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If you’re interested in the hair extensions market, you have at least one of your favorite extensions. Some users often choose artificial hair extensions with synthetic materials as the main ingredients because they are low-cost. 

Yet, some users love natural-sourced hair provided by donors. This type has the same texture as natural hair, providing an aesthetic effect and high durability.

And Cambodian Natural Double-Drawn Machine Weft hair is that kind. If you are still trying to decide about the hair origin and actual quality, here is the information you can refer to.

Product Features Cambodian natural double drawn machine weft hair

Cambodian Natural Double-Drawn Machine Weft hair is one of Ivirgo Hair Factory’s most loved products. The natural color, wavy style, and adjustable length make it a hairstyle you should notice.


Cambodian Natural Double-Drawn Machine Weft hair is made entirely from natural hair, without any chemical or heat treatment. Therefore, the texture or color of the hair is intact and not too much different from natural hair.

If you love the simple style and East Asia beauty, you will love our natural black, dark brown color.

This hair color is relatively uniform and completely natural, promising to be suitable for many different needs.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can also bleach and dye your hair. Our natural hair extensions are entirely resistant to heat and chemicals. Even our natural black hair color supports coloration quite accurately.

Another impressive advantage only in Cambodian Natural Double-Drawn Machine Weft hair is that after many bleaching and dyeing, our hair extensions retain their shine and softness. 

With natural hair, you certainly won’t get this pretty commendable experience.


We offer curls in lengths from 6 inches to 32 inches. With each use need, you will choose the best suits you.

For example, if you have natural hair that is not too long and do not have a variety of styling needs, a 6-inch extension will be a good choice for the budget.

Meanwhile, if you often style like curls or cut hair, look for hair types of 22 – 32 inches.

With most hair extensions 22 inches or more in length, you may feel uncomfortable using them. It is pretty heavy, putting pressure on your natural hair.

However, with Cambodian Natural Double-Drawn Machine Weft hair, you will have the best user experience regardless of the length you choose because our products are high quality, soft, and light in weight. 

When using hair extensions, you will have the most natural feeling.


We use natural hair donated by Cambodian people to create this hair extension.

Cambodian hair is undoubtedly no longer strange to anyone interested in hair extensions. 

Cambodians often use only a few chemicals or styles with their hair. Hence, the country’s hair is quite strong and can undergo bleaching and dyeing many times.


Cambodian hair is famous for its thickness and light curly style. The thick cuticle allows you to do all the techniques, from dyeing to curling and drying.

In addition, the natural curly style of the hair is also quite aesthetically pleasing. You don’t need to style it and still get a trendy look.


If you have never used Cambodian Natural Double-Drawn Machine Weft hair before, you may have doubts about its applicability.

However, this is an option you can use every day and on special occasions.

Its natural black color and slightly curly look match a variety of styles.

You can directly use our hair extensions; no need to go through complicated styling steps, but you can still be confident with your appearance.

If you want to refresh yourself, you don’t have to invest in another hair extension.

Instead, try curling, straightening, and dyeing your hair. These effects do not damage our hair extensions. After the styling process, you will surely be amazed at your new look.

FAQs Cambodian natural double drawn machine weft hair

In addition to issues related to color, length, and material matters, you may have many questions about Cambodian Natural Double-Drawn Machine Weft hair. Here are some answers you can refer to.

Is Cambodian hair good?

Cambodian hair is one of the best quality options you can choose from. It has a reasonably thick, glossy texture that supports freestyle styling. 

This type promises to conquer even the most demanding users.

How long could Cambodian hair last? 

The best quality Cambodian hair extensions can last for more than a year. If you know how to store and care for your hair properly, the shelf life of this hair extension can be even higher.

Where to find the best Cambodian hair wholesale?

You can find wholesale Cambodian hair extensions on websites. However, you should thoroughly research the suppliers before placing an order.

Ivirgo Hair Factory is one of the most trusted hair extension suppliers. We are committed to bringing high-quality products at attractive prices. Our shipping and customer care service won’t let you down, either.


Above are some points about Cambodian Natural Double-Drawn Machine Weft hair. Hopefully, through sharing in the article, you understand more about this hair type and will soon make your own decision.


Hair Length

Hair length

Hair Care


  • Hair extensions should only be washed around 2-3 times per weeks
  • Using the proper products, purchasing shampoos and conditioners sulfate-free and alcohol-free products is a necessity
  • Storing hair extension in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

For color hair

  • DONOT use shampoo with SODIUM laurel sulfate (SLS)
  • Add dye to your conditioner
  • Turn down water temperature when shampooing
  • Use leave-in treatments to protect hair color when styling

For wavy and curly hair

  • Let hair run underwater until it is completely soaked then use shampoo
  • Use your hands to massage gently from bottom to top ( in order to keep your hairstyle last longer)
  • Once your hair is dry shake your roots for extra volume
  • Should put them naturally dry, avoid the dryer directly on hair
  • Should comb hair from bottom to the top and use specialized comb for hair extensions

Seller Guaretee

IVIRGO guarantees to provide to the customers high quality hair extension as their requests and orders.

All products be checked very minutely and carefully before out of factory.

In case of the customers are not happy, they can resolve the issue directly with supporter whom they bought from or can make a claim directly to hotline : +84968509490.

IVIRGO is always willing to resolve your case and accept Free Return & Exchange within 7 days receiving shipment with not-used hair extension.

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