Natural Black body wavy lace closure


For those looking to upgrade their look to become more glamorous and gorgeous, the Natural Black Body Wavy Lace Closure is your lifesaver.

Its convenience and natural look drove women crazy. With this weave pattern, you won’t need to worry about problems like hair not being long enough or hair extensions that don’t fit.

What’s so special about this lace closure pattern? How to preserve and keep them healthy? Let’s find out with Wholesale Hair Vendors.

What Is A Natural Black Body Wavy Lace Closure?

Women who care about their hair often pay a lot of attention to the hairdressing stages. So lace closure wig is the most popular method for them.

This product consists of black or beige hair strands fixed on human skin-colored lace panels. They are quite large in length and size to fit the scalp and give you the most natural look.

The versatility of this lace pattern allows full concealment of your biological hair to avoid damaging thermal and chemical effects.

Natural black body wavy lace closure pattern by Ivirgo Hair Vendors is elegant and elegant in natural black #1b. You can also raise the lighter tone of your hair from tone 5A to 9A to dye outstanding colors.

This hairstyle measures 4 x 4 inches and weighs 100 grams per bundle. Customers can also request their weight for any personalization needs.

In particular, this hair model has been styled by us so that you can immediately use it without styling. Our machine-wefted can be used over and over again and has admirable durability.

Types Of Lace Closures

Oftentimes, you can purchase lace closures as a complete weave to completely change your style.

Yet, not all lace caps have different uses and shapes. There are three popular types of closures on the market that you can choose based on your needs.

Free Part

The free part closure is the easiest-to-use code pattern. Many people often choose them, and we recommend the same.

It allows you to create your style in no time. It is also very easy to use and requires almost no technical expertise to put on the scalp.

Middle Part

The middle part cap is usually only for one side or the middle of the hair. It is suitable for those who only want partial styling.

You can reshape it using the rat-tail comb to turn lines and water. Installation is also quite easy as the manufacturer has already sewn the curls to make them as natural as possible.


With the three-part closure, you can style your hair anywhere and freely create your style. If you want to try new things, do not hesitate to choose this model.

Three different sections of hair are connected to form a complete hair. What’s even better is that you have full control over each section of hair.

This freedom appeals to professional hairdressers as they can practice their craft and gain valuable beauty experience.

How Do You Take Care Of Lace Closures?

Although lace caps have the same design as a real scalp, you still need to take care of them to prolong the life of the product.

The texture of a hairdo consists of individually braided curls at the lace and glued to ensure strength. With this structure, you should brush your hair at the roots and slowly untangle it to the ends to avoid putting pressure on the “scalp.”

If not combed properly, curls can fall out and make your look less refined. The bad news is that there isn’t any remedy for this problem.

Besides, always wash your hair before using the wig. A clean scalp helps you feel comfortable and not itchy throughout the day. This action also keeps the thread clean and saves maintenance effort.

Don’t forget to periodically wash and clean your lace closures. It helps retain moisture well and helps keep hair texture shiny.


If you still have any questions before purchasing our natural black body wavy lace closure, please find the answers below.

Why Do You Need A Lace Closure?

The lace closure is a great solution for anyone who wants to change up their style frequently but is afraid of damaged hair.

If you have an afro personality and want to experiment with straight, long, and traditional hairstyles, use closures. Your look looks completely natural without much effort and money.

Lace caps help effectively cover hair and protect them from chemical and heat effects. As a result, you won’t have to worry about hair loss or thinning texture.

Its versatility, versatility, and usefulness are the main reasons why lace closures have become a must-have beauty accessory for women.

What Is a Lace Cap Best For Light Skin?

Since transparent lace is usually white, light-skinned people like Asians or whites will look best on it. Transparent lace works extremely well on the heads of people with pale, white, or porcelain skin tones.


With the above information, we hope to have answered your questions before purchasing a natural black body wavy lace closure. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts!

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