Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top?

Have you ever wondered why our hair appears to have different textures, with curls forming underneath while the top remains predominantly straight? It’s a common question among many of us who experience this intriguing phenomenon.

Exploring the intricacies of our hair, we delve into the reasons why our locks exhibit such distinct patterns. By examining factors like genetics, hair growth patterns, and the influence of environmental factors, Wholesale Hair Vendors can gain a deeper understanding of why our hair tends to be curly underneath but straight on top.

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What are the reasons for my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom

my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom
My hair is straight on top and curly on bottom (Source: Internet)

There has been some advice from hair stylists about this hair type situation and most opinions from them were that it’s pretty normal when having hair like this.

You may not know, but most people generally have about 4 different curl patterns of hair on their head which can range from wavy, frizz, loose to tight – and many of us had the issues with all four types here for sure!

my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom
My hair is straight on top and curly on bottom (Source: Internet)

It is said to be very normal when you have both a mix of curl patterns on your head, as it starts with each person’s genetics. You should know that the gene which determines curly hair, is not totally dominant. It can remain in a period of time until activated and after that it will change the shape of the hair follicle. This leads to the changes of the new hair that grows from it.

Also, your hair pattern can be affected by many factors including genetics, lifestyle, and stress. Your health can also have an impact on your hair. If you are having a thyroid, your hormones can quickly affect and then change your hair thickness and curl pattern.

This situation when hair is straight on top and curly on bottom can be caused by the damage, or maybe nothing at all! There are some people after a few times doing their Keratin treatment might experience some of their hair sections entirely straight, or some people with their hair was damaged and they lost wave due to bleach. Also, you may know some people with perfectly virgin natural hair which just likes to do its own crazy things and patterns!

How to find the best hairstyle for my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom

my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom
My hair is straight on top and curly on bottom (Source: Internet)

The first and most important thing you need to make sure is finding the right haircut. Let’s stress it again, this thing is very important. When a girl who has straight hair on top and curly on the bottom, she might be given a not even haircut if she does not know which haircut is best for her situation.

As the hair is processed, it will be cut wet. And when the hair dried and gets back to its natural state, the curly hair will shrink up which leaves a huge gap between the hair length and all other layers.

Therefore, just make sure before doing the haircut, you explain very well and clearly to your hair stylist how is your natural hair. Also, make a real discussion about the ways the haircut can fix it, or at least can widen it. For instance, you can use a scissor in order to cut some internal layers in the straight part which can encourage curly wave!

When it comes to styling, unfortunately, you cannot just go natural only when you like the bi-textural appearance. Our suggestion for you is to use a curling hair styling tool in order to blend the straight parts with the curly parts.

You will not have to do this thing with all the sections, just in the most trouble case! You need to make a blend between a few pieces of hair from the curly part as well those with the straighties.

Best hairstyles for my hair is straight on top and curly on the bottom

3.1. Bob hairstyles

my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom
Bob hair – A suitable hairstyle for hair is straight on top and curly on bottom (Source: Internet)

Bob is a very short hairstyle that is very popular nowadays, energetic girls who want to be younger are all fans of this hair. If you are wondering that “What hairstyle should I have when my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom?”, you can totally choose this hairstyle for yourself.

With a suitable length, bob hairstyle creates a youthful and dynamic appearance.

The front and back of the hair are styled with almost the same length, and the face is covered. With bob hair, you can straighten your hips naturally or you can bend slightly depending on your preference and facial structure.

As determined by the professional hair stylist, bob hair is one of the least fussy hairstyles, it is almost suited for most different faces and when my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom. For example, the oval face, you can cut the bob hairstyle and combine a little bending curl lightly on the tail to create a highlight for the face.

Or a hair with a rounded face, a bob hair combining the laser pruning lines will make the face more angular, giving you a more compact feel, optimizing this you can completely add another bang.

A long face is not out of sight of me bob hair, especially if you are young. Choose this bob hairstyle, will help your face a little bit smaller, a little longer, or you can make some curly waves, I am sure you will fall deeper in love with it.

3.2. Pixie hairstyle

my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom
Pixie hairstyle can give you a dynamic and young apperance (Source: Internet)

Pixie haircut is a great solution for the modern woman. This hairstyle is also convenient, beautiful and suitable for all types of hair. If you have strong hair, and my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom you can choose to cut the pixie hairstyle in order to increase the size and increase the thickness of the hair.

Modern pixie hair is not limited to a masculine style that can transform many images with sleek or tangled hair, curly, asymmetrical … pixie hair with a long or short bang is the most popular choice today.

There are many cute hair ideas for most face types, from small faces to round faces. You, when wondering my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom, can follow all the fashionable pixie hairstyles and choose the most suitable one to renew your style.

3.3. Bob shoulder-length hair

In recent years, the bob shoulder-length hair has become the ‘national’ hairstyle you will easily see any girl around who also has hair is straight on top and curly on bottom. Shoulder length hair is a trendy alternative that is a safe choice for every girl.

It is no coincidence that this hairstyle, the bob shoulder-length hair is so popular. Even Korean idols choose this hairstyle because the lashes of the tails are always beautiful and irresistible for all girls.

3.4. Curly hair

Curly hair is a very popular hairstyle for you when you said that my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom. This is the hairstyle that naturally brings with the hair straight up smoothly, the bottom of the trousers in the face to create a gentle, modern. The hairstyle is not fussy but always the highlight of the girls in the crowd.

Curly hair gives the gentle curls for the hair, cleverly embracing the face to help the girls cover the excess facial defects such as a large round face, angular face…

The curly bends are suitable for either roof or non-roofing. The combination of C-shaped bending hair brings a cute, youthful feeling. Curly long hair brings gentle beauty that is totally suitable for mature women.

3.5. Wavy curly hair

Wavy hair which is not too long, not too short, could be especially suitable for girls who have my hair is straight on top and curly on bottom. The curls are lightly curled in the tail to make her gentle but not sexy.

Wavy curly hair can not only be used on the wedding day, but also on many occasions, such as walking around the city, attending a party, going to school or going to work. If the daily appearance, the curly tail will make the hair to float, natural and simple.

If you want to look more stylish in the wedding or event, you just use the hair styling tools, spray to hold the hair, and the tail will more modern and personality. Wavy hair combined with delicate dress as long skirt, short skirts will help show off the sweet touch of the girl.


In conclusion, we have explored the intriguing phenomenon of why our hair tends to be curly underneath while remaining straight on top. Through our exploration, we have discovered that this unique hair pattern can be attributed to a combination of genetic factors and hair growth dynamics.

The genetic influence determines the shape of the hair follicles, with those underneath having a more oval or curved shape, promoting curly hair growth. Meanwhile, the hair on top may possess follicles with a more cylindrical shape, resulting in straighter strands.

Additionally, variations in sebum distribution, scalp temperature, and styling habits may further contribute to this contrast in texture. Understanding the complex interplay of genetics and hair biology helps us appreciate the natural diversity and beauty of our unique hair patterns.

Embracing and celebrating our individuality is key to maintaining confidence and self-expression, regardless of the texture of our hair.

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