07 easy hairstyles for long straight hair with expert

 Long straight hair is usually dream of girls when they are a student , even you are  lady. The long straight hair is never out of date, women ought not to worry about hairstyles for long hair, especially straight hair . Beside, we will introduce some easy hairstyles for long straight hair attractively to take part in parties, go to walk, as go to work as.

Dropping straight long hair

You know, any men are impressed by long straight hair girls. Because with long hair, girls become more gentle and beautiful that many people like. Everyone want to be splendid in front of the crowd , as in front of their husband or boyfriends.

The best thing you can do is taking care of the hair scientifically in order that your hair is strong and smoothy. Before going out, you just need to comb your hair to have a long straight hair and then be self-confident to walk. If you don’t have long hair, you can use periwig to become  slender. However, you need to pay attention to your hair more natural long hair.

long straight hair

Ponytail for long straight hair

You have a long hair and you still keep yourself personal and active, ponytail for long straight hair is a good choice. Most of people think that this hairstyle is an easy hairstyle for straight hair and easy to perform, also not hot.

That is wrong, today ponytail for straight hair is hot trend without out of date. However, you need to pay attention to tie your hair right way sure that your long hair look attractive as possible as. If your hair is tangled, you should use comb to make straight hair and also use hair gel to keep hair styling.

This hairstyle is really wonderful and help you self-confident to walk with friends or go to the office. Beside, you can choose the color of hair to dye that is suitable to your fashion. Color hair is also relevant to your characteristic and affects to your combination of the clothes.

long straight hair

Long straight hair with hair clips two sides

With long straight hair, but you want to become new and fresh. Don’t worry let’s refer variations as follow, we will introduce to you. Because it is so easy hairstyles for straight hair that anyone can perform. With this hairstyle, you just need to prepare two hair clips that is not difficult, don’t you?

Firstly, you need to comb the straight hair, use hair gel to deal the tangled hair

Secondly, you turn hair in half and then use hair clip to keep hair in each side.

That is so pretty and easy to perform. This variation is very suitable for girls, especially gentle girls. You don’t usually use this hairstyle to go to work but waking and going to the parties this variation for long straight hair is right choice. You never try this hairstyle, you should experience them because maybe when you appear with long straight hair with hair clips two sides will make you impression to the boys.

long straight hair

Long straight hair with blunt bangs

You usually drop the long hair, so you should look for some variation for long straight hair to change yourself everyday. There are many ways to become more fresh and bright but keeping traditional long hair. You should try to cut  blunt bangs hair because long straight hair with bangs is hairstyle many girls choose to go out.

This hairstyle make you more young and more active. This straight hairstyle is also suitable to long face girls, it help to concealer bad point in the forehead with your bangs.

long straight hair

Hairstyle for long straight hair with braiding bangs

Braiding is usually hot trend for women when they choose the hairstyle. There are many kind of braiding such as fishtail braiding, braiding two side, french style braiding…You can braid in spite of  having short hair, medium hair or long hair.

With each length hair, you can choose the different variations of braiding. Here are braiding bangs hairstyle that we introduce for long straight hair girls. You are lucky to own long straight hair smoothly, therefore you should create highlight point by braiding your bangs. You will be self-confident when you take part in the meetings.

Because this is easy hairstyle for long straight hair, almost girls know to braid. However, some people think this hairstyle is complex, that is not true. You just prepare some buns , then use the comb to divide hair like that photo ( Divide the hair into unequal parts ). Puting the bangs hair to braid and cross the left to the right or contrast. Thus, you created the highlight with steps as follow

long straight hair

Half – up braided styles

One of the wonderful things of long hair is changable the hairstyle easily. Braiding half updo does not only keep your face be shine but also help you succinct in front of everyone.

You can inspire to the opposite people not only by the cute communication way, but also by appearing royal long straight hair when take part in the concert or the gala. Half -up braided styles are not stranger to girls because of the popularity.

long straight hair


  • Step 1:  Puting the hair on the top of the head and bangs hair
  • Step 2: Separate them into side- parted
  • Step 3: Braiding each part until tail ( Doing the similar the rest of side)
  • Step 4: Tying two sides by hairclip and making highlight

That is simple to own a hairstyle for straight long hair. You will be beautiful with the collection of  impression hairstyles

Razored ends and silky silver

Before, everyone just think about long hair is the symbol of tenderness . Women conquer men’ heart easily by smoothy black long straight hair.  However, nowadays there are many variations for long straight hair that reckless girls choose to express their personal. Silky silver long hair help women become fresh and bright and is very suitable to white skin girls. They keep traditional long straight and also express modern in the hairstyles.

long straight hair

Classy long straight hair

The lady want to be classy at parties, this hairstyle is no less chic. This hairstyle is too namby-pamby but also keep you luxurious, elegant. Some people have the black or brown skin, this hairstyle is a good choice. Because this hairstyle make you gentle, girly and so pretty when you go to work , go out or be at home. However, none of all people can care for long hair well, they will think to cut them. If you own long hair, don’t hurry cut them and carry out to learn how to take care of the vietnamese hair.

long straight hair

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