How to make curls last longer at home: The Complete Guide

At present, curly hair is one of the favorite hairstyles of many women because this hairstyle makes them more gorgeous and attractive. However, if you do not make and care the curls properly, they probably stretch out and aren’t maintained as the original. So, let’s discover 5 easy tips on how to make curls last longer at home in this article:

The first tip on how to make curls last is to use right hair products

Like using SPF to protect your skin and using sunglasses to protect your eyes, you need to spray your hair with the heat protectant to avoid it from damage.

how to make curls last overnight
How to make curls last overnight

After that, you can spray hairspray your hair before, during and after curling. This will give your hair a rougher texture, which will help prolong the life of your curls. It is noted that you should spray mist onto your hair instead of holding the hairspray too close to your hair. Otherwise, your hair will be crunchy and heavy, which is difficult for curling.

Using the right tools

We recommend that you should get a curler with a controllable heat setting. Improper heat setting on your curler may be the reason why your curls flatten so quickly. 300-350 F is the ideal temperature to achieve the optimal curl. If you curl the extensions, the temperature may be lower.

Another secret to making curls last longer not all people know is to use a small barrel of a curler. The smaller the barrel is, the longer the curl is.

One of the most effective tips on how to make curls last is to use the alligator clips

After curling the hair, you should use these clips to keep the curls in place and let them cool down. Although it can be time-consuming, the longer you wait, the stronger the curls will be. When releasing the curls from these clips, make sure not to break them by brushing them out immediately.

How do you make curls last overnight
How do you make curls last overnight

How to make curls last overnight

You have put a lot of time and effort into your curls and you want them to last longer. Therefore, it is really important to sleep on them properly.

You can twist your hair into a loose bun on the top of your head. Another way you can do is to divide your hair into two sections, twist both sections away from your face and then tie them loosely at the bottom. This can be annoying but it really helps your curls last overnight.

Take care of the curls carefully

  • Comb curly hair

The advice for owners of curly hair is not to comb it too often. Unlike straight hair, combing curly hair will cause the curls to stretch and they will not be uniform. Therefore, you should only brush the hair from 1 to 2 times per day, combining with using the hair care products to help your hair shine and soft.

How to make your curls last all day and night
How to make your curls last all day and night

It is the best to use a spacious wired comb or a soft bristle brush and comb your hair from the ends to the roots. Especially, you should not brush curly hair when it is still wet.

  • Shampoo and conditioner for curly hair

There is no denying the beauty and charm of curly hair, but the fact is that the curling will make your hair weaker by the effects of heat and chemicals. So, to have beautiful and bouncy curly hair, you should use the shampoo and hair care products properly.

Try to use a light shampoo and conditioner which doesn’t have too much oil because it can make your hair too slippery to hold the curls. Natural products are the great option for you.

Egg yolk and honey are one of the easiest way you can try. Ingredients you need include some drops of honey and egg yolk. Firstly, you need to mix egg yolk with some honey and apply it on your hair. After leaving for 30 minutes, you rinse your hair as usual with shampoo.

Another way to care for curly hair is to use aloe vera gel. Firstly, you need to have two fresh aloe vera leaves and extract the gel from them. Then you add two vitamin E capsules to this gel to achieve a smooth and foamy mixture. Apply this mixture very gently on your hair and after 5 minutes when your hair is absorbed all the conditioner, you can rinse it. Being an herbal plant, aloe vera is the most effective home remedy to help the curls smooth and soft.

  • Dry curly hair

We will suggest two ways to dry curly hair correctly. Don’t use the towel because when you wrap your hair in it, it will take out all the moisture in your hair causing breakage.

One of these methods instead is to use a T-shirt. Firstly, start with a large cotton T-shirt on a flat surface. Then you are going to take your hair and shake it out and flip it in front of you. You need to lower your head down very slowly onto the T-shirt, so that your curls coil up without getting frizzy or tangled.

How to make heated curls last overnight
How to make heated curls last overnight

After that, without moving your head, you grab the bottom edge of the T-shirt and wrap it around towards the base of your neck. Finally, you grab the top of the T-shirt and pull the neckline down to the base of your neck. Tie the sleeves in the front to create a turban out of the T-shirt. After several hours, you can take it out and you will find that your curls are dry bouncy and frizz free.

In addition, if you want to add volume for your curls, you can use a blow dryer. However, you should set the medium temperature. Because under the influence of high temperature, your curly hair will be damaged and broken.

  • Trim the ends of the hair

After a period of time, the ends of curly hair is easy to be damaged. Therefore, the regular hair trim is also the best way to get rid of damaged hair and help to maintain your beautiful curly hair.Hope that with 5 tips we have mentioned, you can have the useful information for yourself. What is your secret on how to make curls last longer at home? Or you have any question for us. Please share in the comments below. Thank you for your following!

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