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The need for beauty with hair is a concern for women. So, take advantage of this article if you want to buy the perfect single-weft hair for your upcoming event.

We recommend 4 inches closure 55 #613 22, which is currently one of the most popular bundles at the wholesale hair vendor.

We will bring you detailed specifications and reviews for this fantastic hairdo. The hair care methods we show you in this article will undoubtedly be beneficial.

Let’s check it out!

Product Features

Weft hair is sourced naturally from people who donate or sell hair. After that, the curls will go through complex processing stages to ensure the best quality when reaching consumers.

The workers will sew all the hair together in a long line. Sometimes you will see many people calling the other name for weft hair, the Remy version.

Many customers have chosen to buy 4 inches machine single-weft hair from the store and left good feedback for this product. 

It is of excellent quality, prevents breakage or tangles, and ensures no parasites like lice. You will have a satisfying experience using our hair extension products.


Many people want to change their hair color but fear dying because of its harmful effects on their natural hair. Don’t worry if you’re one of them; the 4 inches machine single-weft hair from Ivirgo Hair Vendors is the pre-dyed hair for you. Hair color number 613 brings a bright golden color to your hair. 

It is a very youthful and stylish yellow color for today’s youth. You can become much more youthful and attractive when using this hair color.

It is also a highly consistent color that matches many skin tones. You won’t have trouble matching clothes with this hair color either. Therefore, many people have chosen this hair dish for their hair extension process.


This product also comes in a 4-inch equivalent length, which has been the norm for most hair extensions for years. 

When used, your hair will not be too long and cause a heavy head. You can create personality and youthful hairstyles for this hairstyle.


You can rest assured to consider the 4 inches machine single weft hair from Ivirgo hair. Our product is 100% sourced from healthy adults. After being collected, natural hair will undergo rigorous processing by skilled workers.

They will use modern tools and high-tech equipment to create the best curls. These hair dishes do not lose their natural beauty even though they have been bleached and re-colored. 

Its durable natural texture allows the product to stay in top condition for longer and limits damage such as breakage or tangling.

Easy of use 

These hair extension products have the significant advantage of being straightforward to use. 

You can combine multiple bundles to form your new hair. Since your hair has gone through a thorough process to achieve the shine and color available, you don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals inside.

You can easily cut, curl, or style with this extension, just like with natural hair. 

Curling to create stylish short hairstyles with this product is also a great idea. You’ll have short, thick, silky hair with eye-catching color without messing with your natural hair.

Shipping Services 

When you place an order, we will pack it and carefully deliver it via express delivery or post. If you need your hair urgently, choose express delivery to reduce shipping time. This method allows you to receive the goods even during public and public holidays.

We always make sure to pack carefully to avoid possible shipping damage. Your product will always be in the best condition and in the fastest time possible.


There are some questions that many users often ask us when they are looking to purchase a hair extension product for themselves. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How to take care of the 4 inches machine single-weft hair?

Taking care of a 4 inch machine single-weft hair is simple. You should wash your hair regularly, every 2 to 3 days, to maintain hygiene and shiny hair.

You can clean your hair with shampoo and avoid problems like frizz and damage with conditioner during shampooing.

Wet brushing can cause unnecessary hair loss. So better yet, after drying your hair, you can brush your hair to make it smooth again.

How long will the single weft last?

This time depends on how you take care of your hair. If you take care of your hair properly and regularly, its life will be longer. Your hair extensions will last from 6 months to 1 year.


We have brought you 4 inches closure 55 #613 22 hair from natural human hair with the best durability and authentic feel. So, you can take care of it as simply as you would with your natural hair.

This product will help you to have personality and youthful hair to become a beautiful modern lady. We specialize in providing hair extension products with reasonable prices and outstanding quality.

Our products go through rigorous censorship and are carefully processed to satisfy you. Thank you for reading!

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