Deep curly lace closure


Are you looking for hair extensions that are easy to combine with natural hair to complete your style? Deep Curly Lace Closure by Ivirgo Hair Factory is an option worth considering.

Its weave is quite natural. Since it is from pure hair, you can style it freely. You can also apply this product to your hair quickly but still keep your hair strong.

In addition to the above advantages, Deep Curly Lace Closure also brings other impressive experiences. If you are considering choosing this type, do not skip any information in this article.

Product Features

To make sure the hair extension model you choose is suitable for your needs and aesthetics, you have to consider many issues, such as color, length, and material. 

And Deep Curly Lace Closure automatically Proud is one of the options that quite well meet a user’s basic expectations for hair extensions. `


A Deep Curly Lace Closure is a light-colored hair extension. Its color is entirely natural. So, you do not have to worry that the hair color will fade after use.

Our natural hair color promises to match many different styles. It will also enhance your skin tone and facial features, making you the center of attention wherever you go.

We do not use chemicals to achieve bright-colored hair extensions. Therefore, you can bleach and dye to get the look you want. 

Even if you have frequent styling needs, using only a few chemicals will not affect the durability of your hair.


We deliver a wide selection of different hair extension lengths. The minimum size we offer is 6 inches, and the maximum is 32 inches.

The wide selection of lengths also makes it possible for you to perform a variety of styling methods. You can freely choose the extension length depending on your natural hair size.


A Deep Curly Lace Closure is made entirely from natural hair. Ivirgo Hair Factory’s experts have applied a rigorous pre-processing and material handling process to select quality curls of uniform length.

The natural hair material gives our extensions the most extended life on the market. High-quality materials also support the user in styling, even using heat and chemicals on the hair comfortably.


Deep Curly Lace Closure consists of the same length and thickness. These hairs also have cuticles that have never been damaged. In general, the structure of our hair extensions is similar to natural hair.

With this unique advantage, you can maintain the habits you usually do with natural hair on hair extensions.

For example, you can altogether tie your hair extensions in a ponytail without letting people around you notice the beauty products you are using.


A Deep Curly Lace Closure is a highly suitable hair type. Our light curls give the user a new look. It is ideal for those who pursue a feminine and luxurious style.

This hair type is fully compatible with your natural hair. If you are no longer interested in curly hair, you can feel free to style it as you will with natural hair.

One of the simplest ways to change your look is to curl or color your hair. And our high-quality hair extensions promise not to let you down.


There are many other interesting points related to Deep Curly Lace Closure that you may not know. 

And within the framework of the article, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions, helping you better understand this particular hair extension type.

How long should you let your lace melt?

Waiting time will depend on the thickness of the lace hair. However, you will usually need to wait at least 10 minutes until the lace hair is dry.

Can you reuse lace closures?

You can use lace closures many times with many different hairstyles as long as you take care of these extensions properly.

Which is better, lace front or closure?

The lace front feels quite comfortable to use. However, closures are more applicable. It covers the scalp better, providing a pretty good cosmetic effect.

How long does a lace closure last?

With the lace closure hair, you can use it for 2-4 weeks without retouching. If it gets longer, you’ll need to tweak it a bit so it doesn’t affect your natural hairline.

Do you have to bleach your lace closure?

You can bleach the knots on the lace for a more natural hairline. It will also bring a soft, natural beauty to your extensions.


A Deep Curly Lace Closure is a highly applicable hair extension that quickly changes the user’s look.

If you are interested in this hair extension type, I hope that this article has helped you understand more about it and make the right choice for yourself.

Thank you for reading!


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