How to make hair extensions look real in short hair with some tips

“ Hair extensions” are great choices of women to make beauty, especially actors usually wear hair extensions when they are on the stage. However, you need to consider some tips to use hair extensions in order that you can make hair extensions look real in short hair. Because you will be not self-confident if anyone know you wear hair extensions. So, what should you do to make hair extensions look more natural?

Choose type of hair extensions that you can curl or straighten easily

There are many kind of hair extensions in the market, that you can use them to lengthen your hair. When you have a short hair, you really dream about long thick hair, so you should invest good hair extensions for yourself.

There are many type of hair extensions such as artificial extensions, fake extensions and human extensions. Absolutely, human extensions are better than artificial extensions. However, depending on the purpose uses, you can choose type of hair extensions that are suitable for you.

Because some people only use hair extensions when they go to parties or some special occasions, you can choose the fake extensions to save money . You also like your personal short hair so you can only use extension a few times.

However, you should remember that “human hair extensions” are more expensive and durable than the fake ones. If you want to appear with the long hair anywhere, you should buy 100% human extensions so that you can make hair extension look real in your short hair.

As you know, human hair extensions can stand the heat well, you can curl or straighten them easily without afraid of frustrating the hair. Having right type of hair extensions is best for making your extensions look real , you won’t worry about your short hair.

The color of hair extensions

If you think you can choose any hair extension without minding the color of the hair extensions, you are getting wrong. Blending hair extensions or dying hair extension can give you the color hair is not the similar to your natural color hair.

That is very difficult to make your hair extensions look real if your color natural hair doesn’t match the color of extensions, so picking right color is very important. Dyed hair extensions can be not similar to your color hair so you remember to choose color extensions carefully to match your hair. If you have unique color hair, you need hair experts to help you.

Unlike the “ ombre hair”, the big difference between the extensions and your hair will make other people recognize easily the truth about your hair. We recommend you to choose the lightest blonde that is the best way to make hair extensions real in short hair.

make hair extensions look real in short hair
Make hair extensions look real in short hair

Use the amount of hair extensions that are suitable to your hair

If you have thin and weak hair, you should care the amount of hair extensions that you will use. Frequently, weak hair people will use extension to cover the deficiency in your hair. So, how to use the amount of hair extension is very important.

You need the amount of extensions is enough to match your hair. That means, it is up to your hair to choose the amount of hair extension more or less. If you have thick hair you need a lot of extensions and if you have thin hair you will need less hair.

Because if you use a lot of hair extensions for thin hair that cause you hair loss, your hair will become thinner and thinner. Therefore the amount of the hair extensions is very important to make your hair real in short hair. You use hair extensions but don’t forget care for your hair well because none of type of hair is more beautiful than yours.

Hair extensions lengths

Those with short hair are the ones who are usually use hair extensions and want to make them look real. Because you desire a long hair, you consider the way to make hair extensions look real in order that you are really attractive on any occasions.

Before you buy hair extensions, length of extensions is what you need to investigate. If you have a short hair, choosing hair extensions lengths will be easier. You will choose the length of extensions that is suitable to the length of your hair so that making hair extensions real. However, with too long hair, you will feel uncomfortable when you go to work, go to the parties, or even at home.

You also try to use several different extensions length. Because you probably own layers hair, use one extension length will sure that your hair look natural . The best way to make your hair extensions look real is to use different extensions length for each layer.

make hair extensions look real in short hair
Make hair extensions look real in short hair

Make hair extensions look real in short hair at home

Making hair extensions at home will help you save several money as save time. To make hair extensions at home, you have to prepare carefully such as tools, extensions. Beside you have to perform right technique to ensure your hair look natural without frustrating.

We advice you should go to the salon in order that the hair stylish can help you. Although you spend much more money on making hair extensions, the hair stylist will create hairdos that are well-suited to you.

You don’t need go to the hair stores to buy extensions, hair bleach or dye, hairstylist can cut, blend, dye , color hair and apply those extensions to make them look the best natural as possible as. Beside, when you use good service of the hair salon , you will have extensions well over 6 months.

make hair extensions look real in short hair
Make hair extensions look real in short hair

Take care of hair extensions

Like the natural hair, you also need to take care of hair extensions. When you take care of them, you can not invest more extensions over one year. Taking care of extensions is not difficult, proper care of extensions esure they are good for a while.

However if you don’t know the way to protect your hair extensions, you should contact hair experts to help you or refer some advices from the hairstylist. Generally , you use conditioner hair for extensions to keep smooth and natural.

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