Lace front and lace closure – A complete story and guidance to you 

Historically, the lace front and lace closure have been used as a beauty accessory for both men and women. Over time, the wigs are more sophisticatedly designed, with both natural and artificial materials, to meet a myriad of needs and aesthetics. In order to choose the perfect lace front and lace closure, you need a complete understanding of the wigs. Ivirgohair proudly brings you a complete set of knowledge about these types of wig

Lace front and lace closure – A brief history

lace front
Lace front and lace closure – A brief history (Source: Internet)

From ancient Egypt, the Egyptians shaved their heads according to tradition and belief. They believe that hair is a dirty thing that needs to be cleaned up, so every class is considered to be a social norm. The richer will usually shave their heads and wigs. Wigs are used as a way to protect their bald heads as well as a way to make them beautiful.

Modern wigs were used by King Louis VIII to hide the baldness on his head. By the late 1600s, wigs were mainly used by the elite. Wigs of the day were mainly made of materials such as horse hair and human hair. All are tied with a silk hood. With rudimentary techniques, wigs in the 1600s are extremely bad and do not look like real hair at all.

lace front
At the end of the 19th century, wigs began to be produced today (Source: Internet)

At the end of the 19th century, wigs began to be produced today, replacing the type of weft used as the day before. The birth of the lace machine led to the price of the lace becomes affordable. This led to the formation of lace front and lace closure wig. The lace wig brought better colors, better qualities and was almost indistinguishable from real hair.

What are lace front and lace closure?

lace front
What are lace front and lace closure? (Source: Internet)

Lace front is a wig consisting of a lace sheet that runs along the hairline attached to the front of the wig. The hair is sewn directly into the lace section on the lace cap. The rest of the wig cap is made of a more durable material than the lace. This allows the lace front to stretch freely depending on the size of your head. In addition, using the lace front is extremely simple when you just need to cover the entire cap on the head, the wig will mimic the hairline to give you a new hairline which blends completely with the real hair.

Another type is the lace closure. The lace closure is a piece of hair that is attached to a black or brown lace panel. The lace closure brings a natural beauty to the parts that the hair can not have when combined with the wig. In addition, the lace closure can be sewn directly onto the base with exposed knots, which make the lace closure thinner and more durable. Lace closure can be mounted on either side or at the center of the hair. All help you to use the wig without any real hair modifications.

Types of lace front and lace closure

lace front
Silk base type (Source: Internet)

– Silk base type: This type of front and closure uses silk as the sole for the wig. Their features are thicker, stronger and more durable. In addition, silk material also provides certain comfort for the user. Especially, this type of base provides a cool and comfortable feeling, which is very suitable for areas with a warm climate.

lace front
Monofilament type (Source: Internet)

– Monofilament type: This is simply a single-stranded wig with mesh soles. You will rarely see this type used in households, but mostly in hair salons. The characteristic of this wig is that it is highly adaptable, suitable for hard, complex hairstyles, including many buns and bangs. This wig helps maintain the original state of the hair without much modification.

lace front
Skin-polyurethane type (Source: Internet)

– Skin-polyurethane type: Different from silk base type, this has base made of silicon. Base of this wig is usually thin, lightweight, with high elasticity and relative strength. You can comfortably not worry your wig will be accidentally moved when used. However, because it is made entirely of silicon, the base has no openings, and users will find it quite hot to wear this wig.

lace front
Hybrid type (Source: Internet)

– Hybrid type: This wig has high-density strands on the lace cap and stable durability. For this reason, the price of the hybrid type will be slightly higher than the conventional one. But you can expect the quality as well as the naturalness of the hair.

lace front
Invisible part type (Source: Internet)

– Invisible part type: Finally, this is a sew-in wig with a mesh base. The invisible part type is usually designed in rectangular form and can be used by many different types of faces.

Advantages of lace front and lace closure

lace front
Advantages of lace front and lace closure (Source: Internet)

– Realistic look: The hair is attached firmly to the lace cap. This helps make a wig cap that is both firm and thin enough to be undetected. By mimicking the hairline, your wig will be genuine compared to real hair and can only be detected when viewed close or touched extensively. So, do not worry when putting on lace front and lace closure, people will just think that is your extremely beautiful and stylish real hair.

– Style flexibility: You can do all types of hair without worrying about discovering with lace front and lace closure. The characteristic of the lace front is that it can be parted anywhere on the head. But apart from the lace, the rest of the base is made of a more durable material. Therefore, with hairstyles like ponytails, it is easy for others to detect unevenness when wearing a wig. But it’s okay because there’s a lace closure. Lace closure will help cover areas where lace front cannot, so you can freely spoil the hairstyle, at times completely conceal your real hair.

– Comfort: With normal wigs, the user will feel hot and uncomfortable after a long period of use. This is because the base is made of thick and dense materials, usually silicon. In contrast, with lace front and lace closure, the base is made of lightweight materials which provides coolness and comfort to the user. In addition, the use of lace also makes the weight of the wig also significantly reduced but still retain the certainty of use.

– Various usage periods: Lace front and lace closure can be used for two to six weeks under normal conditions. With quality adhesive, the time of use will be longer. However, you can also adjust the usage time thanks to the type of installation. With a short period, you only need to use tape. For longer periods of time, you need to use specialized wig glue.

Disadvantages of lace front and lace closure

lace front
Disadvantages of lace front and lace closure (Source: Internet)

– Unstable texture: Since the lace front and lace closure only consist of a part of lace, the texture is more fragile than the other wigs. In addition, the sole is more susceptible to damage due to thinner materials than other hard and thick substrates. That will lead to the lace front and lace closure lasting two to three weeks shorter than other wigs.

– Expensive price: Usually lace front and lace closure will be more expensive than other wigs because the actual cost of hair will be higher than synthetic fibers. Despite its natural beauty, a human hair is now increasingly competing with man-made fibers, which are processed very finely. Also, for starters, the cost is a huge barrier as you have no knowledge of wigs. You can choose four or five cheaper wigs than the lace front and lace closure.

– Special care: Lace front and lace closure need special attention because it is made of thin and susceptible fibers. In addition, you also need to take care after use as it is constantly exposed to glue and tape. Also, to be able to re-use and use for long periods of time, you need to diligently wash and rinse your wig.

– Shorter lifespan: The lace front and lace closure have a shorter lifespan than other wigs. This can be explained by the fact that the type of material makes these are more prone to damage.

How to choose the perfect lace front and lace closure?

lace front
The texture of lace front and lace closure (Source: Internet)

– Texture: The market today consists of two main types of textures: human hair and synthetic hair. With natural hair wigs, you can create different hairstyles due to its durability at a range of natural colors. In addition, human hair also helps lace front and lace closure blend better with your hair. With synthetic hair, you will have more choices in color and style initially provided. This makes it easier to express your personality, although it looks less genuine compared to the other one.

lace front
The color of lace front and lace closure (Source: Internet)

– Color: On the market, lace front is mainly made from human hair with the color from brown to black. Natural hair gives you excellent quality as well as absolute stability. Dyeing the lace front according to the lighter or darker shades according to your preferences also becomes easier. The user has the ability to completely control the entire color of the lace front due to the high quality of the product. In order to darken the lace front, you only need to buy a quality hair dye. However, brightening a wig is much harder. You should go to hair salons to dye if there is a need. The expert will bring you the shades you want and still retain the dynamism of the hair. Remember that it is consist of human hair, so all styling actions such as bending, pressing, dyeing have certain influences to the hair, and even more with chemicals.

lace front
Length of lace front and lace closure (Source: Internet)

– Length: The length of the wig depends entirely on your preference. With lace front, the usual length would be 30 centimeters and the width would be 10 centimeters. Depending on the type of lace front, the length will vary. The largest is 360 degrees lace front with the length up to 55 centimeters. In contrast, due to the task of covering only a small portion of the hair, the lace closure is rectangular with a length of 10 centimeters.

– Lace styles: There are two styles for your choice: hard lace and soft lace. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you try both because each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. With hard lace, styling will not be difficult when the versatility is always guaranteed. With soft lace, you will no longer feel uncomfortable at the edge of the wig. If you are a regular swinger in style, hard lace, if you use wigs for a long and continuous time, soft lace.

lace front
Size of lace front and lace closure (Source: Internet)

– Size: You can choose from three main sizes for the lace front cap – small, medium and large. In which, the medium size is most bought and also most used. A small tip for you when choosing the size is to try it on the head. You need to cover the lace cap from one ear to the other, stretching a bit so that you can later use comfortably, especially in the back of the ear section. If you do not want to spend a lot of time on the choosing task, ask for a lace front customizing for yourself, the wig expert will take your head measurements and make sure the wig fitting accordingly.

– Durability: You need to have a specific plan when using a wig. The durability of lace front and lace closure depends on the quality of the wigs, the frequency of use and the way you care for use. A good wig can be used continuously under normal conditions from 3 to 12 months when you take good care of it. We recommend having more than one wig to avoid overuse. A hair can be used as a backup if the rest is broken too suddenly. In addition, owning two wigs also increases the ability to customize your hairstyle. A set of formal events asks for earnestness, one for intimate parties. One for work, one for fun. One for daytime, one for nighttime.

– Face shape: Your face plays an important role in choosing a lace front and lace closure. Whatever shape your face have: round, oval, square … there will be a wig that fits your face. You should consult a specialist before making the final choice when choosing a wig. You should also consult the Internet and the magazine to find out which wig suits you.

Lace front vs Lace closure – Which to choose?

lace front
Lace front vs Lace closure – Which to choose? (Source: Internet)

Lace closure will only cover a small part of your head, usually at the top of the head. Closure will be worn along the hairline and create a feeling of blending with your real hair, making it difficult for people to distinguish. However, the closure cannot be parted and this many creative abilities with your wigs.

Conversely, the front lace will cover a larger area, the frontal part of the head from one ear to the other. Lace front allows you to change the hairstyle by the ability to be parted in the middle as well as both sides. If you often do ponytails, the lace front will be a better choice than the lace closure. In particular, lace front made from natural hair provides incredible authenticity. Not only that, it also protects your hairline optimally and brings versatility.

Online lace front and lace closure vendors

Unice was established in 1999, with the motto of bringing beauty to you. The word “UNice” is a pun on the combination of U and Nice, showing that the company honors human beauty as well as the latest style. Unice believes that each of us carries a personal beauty from the inside out. Therefore, the company focuses on product development with the mind and spirit to bring the user the highest quality hair products.

Unice’s products follow the five rules. First of all, all products of the company are carefully photographed before being posted online, ensuring transparency as well as a reference for the user. Secondly, all UNice products are 100% unprocessed natural hair. You can also choose six different patterns including body wave, deep wave, natural wave, loose wave, curly wavy and straight hair (Company Website). Third, there are a myriad of styling choices as well as colors. Customers will not have to worry about not finding the right hairstyle. Fourth, all UNice products are water resistant, ensuring you are spoiled in water without any damage. Fifth, with its high tenacity, Unice’s wigs can be steamed, dyed, pressed, styled continuously for a long time.

UNICE’s services are extremely customer oriented. First of all, UNICE brings customer service 24/7. Whenever you have questions, do not hesitate to message Unice for advice. Next, the company has a courier service and offers many discounts. Finally, the company has a policy of free return within 15 days, ensuring the interests of customers.

BeautyForever – For your forever beauty

BeautyForever was established in 1999 and has nearly 20 years of experience in the business of wigs. The company started out as a small wig processing business and slowly grew into a global corporation. The main areas of the company are design, production, trading, import and export and wig care. The company builds a website in 2016 with the expectation of better customer care in the digital age.

BeautyForever combines style with quality to give customers the most stylish wigs. The motto of the company is to bring the beauty to customers – when receiving the product, customers will feel the spirit of the business inside. By considering women as main clients, BeautyForver also contributes to the diversity of the female: from warm, gentle to wild, strong personalities.

BeautyForever offers you a wide range of product options: from hair extensions, hair weaves to wigs, closures … Also, you can choose from Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, Deep Wave and Natural Wave (Company Website). Different hairstyles depending on your preference. With excellent quality, the company continuously receives good feedback from customers and partners.

About IvirgoHair – Top Vietnamese wig company

lace front
About IvirgoHair – Top Vietnamese wig company (Source: Internet)

Ivirgo Investment And Commerce Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in hair export in Vietnam. With years of experience, Ivirgo believes that the company understands the needs and preferences of consumers in many countries around the world.

The company offers only the best quality hair: 100% unprocessed natural hair. Therefore, the company has received the trust from customers in countless countries like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, United States and so on. The company is also looking to bring its products to more customers, and will certainly make them satisfied.

Lace front provided by IvirgoHair

  • Lace Frontal Cambodian hair natural wavy
  • Body wavy lace frontal
  • Straight lace frontal 13×4 inches
  • Single piece clip in hair extensions
  • 30 inches weave euro standard
  • Straight double euro high-quality human hair
  • Vietnamese super double drawn machine weft wavy hair
  • Vietnamese hair extensions raw double drawn
  • Vietnamese virgin human hair double was drawn machine weft deep wavy
  • Vietnamese wholesale product double drawn weft body wavy
  • 10-inch weave
  • Vietnam hair 12 inches curly weave kinky
  • Natural Vietnam hair body wavy single drawn machine weft

Lace closure provided by IvirgoHair

  • Straight lace closure
  • Deep curly lace closure
  • Straight lace closure density 100%
  • Wavy lace closure
  • Straight double euro high-quality human hair
  • Vietnamese wholesale product double drawn weft body wavy
  • 10-inch weave
  • Single piece clip in hair extensions
  • 30 inches weave euro standard
  • Color 2 deep wavy single drawn hair

That’s all you need to know about lace front and lace closure. Lace front delivers a high level of authenticity by mimicking the hairline, while also giving you the freedom to style your hair. Meanwhile, the lace closure brings convenience and allows you to handle parts that the wig does not cover. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find the lace front and lace closure that best suits you.

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