18 inches straight frontal 1b


Hair is essential to determine your facial appearance. If the wavy hair makes you more attractive and graceful, the straight hair extensions give you dynamism and youthfulness.

However, finding high-quality straight hair is a challenge for beginners. If you are choosing between similar products, let the Ivirgo Hair Vendors recommend 18 inches straight frontal 1b, which is trendy this year.

Here is a detailed review of this hair extension model.

Product Features

Suppose you are still wondering about the quality and reliability of 18 inches straight frontal 1b. Follow the information we recommend about the product right below the section. It will help you in finding the right hairstyle.


Everyone’s hair length is different. Therefore, you can choose a straight frontal suitable for your natural hair to create the shiniest hair. 

Its 18 inches length is enough to connect your natural hair most comfortably and neatly. It’s almost impossible for others to spot this extension overtly.


The base color on this straight frontal hair is natural, mainly black. Collected entirely from real human hair, they are a safe choice. 

Also, this hair extension tested black color does not contain any substances that affect consumers’ health.

Don’t assume that black limits your creativity. We can bleach or dye any color we love on the purchased hair. But no matter how you change them, always use non-toxic colors and moisturize your hair carefully and regularly.


It is a hair pattern made by machine weaving from single strands, making it incredibly smooth and robust. You will not need to worry about hair falling out with long-term use. Straight frontal hair exists in straight form, especially for high and individual hairstyles.

Besides, if you love wavy curly hair, you can still use a unique tool to curl it back as before. Notably, all manipulations are maintained at a gentle level because extension hair, which does not contain endogenous oils, cannot adhere as perfectly as your natural hair.

Shipper Services

After placing an order on the platform, the staff will review and process your order immediately. Delivery time ranges from 3 to 5 days, depending on your location. The minimum quantity eligible for delivery is 300gr/2 bundles.

Ensure your item is protected from damage or scratch by reliable carriers like UPS, DHL, FedEx, and EMS. Yet, if you notice any defective item, you need to contact our sales page immediately to get timely support.

High-value orders also receive shipping insurance from us. So, don’t worry if you want to buy in bulk for your retail store.


How Long Can You Wear A Frontal?

Theoretically, you can wear a frontal for 2 to 4 weeks without modifications. Yet, in the long run, the front lace has the potential to irritate your scalp or damage your natural hairline. 

To avoid this situation, first of all, you should only wear them for a short time. Also, it would help if you used hair conditioners regularly to limit hair loss.

How Do I Look After My Frontal?

The tips to take care of your frontal hair.

  • Do not tie silk scarves or hair ties when going to bed.
  • Comb your hair from root to tip daily. But the manipulations should be gentler in the front area
  • Use hair care products

Can A Frontal Get Wet?

You can let the frontal get wet, but not too wet. The hair extensions will get stuck together, making it difficult for you to untangle them. Also, its adhesive part can fall out at any time. Hence, avoid wetting your hair whenever possible.

If your hair extensions are regularly exposed to water, you must perform a different drying method than regular hair sections. Instead, you should take them off and dry them in a gentle breeze.

Do Frontals Look Natural?

It will run along the natural hairline, so the frontal looks entirely natural and is difficult to distinguish if you put it on your head. Also, its advantage is available to split in any style you want.


Hopefully, with the information we shared above, you have understood more about the 18 Inches straight frontal 1B and made a buying decision.

If you have questions regarding this product, do not hesitate to contact us to get the most specific answers. Thank you for reading!

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