Mayonnaise and avocado hair mask – Treatment for dry and damaged hair

If you feel baffled and do not know what to choose when entering the matrix of hair care products section, remember that you can still treat yourself with organic hair care recipes at home for a fraction of the cost. Mayonnaise and avocado hair mask is among the best and the most common DIY recipes to try at home. These familiar ingredients could be easily found in your kitchen. This chemical-free treatment will refresh your hair and add more shine to it.

Why use mayonnaise and avocado hair mask?

Avocado and mayo are both beloved food. Some might barely think of these as anything else rather than something to eat. However, they are indeed incredibly effective ingredients for hair nourishing.

The benefits of avocado for your hair

Mayonnaise and avocado hair mask

Avocados include proteins, vitamins A, D, E, B6, amino acids, folic acid – all of them work excellently in providing moisture for your hair. The rich of vitamin E and B is beneficial for hair growth. By supplying a lot of vitamins, avocado could prevent hair loss which is caused by the lack of vitamins.

The advantage of avocados over other fruits in hair nourishment partly comes from the fact that avocado oil is one of the rare oils that could enter the hair shaft and foster moistures in your hair.

Besides, the monounsaturated fats found in avocados could strengthen hair strands effectively. The use of avocados could also contribute to controlling frizzy hair.

What about mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise and avocado hair mask

Mayonnaise is a necessity in the kitchen. This creamy substance is the mixture of egg yolks, oil, and vinegar. Besides being a yummy complementing sauce for many dishes, mayonnaise could work impressively as a beauty treatment.

Here are some benefits of mayonnaise that you might not know:

Moisturize hair: Oil is one of the main ingredients of mayonnaise. Using mayonnaise hair mask could moisturize your hair with oil. This fact makes mayonnaise a perfect ingredient to condition a dry and damaged hair.

Protect your hair from the UV ray: Another benefit of mayonnaise is that it could shield your hair from the destructive impact of UV rays. Mayonnaise will cover hair strands with a protective coat. Moreover, it also helps your hair to get rid of the dead cells and ease your hair from sunburns.

Protect your hair from styling products: If your hair is getting worse due to the use of chemical-laden products, the application of mayonnaise is the go-to resolution for you. Containing plenty of nutritious elements, mayonnaise promises to refill the lost nourishing factors of the scalp. It will minimize the damage of styling products on your hair. Your hair strand will get stronger; the frizzy will be gone and your hair becomes more defining.

Balance pH in hair and reduce dandruff: Vinegar in mayonnaise could balance pH in hair. Balanced pH creates a good condition for healthy hair growth and prevents the rise of fungi and bacteria in hair. Vinegar also controls the oil production of your hair scalp. Oil could moisture your hair well; however, too much oil is indeed the cause for dandruff. So, applying mayonnaise is one way to reduce dandruff on your scalp.

Keep the color: People with dyed hair could take advantages of mayonnaise in locking the hair color, keeping it from fading away.

Prevent breakage: Last but not least, proteins provided by mayonnaise could reduce hair breakage. It could also add shine and volume to your hair. These are reasons why using mayonnaise is highly recommended for dry and damaged hair.

The combination of these two powerful ingredients will constantly nourish and strengthen your hair. This organic mixture is the savior of damaged dry hair.

How to make mayonnaise and avocado hair mask

Prepare one cup mayonnaise and half of a ripe avocado.

Step 1: Peel the avocado, put haft of it in a bowl and mash it.

Mayonnaise and avocado hair mask

Step 2: Add mayonnaise to the bowl and mix until it becomes smooth.

Mayonnaise and avocado hair mask

Step 3: Wear the mask on your hair, focus on the dry and damaged area. Work from the roots toward the hair ends.

Step 4: Use a plastic wrap to cover your hair. Wait for about 20 minutes. You can use a hot towel to foster the process.

Step 5: Wash your hair with cold water.

You can apply this recipe once a week. A regular treatment of this mixture will improve your hair condition in the long run.

This homemade hair mask will give your hair a relaxing, chemical-free treatment. It has what it takes to become a part of your hair care routine: easy-to-find and cheap ingredients, handy recipes, and various attached benefits. There is no reason not to add mayonnaise and avocado hair mask to your hair treatment routine.

Besides this combination, there are also other alternatives of either avocado or mayonnaise with other ingredients, for example, mayonnaise and olive oils, mayonnaise and coconut oil, avocado and olive oils, avocado and yogurt, and so on.

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