Screen-off corner: rare photos of Marilyn Monroe without makeup

In the wonderland called Hollywood which is home of prestige and admiration, it will be a mistake if you forget to mention Marilyn Monroe – an iconic actress of all time. She reached the unforgettable sex symbol of the 20th century thanks to her beauty mark, sensuality and upbeat characteristics. She has a long profile to tell about but people are the most curious about Marilyn Monroe without makeup.

The beauty just shines in its brightest way when there is no cosmetics needed. The admiration just comes when the audience could see an artist in every aspect before making judgement. That is the reason why people flock to google her sans makeup pictures and her private life.

Now, follow us to see our reveal about Marilyn Monroe without makeup! Then after that, you can have your own comment – either keeping your love for her or being disappointed if her bare face does not live up to your expectations!

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Marilyn Monroe – an iconic symbol of something called beauty

Marilyn Monroe is characterized by her blonde and impressive appearance. She is just different from all today’s zero figure models. She is just so amazing and pretty that we cannot define her beauty. Therefore, it has been 55 years and counting since her death but nobody could replace her to be the appealing symbol of all time.
When you are asked to visualize her in few seconds, it will not be so hard. Her signature look should be red lip, blonde curvy hair and full lashes. She seems to always be wearing expressive eyeliners and lips with more volume than normal. To be more specific, you can look at a series of pictures below and have the judgement of your own.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Her inexplicable sexiness makes people more curious about Marilyn Monroe without makeup (Source: Internet)
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
From the early days when she started her career, people just could not take their eyes off her (Source: Internet)

Marilyn Monroe is famous for being a beauty secret keeper of all time. At her time, she would be the first guest that a beauty magazine was thinking of. Therefore, in general, she had a long list to follow in terms of diet, workouts and beauty routines. Looking at her picture, you can’t help admiring for sure.

However, when taking off all the magnificient layers made by cosmetics, is she still amazing and admirable? To answer this question, we need to look at Marilyn Monroe without makeup photos revealed by paparazzi. The majority of those photos are black and white but we can still zoom in to have a better judgement.

No matter who you are (her fan or not), you can’t miss this article because it is a golden chance to see a beauty symbol of all time in her bare face. If Marilyn Monroe without makeup, why not give her an applause and follow her vocations to be wonderful. If not, just let yourself have a sigh of relief as without makeup, you can be confident to say that you are as amazing as a celebrity sans makeup.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Behind an elegant lady, whether it is an appealing bare face or a normal face that is photogenic thanks to the magic of cosmetics? (Source: Internet)

Explore Marilyn Monroe without makeup collections

She is regarded as the epitome of Hollywood glamor; thus, it is the case that she found it impossible to avoid the hidden cameras which were always there to capture her moments. However, for Marilyn Monroe without makeup, beauty is not in the eyes of beholders. Her beauty comes from her natural attraction that lights up the environment in anytime, at everywhere and in any situation.

  • A classic beauty that never dies

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
A picture of all time to prove that Marilyn Monroe without makeup is still gorgeous (Source: Internet)

The photo of Marilyn Monroe without makeup was posted to Reddit at a certain weekend. Up to now, it has gained over mountains of comments and judgements. The special thing is that all the comments are expressing their admiration. It can be said that ‘Some Like It Hot’ actress never reduces her popularity among audience.

In this picture, the stunning blonde girl was wearing bikini in tiny black and white and a huge smile at the same time. After taking a dip in the pool water, she appeared as if it was her stage to show off her wonderful skin and complexion. Marilyn Monroe without makeup still had a healthy and happy look. Therefore, when Monroe was confirmed to be dead at the age of 36, people were so shocked that there remains a source of wild speculation.

More than five decades since her death, even though we do not know the exact date that the photo was taken, ‘The Seven Year Itch’ actress is remarkable in our minds with her signature platinum curls. Marilyn Monroe without makeup still looks stunning with a clear bare face. You can see a bit red from exertion after a long swim, which is so natural.

  • Marilyn Monroe without makeup since her early career as model
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Rare pictures taken by André de Dienes who was lucky enough to photograph Monroe since she was just a model named Norma Jeane Baker (Source: Internet)
Marilyn Monroe without makeup

That impressive face remains and makes thousands of people fall in love without fail (Source: Internet)
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
In the same series, Marilyn Monroe without makeup fully acts out a variety of moods, including happiness, sadness, introspection and serenity. (Source: Internet)

You may feel that these picture are just so in love. Her eyes reflect the happiness. Therefore, there is a saying that beauty is in eyes of the beholder. It is undeniable that Marilyn Monroe without makeup is still appealing. However, from de Dienes’ s perspective, she is a real miracle and sexy looking angel. Who else dare to say that Marilyn Monroe is only stunning in nude shots

Unfortunately, her romance with the photographer did not withstand the distance. When they had a chance to meet each other again, he was still fascinated by her face, which led to a sharp decision to ask her to accompany him to Malibu to take pictures for a book of poetry. Once again, Marilyn Monroe without makeup melts our heart when these photos have been revealed.

  • Intimate moments of Marilyn Monroe without makeup

Legend has it that Marilyn Monroe is a professional at posing for photographers. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she could question them some about technical aspects in taking photos. Over time in Hollywood, she reached number one in posing at her best in front of the camera.

Due to this reason, it was unusual for those who wanted to capture Marilyn Monroe without makeup. Should the counterparts desire to troll her, they could take some photos but the results would always not live up to their expectations. Marilyn Monroe without makeup is the exception of bad ones.

At her time, people could hardly see her photos when she was wearing no makeup as she just did not allow. There might have appeared some rumors and doubts about her beauty. She only allowed two people who are Milton Greene and Sam Shaw to capture her while she was sans makeup and relax.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup

The photo was finally released many years after her death (Source: Internet)
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
The same setting but different pose – Marilyn Monroe without makeup is so adorable (Source: Internet)

The aforementioned pictures were taken on September 9th, 1954 by Milton Greene while she was taking her rest at New York’s St. Regis Hotel. It was at the time ‘The Seven Year Itch’ started filming. Why were those photos released many years after she died? As these can be considered as photos of intimate and informal moments that Marilyn Monroe without makeup considered improper for her classic image.

The star was having breakfast in her suite in no fancy costumes and with no makeup. These impromptu shots once again claim that Marilyn Monroe without makeup is a beauty symbol that could hardly be overwhelmed by new faces in these recent decades.

  • Marilyn Monroe without makeup is a real heartbreaker
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Regardless of leaps and bounds in life, Marilyn Monroe without makeup is striking (Source: Internet)

Most Hollywood celebrities look so normal when taking off all the help from makeup artists, hair stylists and perfect lighting. However, it can be seen that Marilyn Monroe without makeup is an exception. She has naturally pretty features that without any trace of makeup, she looks admirable and outstanding.

She deserves to be recognized for her beauty and her contribution to the film industry. Do not try to knock her as you do not live in her shoes and it is the Hollywood glamor that turned her into the timeless sex symbol.

  • Last nude shots just some months before her tragic death

When it comes to Marilyn Monroe without makeup, people would think more about her nude treasures which could break your heart from the first sight. She is damn sexy and charming in the way that we could not give a clear explanation. To pay homage to her death, Vanity Fair decided to make her last on-set nude shoot public.


Marilyn Monroe without makeup
This shot was taken by photographer Lawrence Schiller. She looked so full of live. (Source: Internet)

Before taking the formal shots, she often wore sans makeup to provoke certain feelings and emotions for the best results. Therefore, she just allowed Lawrence to take candid shots. It has been revealed that those pics were taken just some months before her tragic rest for good. However, we just could not see any sign of depression. Marilyn Monroe without makeup is still lovely and enthusiastic.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Frolicking by the pool and laughing for the camera (Source: Internet)

Nude photos were her pros that had been exploited by many magazines and producers. She acted as if nobody were there to see her or as if she were enough confident to show off her astonishing face and body.

In her area, it was time of black and white photos and shooting by the pool required her to go sans makeup. Therefore, these photos are evident enough to claim that she is hauntingly beautiful in her way. It is also not exaggerated if you say Marilyn Monroe without makeup is number one in the list of celebrities going sans makeup of all time.

  • Other close-up of Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
It is said that smoking women are so sexy that hardly men could resist temptation against (Source: Internet)

In the clouds of thick smoke, a woman could become mysteriously beautiful. In the case of Marilyn Monroe without makeup and with a cigarette in a hand, the picture could gain the peak of masterpiece. Just few sketches but her face seems to light up the dark shade of the environment.


Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Frolicking by the pool and laughing for the camera (Source: Internet)

In Hollywood, when it comes to Marilyn Monroe, people would think about her pseudonym as a dumb blonde or a bombshell blone. However, in fact, she owned a large library of literatures and other pieces of writing. She loved books so much and her favourite one was The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
A casual costume with incomplete makeup layers on her face does not ruin her beauty in this candid shot (Source: Internet)
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
A rare photo of Marilyn Monroe without makeup that she allowed the photographer to take while she was ready (Source: Internet)

As aforementioned, Monroe typically refused to be taken without makeup. However, it was a special early morning when she was on the way to hair and makeup. At the request of her makeup artist called Snyder, she agreed on being captured in front of several hungry black bears.

From the whole rare collection of Marilyn Monroe without makeup, we can understand why people keep talking about her when being questioned about the one that makes their heart melt. However, the quantity of photos that have been released is still limited. Should you happen to find any picture of Marilyn Monroe without makeup, please do not hesitate to inbox or comment in the box below. We will add them into our article and quote your source that you provide. Thank you for your reading and sharing.

As for Marilyn Monroe, we always pay her a certain attention and respect as we all know that every beauty comes along with struggles and hardship in life and she was not an exception at all. Rest in peace, a timeless beauty symbol of Hollywood in particular, and the world in general.

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