The Precious Images Of Megan Fox No Makeup! Update 2023

If you are a loyal fan of the series Transformers, I am sure you have already known the famous Hollywood actress Megan Fox. Megan Fox is a familiar name to love-watching American film and movie community because of her activities in movie industries.

Furthermore, she is really famous for her stunning beauty. However, a lot of people wonder if how her real appearance is without makeup? Have you ever seen her bare face? If you have not, check out this article to look at the images of Megan Fox no makeup!

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Megan Fox no makeup
The sexy main actress of Transformers (Source: Internet)

How does Megan Fox look with makeup?

Firstly, let’s take a look at the pictures of this 32-year-old actress with makeup.

A beautiful woman

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox putting on makeup (Source: Internet)

Just look at the above photo, we can see that Megan Fox looks so gorgeous with makeup. Her pretty eye color, her deep eyes, her rosy cheeks, her sexy lips, and other features on her face are able to match together perfectly. With the aid of makeup technique, her beauty became more strikingly.

A powerful image

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox putting on makeup (Source: Internet)

Another photo of Megan Fox in somewhat event. Have a view on her face, and immediately I point out the difference between this photo and the first one. That is her makeup style.

The makeup style in the first picture gave her a tender look, but in this one, she changed. The way she put the color red on her lips, as well as her outfit, brought her a sexy and strong image.

The makeup layer could change her from a sweet woman into a powerful actress to be more suitable for the event. Such a miracle! So, I am just curious about how different it is when seeing Megan Fox no makeup?

A sexy actress

Megan Fox no makeup
Wild and sexy Megan Fox (Source: Internet)

Megan Fox has proven that she can flexibly change her styles. It depends on what events or what cases so that she can flexibly change into sweet, fabulous or sexy. In this picture, she just looks so awesome. The way she straightly looked at the camera is so cool and attractive also.

Megan Fox no makeup

Now, if you are familiar with beautiful Megan Fox with makeup, let’s move on to the next part that will show you the precious photos of Megan Fox no makeup.

In the parking area

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox without makeup was on the way to pick her stepson up (Source: Internet)

After seeing this picture, what do you think? To me, through this picture of her bare face, she really proves that she deserves to be one of the best candidates for the title “Best bare face.” I just wonder how she could be so gorgeous without putting on any makeup layers on her face. Even the way her hair flowed through the wind is also pretty perfect. It can really be said that this photo blew a lot of people’s minds.

With dolphin

Dolphin is one of the most intelligent and adorable animals in the world. And of course, a beauty with a dolphin is even more lovely. It seems that she is really into playing with animals. How cute she is! Look at her delighted face with a beautiful smile in the following picture can really make your day!

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox’s beautiful smile (Source: Internet)

Let’s go shopping!

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox no makeup (Source: Internet)

It is not exaggerated to say that Megan Fox is a true heart robber. She can easily steal everyone’s heart with no need of applying makeup products on her face. Many people can ask something like “She is an actress. How could she go out without wearing makeup?”. Well, there is no one know the exact answer, but I believe that the answer to this question is just because she is really confident to show her bare face. She loves her true appearance.

With a cap

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox’s casual style (Source: Internet)

In this picture, the young lady was spotted in a drugstore with her husband. We can see that she was not really happy at that moment. Maybe she was wearing a cap to hide her makeup-free face but unfortunately, she was recognized. She looks unjoyful and a little bit tired when she knew she was stalked almost 24/7 by insane paparazzi. Maybe she did not want anyone to follow her private schedule. However, she still looks so cool.

Going for a run

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox with no makeup (Source: Internet)

If someone says that there is not anyone who can look fabulous while working out, please show this picture of Megan Fox bare face to her or him. People usually think that working out means that you will look unattractive because of your sweaty body. However, maybe they will reconsider what they thought in the past after seeing the above photos. She sported casual clothes: a black fitted shirt and especially a sports watch which helped her to show her fitness style. Without wearing heavy makeup, she looks so sporty but still chic.

Megan Fox no makeup selfie

If you find a selfie picture of Megan Fox, here it is!

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox took a selfie (Source: Internet)

This is the first picture of herself without makeup that she posted after joining in Instagram. She did not care that she might get some hate comments on her post because of her no makeup face. She just wanted to show her fans that she is talented and beautiful also. So brave she is!

Megan Fox beauty secrets

If you want to have a flawless skin as Megan Fox, read this and follow her tips now!

Less is more

Megan always tries to keep makeup to the minimum. She also useless but effective skin care products. She just cleanses up her face and follows a moisturizing routine.

Taking care of eyes

To care for her eyes, she uses eye serum product that is Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum. After washing her face, she applies the product for 3 to 4 times a day.

Megan Fox no makeup
Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum (Source: Internet)

Drinking water

Having plenty of water is one of the keys that helps her skin healthy. Not only can water hydrate her skin but it also helps to flush out the toxins. She believes that 10 to 12 glasses of water per day can give her skin flawlessness and keep it stay away from all the problems.

Taking rest

She also thinks that sleeping enough can help her skin radiant, fresh and even free from dark circles as well as puffiness. And according to professionals, it is true!

So I have already shared with you guys both the photos of Megan Fox with and without makeup. Did you make any comparison? Do you think that Megan Fox no makeup is still glamorous? Besides, hopefully, her secrets that she revealed about how she keeps her skin stay flawless can be useful for you. Finally, thank you for your attention!

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