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Curly hair after do not care properly will be very bad, no curls as beautiful as the new finish. Especially with the hair substance and not eat ‘drug’ will easily lose curl, bloating. So you need to know the secret from Vietnamese hair suppliers to keep your curly hair beautiful:

Curly hair is a large bob or small striking impressive can bring to the soft appearance, more graceful. And if you are used to straight hair for years, changing with curly hair is no different than the “new statement” for your more mature, seductive style.

Because of this, this hairstyle is always the first choice for every occasion of Lunar New Year, because it will create a new look, but still charming and sweet to the owner. However, there were many ladies who had gotten tired of seeing their wavy, curly curls disappearing right after the first shampoo. Obviously, it is difficult to make curly hair, it is always beautiful, sleek as the new work … more difficult.

Vietnamese hair suppliers
Body Wavy Super Double Drawn Weft

Vietnamese hair suppliers advice to stay away from machines:

On important occasions or when needed with a smooth haircut, the curly haired girl often comes to the aid of a machine or press. These machines give you instant, smooth hair, but at the same time make your hair weak, which can lead to breakage due to the heat they compress on the hair. To begin taking care of a healthy hair, the first thing you need to do is to bye bye the hairdressers using this type of electric heater. Besides, you spent a lot of money on a new hairstyle, how did you change it?

  • Do not overheat

If you are drying at home, you should not choose high heat but rather choose moderate heat. You should not dry it until the hair is still moist (about 30% moisture). After drying, use your hands to squeeze the curls into the folds.

Vietnam hair suppliers said that: shampoos should be moisturized

After bending, the bending agent causes the hair to become dry, so you need to use a moisturizing shampoo to help balance the natural moisture of the hair. Imagine that your hair, as well as your skin, needs to be moisturized and sunblocked every day.

Vietnamese hair suppliers
Body Wavy Super Double Drawn Weft
  •  Limit the use of hair shades

Unlike moisturizing hair, hair shampoos will be very easy to dust, so it is recommended to limit the use of oil because this oil will increase the dust off the hair, making the hair easy to fiber, dry, fast. Also, using a shampoo is like using a conditioner, it should be about 4cm away from the scalp otherwise it will cause a scalp.

  • Wipe the hair properly

After shampooing, apply a mild towel to your hair, do not rub your hair, rub your hair because doing so will mess up your hair and dry your hair. Do not sweat the hair out of the water as it will do the hair. The best way is to use a towel and squeeze the hair. When combing hair, use a wide tooth comb.

Vietnamese hair suppliers
Body Wavy Super Double Drawn Weft

Want to keep your hair long, Vietnamese hair suppliers can add styling products:

Vietnam hair factory said gels, waxes, soft creams are styling products for bending hair. However, you need to know how to use these new products bring optimal efficiency.

Gel is used for styling, especially with short hairs, small curls to help hair is not ruffled. The advantage of the gel is that it makes the hair straight, keeping the curls in shape. However, the disadvantage of the gel is to make the hair brittle. In particular, after using the gel should not wear a helmet because the hat breaks the hairstyle you just created.

Wax is often used to style short hair, especially male hairstyles. Wax does not harden the hair but creates plasticity. After using the wax, you can still wear a helmet, because even if the hat breaks the hairstyle that you just created, you can still create it by using your hair.

Soft cream is often used for long, curly hair to create a natural look for the hair. Product styling at any time is something to pay attention. If you are cold, you need to style it from wet hair (about 70-80% moisture) to work. If you are hot, you should create a style when the hair is wet, styling when the hair is wet, the hair will quickly dirty.

  • Should be steamed weekly

After bending, in the first 4 weeks, it should be brewed twice a week, once for 5-10 minutes to balance the natural moisture of the hair, because the hair after bending is usually dry by the action of heat and chemicals (medicine curling). Then, once a week.

How to keep the hair of Vietnamese hair suppliers:

Your hair will bend very quickly if you do not know how to hold the hair. There are following ways to keep you in shape:

  • When drying hair with a round brush to brush hair into comb and drying.

After the hair is dry, it should be rolled up and then high up, after a few hours the curly hair is very beautiful and floating.

  • Use a lot of hair rolls, which can be done daily while you are relaxing watching TV or reading a beautiful combination.
  • New hair before bed, light hair will leave you will have a natural curly hair.

Also, keep in mind the following:

  • Do not stroke hair, raking hair is prone to ruffles and folds.
  • Night sleep does not over the hair.
  • Do not let your hair fly in the wind while walking in the street.

Ivirgohair is one of the Vietnam hair suppliers is very prestigious. We specializes in supplying the Vietnamese hair with a wholesale price list.

I am Daisy, a sale manager of Ivirgohair company.

Hair Length

Hair length

Hair Care


  • Hair extensions should only be washed around 2-3 times per weeks
  • Using the proper products, purchasing shampoos and conditioners sulfate-free and alcohol-free products is a necessity
  • Storing hair extension in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

For color hair

  • DONOT use shampoo with SODIUM laurel sulfate (SLS)
  • Add dye to your conditioner
  • Turn down water temperature when shampooing
  • Use leave-in treatments to protect hair color when styling

For wavy and curly hair

  • Let hair run underwater until it is completely soaked then use shampoo
  • Use your hands to massage gently from bottom to top ( in order to keep your hairstyle last longer)
  • Once your hair is dry shake your roots for extra volume
  • Should put them naturally dry, avoid the dryer directly on hair
  • Should comb hair from bottom to the top and use specialized comb for hair extensions

Seller Guaretee

IVIRGO guarantees to provide to the customers high quality hair extension as their requests and orders.

All products be checked very minutely and carefully before out of factory.

In case of the customers are not happy, they can resolve the issue directly with supporter whom they bought from or can make a claim directly to hotline : +84968509490.

IVIRGO is always willing to resolve your case and accept Free Return & Exchange within 7 days receiving shipment with not-used hair extension.

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