Top professional hairstyles for men that you may don’t know

Like the women, hairstyles are interesting to men. Because they want to become attractive with the girls as become chic and elegant among the colleague. There are plenty of professional hairstyles for men that are stylish and appropriate for both work and ordinary life. Here are hot trend hairstyles that many men usually choose to appear in front of the crowd or go to office. You can refer some hairstyles follows:

Classic taper haircut – Professional hairstyles for men

Classic taper haircut is one of the most popular traditional hairstyles for men . You can choose any classic haircut for themselves because it is an attractive style that is perfect for any job. Therefore, men can also go to the parties or go to work, even meet friends without afraid of your hairstyle.

This hairstyle is suitable to the different face shapes and easy to get. If you choose classic taper haircut, you can change the length of your hair to your liking.

As you know, there are many variations of classic taper haircut that are tapered sides with long comb over, tapered side part, low taper fade with angular fringe and beard, quiff with short tapered hair,…

We sure that men will be self-confident on any occasions with this hairstyle. However, there are many choices for you, you should consider the appropriate hairstyle for yourself.

professional hairstyles for men

professional hairstyles for men
Tapered sides with long comb over

This is one of the most popular cuts from the comb over hairstyle that is very manly and stylish. With a few hairs falling off the forehead is a highlight that is attractive to girls.

professional hairstyles for men
Tapered side part

Tapered side part is a hairstyle that makes men become neat and chic. This hairstyle is very easy to get, you can go to the salon to cut hair every month. Beside this hairstyle help you to become more active and personal.

Pompadour hairstyles

Pompadour is one of the most favourite hairstyles for men, especially mature men (from 30 to 40 years old). This professional hairstyle was originally intended for women that was named from the name off the mistress of Louis XV , Madame de Pompadour .

After that, this hairstyle was adapted for men and became popular hairstyle until now. In spite of its feminine beginnings, this hairstyle has been gradually known as men’s professional haircuts and is used widely.

professional hairstyles for men

The understanding features of this hairstyle are short hair on the back and sides and long hair on top . With this hairstyle, look you seem taller and more elegant when you appear in front of the women. Pompadour is one of professional men’s haircuts in order to crown masculine for men. Therefore, you will be self-confident to go along with girlfriends. Beside, this hairstyle is appropriate for any face and you can also easily combine the clothes for occasions.

professional hairstyles for men
Curly Pompadour

Curly pompadour is a variation of pompadour hairstyle. You want to combine classic pompadour hairstyle and curly hair, so curly pompadour is professional hairstyle you should choose. You can curl hair on top to become more stylish and personal.

professional hairstyles for men
Pompadour + undercut

This hairstyle is not strange for us in cutting hair . Men usually choose this hairstyle to express their personal that is so cool and fashionable. Because of the combination pompadour and undercut, you are not only chic but also personal.

However, this hairstyle is suitable for men who has ages from 20 to 30 years old. Because this hairstyle help you more young and active, it is not suitable to businessmen.

You also need to use gel hair regularly to keep your hair floating. With this professional hairstyles men, you don’t worry about hairstyle when you meet girlfriends, colleagues or even go to the office.

Long hairstyle for men

professional hairstyles for men
Professional hairstyles for men

Long hairstyle is a great choice for men with beard, it look very artistic. Some men don’t like short hair, they want to keep beard so short hair is not their choice.

Long hairstyle and beard help them manly and stylish. Commonly, the artists who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby will find this hairstyle to become more personal.

With long hair, you also need to take care of your hair so that your hair is not tangled. And you should go to the salon regularly, the hair stylist will help you to make hairdos.

Hairstyle for black men

If you are black men, don’t worry about your hairstyles. There are plenty of hairstyles for black men, you can refer some hairstyles as belows.

professional hairstyles for men
Line up haircut

Line up haircut is a popular hairstyle for black men. It looks very chic and neat, men can choose this hairstyle to give impression in front of the others.

professional hairstyles for men
Twisted curls

Twisted curls will make you handsome, therefore you can score easily with girls. This hairstyle make you look strong and healthy.

professional hairstyles for men
Short clean cut

This is one of the most professional hairstyles for black men. This hairstyle is very easy to get and help you more self-confident.

Natural slicked back haircut

How do you think about this hairstyle? It look so cute, right? You are very handsome with this hairstyle. It look very natural, you can meet friends, especially lover without afraid of your hairstyle.

professional hairstyles for men
Professional hairstyles for men

Cool long hairstyle

If you think men never keep long hairstyle, you are getting wrong. Some men like long hairstyle and they can keep their hair long to create hairdos. There are many long hairstyle for men that look cool and artistic.

With long hair, you need to use a bun to tie the hair. Beside, you can put beard to combine with this hairstyle. As you know, long hairstyles or short hairstyles are your choice. You can try different hairstyles to find appropriate style for yourself.

professional hairstyles for men
Long hairstyle and bun

Medium haircut for men

How about medium hair? You don’t like long hair as short hair, this medium haircut is a good option for you.

professional hairstyles for men
Professional hairstyles for men
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