Top 8 professional hairstyles for women to appear classier

It is the case that do not judge a book by its cover; however, if we know how to improve that cover, why not try on new styles and be gorgeous in others’eyes. Aforementioned cover must include hair – the reflection of our identity. Especially for women, choosing a hairstyle is a time-consuming process that requires lots of efforts and consideration. In order for beauties not to worry too much whenever standing in front of the mirror or desiring to have a better or a new look, this is the list of 8 professional hairstyles for women that you may be interested in. Explore here!

Before digging deep into the analysis of each hairstyle, I want you guys to understand the word “professional” in the title. By professional, I mean hairstyles for modern women who take a myriad of responsibilities on her shoulders, including house stuff and work. Professional hairstyles enable you to become a well-balanced individual.

In the bustle and hustle of life, modern women seem to forget to care for themselves but work requires you to be perfect all the times. However, the daily rush does not leave you time for an elaborate and intricate hairdo. Therefore, you need a stylish, albeit quick fix for you everyday hair and following 8 professional hairstyles for women are born to be with you!

Bob with side bangs

professional hairstyles for women

Bob is always among the top A-list of classy office hairstyles. It is regarded as the favorite one of celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. To style and fix quickly your hair as famous people, just make a parting on the right side and be sure to let your pretty bangs in front.


professional hairstyles for women

Although you are having shoulder-long hair or bob, you are a deep wave lover as Beyonce, ponytail hairstyle still makes you be outstanding and cool, especially in scorching days. It also brings c and energy to office women. You can choose high ponytails if you follow sporty chic or have an edged appearance. Low ponytails are suitable for those who desire to possess luxurious look, feminine and fairytale style.

To achieve an elegant touch, pull a part of your hair backward from pony tail and wrap it around to hide your hair tie, securing with a bobby pin.

Keep it short naturally

professional hairstyles for women

Gone are the days that women had to keep their hair long all the times. Professional hairstyles for women definitely include short gorgeous hair. Shorter sides and a bit longer top is a perfect combination to minimize maintenance and lend its wearer a unique and edgy appeal.

However, to keep hair short like the woman in the picture, be sure that your hair is fine enough. Be short, be neat.

Updo hairstyle

professional hairstyles for women

When it comes to professional hairstyles for women, it will be a big miss if I do not mention updos, specifically swept back bun updos. To keep your hair away from your bright face but still get a sleek and stylish look, you just need to brush your hair backwards and secure it into a neat bun.

It could be more fashionable if your hair is more textured (a bit wavy and curly). This updo hairstyle goes well with suits or formal dresses.

Pretty Pixie – Professional hairstyles for women

professional hairstyles for womensier

Pixie cuts were popular first in the 1950s and it is reviving spectacularly to be among top professional hairstyles for women at work. It is simple because you only need to keep your hair short on the back and sides of the head while slightly longer on top is achieved. It is a variant of crop also.

It can be seen that pixie is universal classic style for women of all ages and occupations.

Braid hairstyles

professional hairstyles for women

It will not be exaggerated if I say braids are growing up with school girls. Braids bring naive beauty and purity. However, it does not mean braids are only born to be with girls. If you are skillful at braiding, why not wear braided hair to look girly, which reduces stressful atmostphere in office.

One side braids are a match in heaven with girly or mannered clothing items while two-side braids are likely to go well with sporty and healthy stuff.

Center Parted Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

professional hairstyles for women

If you are blessed with wavy texture, sexy blonde wavy hair is for you to look super-glamorous and natural-looking. Long layers of hair should be tapered into textured wispy tips. With the help of a hair curler, you can easily get it at home in few minutes.

Create an off-centre parting then frame it by shorter strands and flatter with softly styled loose waves. Back combing is needed to add a touch of extra volume. In the picture, you can see how natural it is and why it is listed out in professional hairstyles for women.

Side bun

professional hairstyles for women

From my point of view, side bun is a fun but worth trying hairstyle. It looks more informal than its aforementioned counterparts but I am sure that it helps you to achieve a new appearance that others cannot stop admiring.

You can also try side bun while your hair is naturally wavy or is perfectly braided. It is better if you leave your side bun just at the nape of your neck. As it adds some spunk to your hairstyles, it is among hi-end and professional hairstyles for women. You can get help or advice from hair stylist to get your desired look for the first time you try it.

So, this is the end of our article about 8 great and professional hairstyles for women. The final tip is to take good care of your hair then you can try any style of 8 above choices. I sincerely hope that you do not need to be worried about wasting much time on choosing a suitable hairstyle for work. Now, it’s time for you to blossom and enjoy yourself.

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