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For a long time, hair extensions have become an integrated part of beauty care. In addition to covering imperfections, these products add an elegant and vibrant appearance at home or outside. 

Among hundreds of extension types, Vietnamese deep curly gray weft hair might outrank other hair extension types thanks to its unique design and texture, attracting others’ attention quickly.

This post will unveil Vietnamese deep curly gray weft hair’s success and answer all the questions relating to it!

Product Features

At Ivirgo Hair Factory, we ensure to provide all hair extensions available on the market, which help us become a famous hair salon. Vietnamese deep curly weft hair has contributed to building up our reputation.

Once you choose our store for this hair extension type, our professional hair stylists are always willing to give you detailed instructions to help you maintain it properly. Let’s read the post more carefully to make a wise purchase decision!


If you are interested in natural hair extensions, you might have heard of Vietnamese extensions. This extension type is reputable for its natural texture and durability. 

Vietnamese extensions deliver a silky and soft texture, allowing customers to redesign and color the extensions without worrying about hair damage.

Vietnamese hair extensions haven’t been chemically treated or heated in any way, so you can rest assured of the cuticle layers’ quantity and quality. 

Mountainous area Vietnamese women care a lot about their hair health and avoid consuming unhealthy products. Besides, they take care of their hair with natural products, including holy basil, locust, and skin pomelo.

Hair Length

Our hair salon provides various lengths ranging from 6 to 32 inches depending on specific needs and hairstyle. 

If you are looking for a versatile hair extension length, consider choosing 20 inches products as it has enough length to redesign any hairstyle without worrying about your hair extension being too short.

Hair extensions of 10 to 12 inches are ideal for those looking for a neat and simple hairstyle. These extensions allow you to redesign your natural hair with a bob or pixie haircut.


Hairstyle is the selling point of our products as they deliver a unique and charming appearance. The curly texture combined with shoulder length or longer will add more layers and volume to your natural hair. 

Vietnamese deep curly hair extensions refer to an extension type that has much tighter curls compared to conventional curly extensions. 

If you have an oblong face, I recommend this hair extension type as a perfect solution to cover imperfections since it minimizes your face’s length while making it more balanced. 

In addition, deep curly hair extensions accentuate your facial features by flattering the gorgeous cheekbones. If you are seeking other hairstyles, don’t hesitate to consult our hair stylist’s advice to have the desired hairstyle.

Hair Structure

Generally, Vietnamese hair extensions are collected from women aged 18 to 30 from hilly regions. They have made a stable income for many years by selling your natural hair to hair extension manufacturers.

Vietnamese hair extension is classified as high-class as its structure is typically soft and silky than other natural hair from regions such as Cambodia and Thailand. 

Besides, it can withstand heat exposure and chemical treatment, protecting your natural hair from ambient impacts effectively during usage. Therefore, you are less likely to encounter hair loss and breakage problems.


How Long Do Deep Curly Hair Extensions Last?

Depending on customers’ hair care routine, deep curly hair extensions can last for six months to two years. Professional hair stylists suggest using deep conditioners, oil, and stain store bags after washing the curly extensions.

Can You Wash Curly Hair Extensions?

Absolutely! However, it would be best if you washed curly extensions properly. To start with, you should fill your sink with warm water and a few drops of supplemental hair products. 

Consider starting from the hair’s root and gradually covering the extension’s surface with shampoo. You should use sulfate-free products to avoid dry hair and tangling problems.

Can Curly Hair Extensions Be Straightened?

You can straighten the deep curly hair extension so that your extensions are free from knots and tangles. With a straightener, hairdressers can straighten curly hair within minutes.

However, it would help if you used a heat protector for your extensions as the high temperature from the straightener will degrade the extension quality immediately.


Vietnamese deep curly gray weft hair guarantees to bring you a fashionable hairstyle and confident look. Thanks to the information shared in this post from Ivirgo Hair Factory, you’ll have a better overview of Vietnamese deep curly hair.

Thank you for reading!

Hair Length

Hair length

Hair Care


  • Hair extensions should only be washed around 2-3 times per weeks
  • Using the proper products, purchasing shampoos and conditioners sulfate-free and alcohol-free products is a necessity
  • Storing hair extension in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

For color hair

  • DONOT use shampoo with SODIUM laurel sulfate (SLS)
  • Add dye to your conditioner
  • Turn down water temperature when shampooing
  • Use leave-in treatments to protect hair color when styling

For wavy and curly hair

  • Let hair run underwater until it is completely soaked then use shampoo
  • Use your hands to massage gently from bottom to top ( in order to keep your hairstyle last longer)
  • Once your hair is dry shake your roots for extra volume
  • Should put them naturally dry, avoid the dryer directly on hair
  • Should comb hair from bottom to the top and use specialized comb for hair extensions

Seller Guaretee

IVIRGO guarantees to provide to the customers high quality hair extension as their requests and orders.

All products be checked very minutely and carefully before out of factory.

In case of the customers are not happy, they can resolve the issue directly with supporter whom they bought from or can make a claim directly to hotline : +84968509490.

IVIRGO is always willing to resolve your case and accept Free Return & Exchange within 7 days receiving shipment with not-used hair extension.

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