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Beautiful hair is the dream of many women In the world. Hair extensions are an awesome way to have great hair. To have more knowledge about the world of type hair extensions, we want to introduce you some amazing things about 12 inches curly weave kinky. Not only do we provide you some descriptions about 12 inches weave but we will also give you some advice about them

Hope you will be happy and enjoy this article. It is really really useful. We have reached many documents to have the best information for you. You will be not satisfied when reading it. If you want to find some hair extensions, you need to read the article. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s read it right now and give more meaningful sharing!

Descriptions of 12 inches curly weave kinky

12 inches curly weave
12 inches curly weave

What are the weaves?

Do you know about the hair weave? Let’s us show you. The hair weave is also called as weft hair. With the help of weaves, your hair will become thicker, longer and more gorgeous. They not only make the hair increase the volume and texture but they also soft, silky and shiny.

You can be confident to shine your light with the beautiful hair extensions. To help you have more information about the hair weave, we will introduce you to skin weft hair extensions and braid weft hair extensions.

Skin weft hair extensions

Skin weft hair extension is the great choice for you to choose. They have lots of advantages that make them unique and worthy. First, they are glued to the scalp perfectly to help cover the extensions.Therefore, it is really difficult to detect them. Skin weft hair is really brilliant, beautiful with invisible tapes. Additionally, they are lightweight and comfortable for you to wear them. Their price is bit dear but we think it is worth buying skin weft hair.

Braid weft hair extensions

Braid weft hair extensions are different from skin weft hair about the way to attach the extensions. First, it is necessary to braid your natural hair tightly to cover the whole scalp. Then the wefts of hair extensions are sewn into that braid natural hair skillfully. Braid weft hair extensions are commonly suitable for the thick or medium hair because thin hair isn’t thick enough for braiding and can be damaged by the wefts.

Weft hair can be used for a long time if you take care it suitably. They are used for special occasions and long use. They can be styled by the hairdressing tools such as permed, straighten, curled, etc…. To have the best result, you should use some wefts at the same time to cover the head totally.

Ivirgo hair is a big and reputational vendor. We provide a variety of hair types which are 100% real human hair. Especially, we supply hair weave. There are a variety of styles, color, and texture for you to choose. With the short and black hair, you totally have long black hair when using hair weaves.

Besides, there are lots of hair shapes that help you change your style regularly. such as straight weave hair, body wavy weave hair, deep curly weave hair, natural wavy weave hair, etc… Besides, they are still available in other shapes if you want.

Ivirgo hair only introduces the high-qualified products that are checked carefully. To have more detailed information, you should go visit our office at 403, Floor 4, 87 Tran Quoc Vuong Street, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam or call us to receive great sharing

12 inches curly weave
12 inches curly weave

Curly weaves

There are many shapes of weaves such as straight, wavy and curly weave hair. Each shape has a different beauty. Many young women choose curly weaves hair as a favorite choice because it makes them look very attractive, dynamic and healthy. We have some types for you to choose such as kinky curly, loose curly etc…You are comfortable to find out your favorite hairstyle. You can consult some sharings below to choose easily about your favorite types.

Kinky curly weaves

This hair type includes tighter curls with an amazing luster and high-qualified texture.If you love the thick and frizzy hair, it is the best choice for you. You will look so wonderful with the kinky curly weaves. They are usually naturally coiled hair and soft, fluffy, and beautiful. Kinky curly hair is good for blending with natural hair. However, they need to be moisturized regularly to maintain the good statement of hair.

Don’t try to straight the kinky curly weaves if you have the thinking. The hair has the curly texture and it is streamed and rolled. If you straight it, you can damage the hair extensions and loosen the curly texture. We advised you should take care it suitably. You should use sulfate-free shampoos to wash hair cleanly every 14 days. Use the conditioner regularly and use water to wash regularly.

This has a tighter curl with a low luster and coarse texture. A lower luster with coarse texture equates to a higher tendency to look frizzier. Looking frizzy is the very best characteristics of this hair. It will not be Tight Kinky without the frizzy! This is for avid kinky wearers, for those who love full and fabulous. Do not buy this hair and expect to tame it.

Loose curly weave

If you want to have silky yummy curl, you can make the dream come true by using loose curly weave. The hair has low luster and great qualify. It is soft, bright and silky enough to blend with most of the hair types. You should pay attention to washing it. Curly texture always come back after washing no matter how you style it.

Loose curly weave is 100% human hair with no tangle and full end. You will look very fabulous and attractive when wearing it. Especially, it can be dyed in many colors and be reusable. You can save a bit money for buy new one. The price of it depends on the length. The length of hair is exactly measured when they are in the straight statement. Therefore, you should know when selecting the proper curly weave.

12 inches curly weave kinky

To give you some meaningful sharing, we will introduce you simple details of 12 inches curly weave kinky. Let’s to discovery with us:

  • Length: 12 inches curly hair weave extensions (also considered as 30,48 cm)
  • Weight: 90 – 100g/a bundle (Depending on customers’ demand)
  • Grade: 100% Virgin Hair (The virgin hair is unprocessed chemically and not altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes)
  • Hair Weft: braid weft hair extensions and skin weft hair extensions
  • Smooth, silky, soft and gorgeous
  • Bright, shiny and attractive
  • Suitable for women who want to have short and fashionable hair.
  • Originated from Vietnam, Cambodian or Brazil
  • Lots of hair colors: black, brown, dark brown & light brown, etc…Can be bleached and dyed
  • You shouldn’t style it by hairdressing tools such as straightening, etc..
  • Hair texture: high quality with no nits, no lice or harmful insect
  • No shedding, free tangles, and full ends
  • Use for a long-term with proper care way
12 inches curly weave
12 inches curly weave

Ivirgo hair is proud of being the professional and reliable supplier, offers 100% real human hair and a variety of hair types. We always choose the donors carefully to make you feel safe when using our products. Nowadays, our company has a wide source of hair type: tape in hair, clip in hair, weave hair, sew in hair, lace, and frontal hair, etc.. The products are introduced on our website so you can click to find your favorite one.

The differences between 12 inches curly weave kinky and 12 inches clip in hair?

  • Similarity:

12 inches curly weave kinky and 12 inches clip in hair have some the same points below:

  • Hair texture: They are 100% real human hair, no synthetic, unprocessed chemical, no Shedding and Tangle Free
  • Hair quality: amazing, high and reliable. The extensions are silky, smooth and really bright.
  • Can be used for some special occasions and help the girl become more confident, gorgeous and attractive.
  • Both of them have 12 inches length and suitable for short hair or longer.
  • There are many suppliers that provide their product so you can buy easily.

We have shown you some information about the similarity of 12 inches curly hair weave and 12 inches clip in hair. Hope you see them useful for you. They have some same points but they have lots of different things. Now, we will introduce you some differences between 12 inches curly weaves kinky and 12 inches clip in hair

12 inches curly weaves kinky

  • Suitable for coarse, curly thick hair or medium hair
  • Amazing, high and invisible. They are very difficult to detect, lightweight so that you are comfortable when wearing them.
  • Smooth, shiny and really bright
  • Reusable, long lasting. You can save money to buy new curly weaves
  • High quality and worthy to buy
  • Not suitable for thin or fine hair
  • Not straight the hair or perm the hair because it can make the hair become weaken
  • Little pricey so that you need to have enough money to buy curly weave.
  • Need to visit hair salons regularly to maintain the good condition for the extensions. Experts advise that you should visit salons every 6 – 8 weeks
  • Need to take care it regularly to protect the hair.

12 inches clip in hair

  • Suitable for thin or fine hair
  • Install clip in hair easily and fast if you know how to apply it
  • Good from time to time if you take care it properly
  • Very useful for events, special occasions and use for a short time
  • They can be reusable many times
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Soft, brilliant, and shiny
  • Affordable price because of quick application and reused many times
  • Least damaging
  • You can change the style regularly with worrying about the damage
  • Not used widely for thick or medium hair
  • Need to take care regularly
  • Not good for someone who wears them to go to sleep or use them for a long time.

We have introduced you to some pros and cons of each type. They have different advantages and disadvantage. We advise you to choose 12 inches curly weave kinky hair because it can be used for a long time and worthy. It is so invisible that make people feel they come from the own scalp and reusable. It is cool, right?

12 inches curly weave
12 inch curly hair

Here is some meaningful information about 12 inches curly weave kinky. They are really great and make the women look more gorgeous. If you want to have beautiful curly hair, don’t hesitate anymore. 12 inches curly weaves kinky are the best choice for you. Ivirgo hair is glad to service you in the beauty way. To connect with us, please call at +84 968 509 490 to receive meaningful advice from us. We want to help all of you become more confident. Let’s go with us! Ivirgo hair always welcome you.


Gmail: ivirgohair@gmail.com

Phone(whatsapp, viber, Line, skype): +84 968 509 490

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivirgohair/

Hair Length

Hair length

Hair Care


  • Hair extensions should only be washed around 2-3 times per weeks
  • Using the proper products, purchasing shampoos and conditioners sulfate-free and alcohol-free products is a necessity
  • Storing hair extension in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

For color hair

  • DONOT use shampoo with SODIUM laurel sulfate (SLS)
  • Add dye to your conditioner
  • Turn down water temperature when shampooing
  • Use leave-in treatments to protect hair color when styling

For wavy and curly hair

  • Let hair run underwater until it is completely soaked then use shampoo
  • Use your hands to massage gently from bottom to top ( in order to keep your hairstyle last longer)
  • Once your hair is dry shake your roots for extra volume
  • Should put them naturally dry, avoid the dryer directly on hair
  • Should comb hair from bottom to the top and use specialized comb for hair extensions

Seller Guaretee

IVIRGO guarantees to provide to the customers high quality hair extension as their requests and orders.

All products be checked very minutely and carefully before out of factory.

In case of the customers are not happy, they can resolve the issue directly with supporter whom they bought from or can make a claim directly to hotline : +84968509490.

IVIRGO is always willing to resolve your case and accept Free Return & Exchange within 7 days receiving shipment with not-used hair extension.

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    1. Uri

      Can I use shampoo for this 12 inches curly weave kinky?

      • Leo

        Your this product. Thank you.

    2. Vivian

      I will try using 12 inches curly weave kinky after using 14 inches..

      • Leo

        Thank you. Hope you will be satisfactory.

    3. Zoey

      I have ordered. Looking forward to receiving the product

      • Leo

        Thank you for your order. Hope that our first handling of your order will bring you satisfaction.

    4. Xavia

      Can you show me some ways to take care of my 12 inches curly weave kinky?

      • Leo

        Wigs are like real hair. You need to take care of it carefully to keep the smoothness of the wig. You can refer to the following five ways to look after wigs:
        Clean the wig properly
        This is an indispensable principle when using a wig. Implants come in direct contact with the scalp, causing more sweat. If you do not clean your wig regularly, bacteria will cause itching or fungal infections. After using your 12 inches curly weave kinky 2-3 times, clean it.
        Troubleshoot for wigs
        After using your 12 inches curly weave kinky, it will be tangled. Spray for hair, divide the hair into small parts, brush comb from bottom to top to restrict the tangled and lumpy hair. Spray more into the tangled parts to easily troubleshoot, make hair more smooth. Brush, lightly trim the hair to natural hair and evenly.
        Protect your wig every time you use it
        To keep the wig always soft, floating as just bought at the store you need to do hair caing meticulously. The wig has a different texture than the real hair, so be sure to protect your wig whenever you go out. When walking on the road, or riding a motorcycle, you should put your hair in front of your chest to curb the wind and make your hair dry.
        Store hair after each use
        After use, spray and comb the hair, wrap the tail in the hair, wrap it with a net and store it in a nylon bag, tie. To keep the hair in order, it is advisable not to hang the hair outside, but to wrap the hair in the bag, forcing the air out because the wig comes in contact with the air, which also causes the hair to dry and tangled.
        Restore your 12 inches curly weave kinky when not in the fold
        Your curly wig bobbed after a period of using the lock of hair no longer in the fold like the original, then slap is inevitable. You can style with hairdressing tools.

    5. Tina

      Should I use synthetic hair or virgin hair? Is this virgin hair?

      • Leo

        Our hair is 100% virgin hair. About synthetic hair and virgin hair, you should choose based on the use and financial ability. Although virgin hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, virgin hair will provide the perfect look for the user. It looks so natural and like your real hair. In addition, virgin hair can also be used for styling, straightening or dyeing. If you want to buy a wig for just a few uses, you can also choose synthetic hair to save money. Thank you.

    6. Sarah

      If I use it for a while and then dye to change the hair color then okay?

      • Leo

        Of course. Our hair is virgin hair so it is possible to tolerate dyes. In addition, you can stretch or straighten your hair. However, like real hair, 12 inches curly weave kinky will be damaged if you style too

    7. Rena

      Does wearing 12 inches curly weave kinky make me look older than I am?

      • Leo

        No problem. Short hair will make you look young and active. Because it has the same curly hair, it makes you look sporty, especially when you mix it with sports clothes. Thank you.

    8. Oliver

      What color of 12 inches curly weave kinky should I choose?

      • Leo

        Hello. 12 inches curly weave kinky has many colors for you to choose. The choice of hair color depends a lot on your skin tone. For example, if your skin is a light tone, you can freely choose any color you like. Because a light tone matches all hair colors. With darker skin tone, you can choose warm, deep colors to make it look cool and make you look brighter. However, this is just a subjective opinion, you can be confident with any color you like. As you are, you will shine your own way. Thank you.

    9. Canary

      Does 12 inches curly weave kinky fit my round face?

      • Leo

        Yes sir. This hairstyle will make your face look slimmer. It also helps to cover defects on the face such as round cheek or face. With 12 inches curly weave kinky, you will become more luxurious and attractive. Thank you.

    10. Alma

      How long are 12 inches of hair?

      • Leo

        12 inches curly weave kinky touches the shoulders or under the shoulders a little. You can refer to the measurement of the length of the hair to the level of 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches and so on. Thank you.

    Question and Answer

    No comments yet

    I have thin curly hair. The hair makes me become unconfident and unattractive. I want to find some hair extensions type which is good and useful for me. Could you recommend me some choice?

    The thin hair is not the problems of only you. There are many people have this same problem. We advise you should choose curly weave hair because it has high quality and its wefts are really wonderful which are invisible and beautiful. There are a variety of curly weave hair for you such as 30 inches curly weave, 12 inches weaves, 24 inches weaves, etc….

    There are many methods you should follow to have healthy hair. First, you should clean your hair with sulfate-free shampoo once or twice per week. Besides, you should let the curly weave dry slowly and naturally. If you don’t have enough time, you can use the hair drying on the lowest power. You also remember to moisturize the extensions regularly with conditioners. It is necessary to ask hair expert before using any hair care products. Finally, it is good for you to fall asleep with a satin scaft. It is gentle on your hair and protects the hair very well.

    The length is exactly measured when pulled straight. Therefore, you need to pay attention to its length when buying it.