4″ straight frontal 13*4


Women consider their hair as the crowning glory that they wear every single day. Therefore, they always favor and look for supplemental hair products and extensions to beautify the crown and refresh their appearance. 

4″ Straight Frontal 13*4 provides significant versatility in hairstyling and coloring, allowing customers to redesign their desired hair. At Ivirgo Hair Factory, you can easily find this hair extension type in many forms.

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Product Features

I would provide detailed parameters about this hair extension type. After reading the article below, we can unveil why many hair salons and customers favor it.


The diversity in color expands the customers’ choice and allows them to express their fashion sense flexibly. There is no fixed color for a hairstyle and skin tones; customers can highlight, bleach, and dye whatever color they love.

We provide an unlimited palette with all color shades available in the market. These colors can blend with your hair naturally and give you a vibrant look at home or outside.

In addition to the aesthetic factor, color puts a coating on your hair that protects your hair from heat exposure and cold temperature and builds up your hair’s strength over time.

However, dyeing and bleaching your hair extension too often can lead to many side effects, including degradation, itchy scalp, and breakage. Therefore, you should consider carefully before putting chemicals on your hair. 


We offer 4’’ Straight Frontal 13*4 in length 4 inches depending on hair grade and hairstyles. Customers can pick the proper size and design their hair without worrying whether the hair extensions are too long or too short.

For example, if you are searching for a manageable hair extension, consider choosing the above-frown hair extension bangs. Your forehead size will decide how many inches the above-frown hair extensions will be.

If you usually take part in outdoor activities, consider choosing short extensions. Too long hair can put intense pressure on your head, making it challenging to focus on physical activities while handling the extensions.

Of course, you can choose hair extension sizes according to your preferences, regardless of length and daily activities. Our expert will offer suitable product grades and materials in specific cases. 


It’s not arbitrary that Ivirgo Hair Factory has become a favorite hair salon for many years. We always consider the customers’ experience the top priority and improve the product quality to fulfill it. 

Our hair salon has two primary hair extension types: natural human hair and synthetic hair. Also, we classify hair grade according to hair origin and health.

Natural human hair is no longer strange to hair extension fans and prestigious hair salons. Our hair salon collects natural hair directly from Vietnamese donors and selects them via a meticulous production process. 

Regardless of length or hairstyle, your head and natural hair won’t be affected by the hair weight. Since Vietnamese hair extensions deliver soft and silky textures, reducing the pressure on natural hair significantly. 

Meanwhile, manufacturers combine artificial fibers and chemicals to produce synthetic hair. This hair extension type delivers decent hair quality and longevity, which is suitable for anyone on a tight budget. 

Whichever hair extension type you choose, a proper hair care routine and additional supplemental products are critical factors in determining product quality and longevity during use. 


Customers can absolutely rest assured the 4’’ Straight Frontal 13*4 fundamental structure. As I previously mentioned, we collect Vietnamese natural resources directly from mountainous areas, which have never been processed in any way. 

The hair shaft retains almost all inherent properties of natural hair, from cuticle layers to elasticity and smoothness. You are applying for the best hair extension available in the business market.

Therefore, customers can style and color hair extensions comfortably without worrying about hair damage. Also, they can have a better overview of chemical and excessive heat exposure to natural hair. 


Our hair salon will provide professional advice about 4″ Straight Frontal 13*4 to help you tackle some problems other customers encounter during use. Here are some frequently asked questions you can refer to.

What Is A Straight Frontal?

A straight frontal typically refers to a hair extension type, which is made of virgin hair and has a hairline across the customer’s forehead. 

The hair extension is an integrated part for anyone who wants to add dimension and volume to their bangs.

Is Frontal Better Than Closure?

The short answer is yes. Commonly, straight frontals are more comfortable than closed ones. Straight frontals provide a breathable lace base, giving customers more ventilation. 

Therefore, reducing itchy scalp problems due to excessive heat.

Is Frontal High Maintenance?

It depends on the frontal lace you choose. If you go for a sew-in frontal, you must maintain it weekly to keep it in top condition. 

If you go for frontal lace wigs, you don’t have to maintain them as often as the sew-in ones, which is suitable for anyone who needs more time to take care of their hair extensions.


To sum up, 4″ Straight Frontal 13*4 gives users many options to handle hair extensions. Visit our website or contact customer services to order the best-selling models from Ivirgo Hair Factory.

Thank you for reading!

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