The ultimate guide about natural hair ponytail extension for you 

natural hair ponytail extension

In the past, when we talked about hair extensions, we would imagine the hard, stiff hair that, when just looking through can be easily realized as “counterfeit”. Not only having a poor quality, these wigs are also poor in their design and not really aesthetically beneficial for the customer needs. However, those old wigs are now just the past. Nowadays, wigs are designed and made with a variety of shapes, style from the whole hair to the tail only and even the bang. The common feature of this new generation of wigs is the appearance, which is very shimmery and extremely like real natural hair. What is more, one of the most beloved and popular hair extensions nowadays is the natural hair ponytail extension. Today, let’s explore this famous hair extension with us in this article.

What is natural hair ponytail extensions

natural hair ponytail extension
This extension will give you natural ponytail (Source: Internet)

The natural hair ponytail extension can definitely change the way your daily look comes together. Even if you are a fan of the sleek high-fashion high ponytail or you just simply want a loose casual ponytail, there are a lot of amazing choices of natural ponytail extensions and ponytails for you which will help you create an amazing and very long hair look. You can create beautiful charming buns, or some sleek long braids, or add the great part in the back of your hair with your own selection of ponytails. In addition, there are some types of ponytails that have drawstrings and combs, so they are super easy for you to put the hair extension on and hold secure. Also, natural hair ponytail extensions are designed and have a variety of hair textures and colors so you can choose the one that suits you best and get an amazing long ponytail or short bun with different styles. In the next part, let find out your most suitable drawstring ponytail.

How does natural hair ponytail extension can help you?

natural hair ponytail extension
You will have a natural but active and young charm (Source: Internet)

Not only does this hair extensions give you the charming beauty, but it is also one of the most fashionable and nicest hairstyles you’ve ever known. The hairstyle is so flexible that it seems to be the “savior” of your appearance when your hair is in trouble. All you have to do is quickly get the perfect look for every situation and every costume you are wearing. The fashion of this hairstyle is not a problem because in any fashion season you will also see this style of hair appearing in the catwalks, and is promoted as enthusiastically as any other trend. One more reason for women to continue to linger and favor this simple and personalized hairstyle: the way you tie the hair or add a touch to the ponytail can completely hide the defects on the face. In other words, each face style will fit this hair extension in different ways.

How to have the perfect natural hair ponytail extension

Color matches
If you do not want to have any connection between the wig and the real hair, you must be extremely careful when choosing hair extension. The wig must necessarily have a color that closely coincides with the natural hair color. Additionally, you should choose the right wig color to match the natural hair color so that the wig looks perfect In doing so, you can own the hairstyle looks real and it is difficult for anyone to discover that you are using a wig. Note that the color of the hair will also contribute to the brightness of the face.

Therefore, you should choose the natural hair ponytail extension color to your skin. If your skin is a bit darker, you will look more outstanding with the hair color is dark as dark yellow or dark brown. With light skin, your hair can definitely come in all colors.

  1. The right hairstyle
    Whether it’s real hair or a wig, you need to know how to choose the right hairstyle for your face, which will contribute to your beauty. With thin faces with long bones, you should apply the high natural hair ponytail extension to reduce the length of the face.
    If you want to look gentler and more feminine, you can choose for yourself natural hair ponytail extension waving curly and your favorite length.

    c. Care for your hair thoroughly
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natural hair ponytail extension
How to care for your hair extension (Source: Internet)

If you do not know how to preserve your natural hair ponytail extension, surely the hair will quickly lose its natural and gets tangled. Therefore, you should simultaneously combine the care of both real hair and extensions.
When washing your hair, it is the best choice to use shampoo, conditioner, comb for wigs, especially do not use hot water and you should wash the wigs with cold water.
The extension should also be nourished with the necessary nutrients to ensure a good condition. Also, washing time depends on the frequency of use. If you regularly use wigs, you should wash them after a week.

d. Use natural hair ponytail extension with care
When styling the natural hair ponytail extension, you should be a little careful, because they are “fake” anyway, right? If the wig is wet, do not brush and dry it with the dryer, you should let them dry naturally. If doing so, the wig still retains the structure of the hair and is not damaged by heat or strong impact. Also, you should use hand wash to dry stains on the wig. Unfortunately, the wig can get dirty, so you can use hand wash or toothbrush to clean them.
When not using the wig, you should hang them on the racks to keep the hairstyles

The above is the guide about natural hair ponytail extension for you, which give you what it is, how to use and finally how to protect it. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to use your ponytail extension properly. Wishing you all the best.

SourceWholesale Hair Vendors – Virgin Hair Distributors/ Manufacturer – Hair Extensions Supplier

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