4 secret tips on how to make curls last longer without hairspray

It can not be denied that hairspray is one of the most miracle products to make beautiful and bouncy curly hair. However, if you don’t use it properly, it also has the bad effects on your hair such as brittle hair or hair loss. So, it is very necessary to know how to make curls last longer without hairspray. Discover it all in this article.

The first tip on how to make curls last longer without hairspray is to take care of curly hair properly

Before washing curly hair, you should do a deep conditioning treatment. 100% coconut oil is one of the greatest hair care products for curly hair.

how to make curls last longer without hairspray
Washing hair curly

Firstly, if the coconut oil solidifies under room temperature, you need to melt it on your hands by rubbing it. After that, you put it on the ends of your hair first and then move on to the scalp. Make sure that you saturate your hair completely with coconut oil and take this time to massage your scalp. Next, you wrap your hair up in a little bun and after several hours, you can rinse it off to feel the difference in your hair.

During washing curly hair, you have to be very cautious about the shampoo that you put on your hair. Many people are never thoughtful of what shampoo they are using. They just use it to wash their hair and always use the brush afterwards to brush their hair out. That is a completely wrong habit you should avoid.

The sulfate-free shampoos are good for curly hair because sulfate tends to make your hair dry. In addition, it is noted that you should massage your hair gently and slowly and scrunch it up to encourage the curls.

After shampooing, although you have done the intensive coconut oil treatment before, it is really necessary to use the conditioner afterwards. Not using any kind of brush, you just use your fingers to apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair and wait 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

To dry curly hair correctly, you should choose a 100% cotton T-shirt instead of a towel as many people do. Firstly, you need to scrunch out all of the excess water. When most of the water is out of your hair, you lay the T-shirt down and wrap your hair in this T-shirt. This will help your hair not hundred percent dry and the curls will form better.

If you want to add volume for curly hair, you can use a blow dryer. However, set the medium temperature to make sure that the curls are not too dry and break off.

Another advice for owners of curly hair is not to comb it too often. Unlike straight hair, combing curly hair will cause the curls to stretch and they will not be uniform. Therefore, you should only brush it if necessary. It is the best to use a spacious wired comb or a soft bristle brush and comb your hair from the ends to the roots.

After a period of time, the ends of the curly hair are easy to be damaged. Therefore, to have beautiful, bouncy curly hair, sometimes you should go to a hair salon to trim this ends.

The effective tip on how to make curls last longer without hairspray is to use professional tools

Professional tools which have the high quality will not only make beautiful curly hair for a long time but also help to protect your hair from damage.

how to make curls last longer without hairspray
How to make your curls last all day without hairspray

The proper temperature you should set to make curls last longer without hairspray is approximately 300-350 F. We suggest that you use curling tools with a controllable heat setting to set it exactly.

Size of curling tools is also an important thing you need to know. Big size curling iron will give you a more relaxed look with the big curls, but it’s hard to hold the curls for a long time. You look pretty for about 20 minutes and throughout the day your curls are flattened. So, if you want to hold the curls all day, it is best to use a small curling iron.

Make your curls tight and let your curls set

Even with hairspray, the curls will always loosen over time. Therefore, if you skip hairspray, your curls will flatten even more quickly. So, it is a good idea to make the curls tighter than usual.

To hold your curls in place, after curling, you should use alligator clips to lock the shape of the curls immediately. When the curls are cool in their places, release them gently.

How to make curls last longer without hairspray overnight

  • Clip your hair up at night

It’s pretty simple what you do is to twist your hair up lightly at the back and bring it all up onto the top of your head. After that, you clip it in place. Don’t make it too tight at the front so that you don’t squash any curls around your face.

how to make curls last longer without hairspray
How to make curls last all day without hairspray
  • Give your hair a good bed

One of the biggest tips for sleeping on curly hair is to use a silk or satin pillowcase instead of a cotton one. Because if your hair is running over it, cotton tends to catch hair and cause your curls to separate. Another good reason to use a silk pillowcase is that it doesn’t absorb water well and will not take the moisture out of your hair.

Hope that with 4 tips we have mentioned, you can have the useful information for your hair styling routine. What is your secret on how to make curls last longer without hairspray? Or you have any question for us. Please share in the comments below. Thank you for your following!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What conditioner for curly hair I should use?

A: Thank you for your question. It is the best to use the light and moisturizing conditioners for curly hair because styling hair can make your hair weak and dry. Natural products are great options you should consider. Now, we have one suggestion for you. Being a herbal plant, aloe vera is one of the most effective home remedies to help the curls smooth and soft. Firstly, you need to have two fresh aloe vera leaves and extract the gel from them. Then you add two vitamin E capsules to this gel to achieve a smooth and foamy mixture. Apply this mixture very gently on your hair and after 5 minutes when your hair is absorbed all the conditioner, you can rinse it.

Q: If I curl the extensions, what should I do to make curls last longer without hairspray?

A: Welcome you to Ivigo Hair’s website. The human extensions with high quality have the same characters as human hair. So, there will be no big differences in caring for it. It is only noted that temperature for curling the extensions is a little bit lower. If you are looking for top human hair extensions supplier, let’s come to us through website https://www.wholesalehairvendors.com .

Q: Why do we use a cotton T-shirt to dry curly hair instead of a towel as usual?

A: Many people use a towel to dry the hair because it is very convenient. However, towels are made of terry cloth fibers, so they are thick and absorbent, which make the curls dry out. Meanwhile, T-shirts are made from light cotton fabrics, so they are better than for your hair.

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