 Inches Body Wavy Closure 1b. 

This hair model is carefully lace-up with high realism to give you hair full of life. Let’s find out the product’s specific features through the review section below!


Hair is of natural human origin, collected from various sources, and processed to remove weak or uneven hairs. Therefore, it will ensure stable health before transferring to users. 

The hair has a natural black color and a particular shine, which helps to give the product an attractive overall look. 

Unlike many hair extensions on the market, this version is produced in the lace closure to serve the connection requirements at the hair shaft to create a bouncy effect for the hair.

It cannot be as accessible as ordinary products. Therefore, it will usually be suitable for those with primitive black hair. 

For those with traditional brown hair, products with similar colors can be found. Or, take it to dye to achieve the desired tone. 

However, there are better suggestions than that because it is easy to dry and break hair. 


We mass-produced 10 inches for this version to ensure the most realistic look connected to your natural hair. 

So how can this length be used for hair? For hair with shoulder length or more, you can enjoy using this product to create a natural and bouncy effect. 


Our hair is styled with attractive curls, perfect to give you a youthful, fresh, equally luxurious beauty. 

To achieve the best hair quality, we carefully selected each curl of the same length and fused and closed the finished lace. Finding ends significantly shorter than the rest in each product will be challenging. 

This particular hairstyle will be suitable for those with impressive curly hair. So what about people with straight hair? It is entirely possible to use this hairstyle for people with straight hair. 


As with many hair models, we pack 100g per bundle of finished hair. As such, it will be convenient and easy for individuals to use. For more extensive requirements, we can also fully accommodate. 

For the convenience of moving and applying related insurance policies, each order needs to order a minimum of 200g/2 bundles.

If the order is below the minimum value, it will not be successful, and we will not be able to proceed with your delivery. So keep this in mind!


This model does not require high care like other products on the market.

To keep your hair firm and bouncy, you need to maintain an adequate frequency of washing, regularly brush your hair with a wide comb and increase the use of intensive nutrients. 

If you do all these things, your hair will surely be shiny and smooth. 


How many times can you wear the same lace front?

Yes. You can completely reuse the lace front wig over and over again if you make sure you take good care of it. Otherwise, you can only use it a few times and then have to invest in new products. 

How long does a lace wig last?

The health of the hairs will determine the life of the lace front wig. To prolong the service life, you should maintain the habit of proper cleaning, maintenance, and styling. 

If you did right, your hair could last up to a year or more, depending on how often you use it. If you need more time for its caring and often neglect it after use, the average lifetime is about 5-7 months. 

Should I go to bed with a wig?

No, it should not. Hair experts have recommended that going to bed with a wig is not good because it will affect the life of the hair. The friction between the hair and the pillow can cause it to face frizz, tangles, or even breakage. 

To ensure the health of your hair, you should remove it when you go to sleep or lie down. 


Hopefully, the characteristics of 10 Inches Body Wavy Closure 1b above will help you better understand this particular lace hair category. This hairstyle is the perfect suggestion to bring bounce and naturalness to your hair. 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. My hair is a lighter color golden brown on top and darker brown on the bottom. What color can I get to blend it to match the top.

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