Secret superstars never reveal – Pros and cons of Hair extensions!

You watch TV and whisper in jealous to yourself how lustrous and gorgeous celebrities’ hair is. Every time sleeping, you dream that you would have a long and luscious hair by the time you wake up tomorrow morning! I am sure you used to wish your hair would be as beautiful as Hollywood superstars and you must have ever tried so hard to find out their beauty secret. Surprisingly, I am going to bring you a good news that no envy anymore because they’re probably extensions. Here’s the thing – Pros and cons of Hair extensions, of course!

You can get beautiful long hair within a few hours without spending such a lot of time and effort growing it yourself. You wonder why? And the answer is?  You can totally fulfill your big dream with hair extensions. However, you worry about your quick decision, so here I am to solve your problem. My following sharings will tell you more in detailed, which helps you reach a right choice for conquering your desire!

pros and cons of hair extensions
What is hair extensions?

What Are Hair Extensions?

Common definition of hair extensions

According to the dictionary, hair extension is a synthetic swatch of hair which is attached to make a longer, fuller, unique hairstyle. It is also known as hair integrations because it combines with your real hair and brings a harmonious beauty, which makes you more confident and blithe.

Classifications – Pros and cons of extensions

People often divide hair extension into 2 types, which are natural hair and synthetic hair. Virgin natural hair extensions are the best type and they cost much more expensive than any other types as the cuticle of the natural hair is preserved and all the hair runs in one direction, which brings the most natural look.

Besides, if you are tight on your budget, synthetic hair extensions can a reasonable choice. However, you have to take it into consideration that they are not great for heat styling, so synthetic extensions are only good for anyone who wants a temporary change in style. Moreover, they do not require as much maintenance as natural hair extensions do but they will never satisfy your beauty desire, you should think it over.

When you need hair extensions?

One part of my pros and cons of hair extensions sharing is the time you need to use it. If you have hair that is only 2 or 3 longer than the last time you cut it, you wait for such a long time but your hair is just like betraying your expectation, so it is time you got hair extensions.

What interesting things you can do with hair extensions?

When you get hair extension, you can freely choose any cool styles for your new hair. For example, you can have them braided, glued or woven in, or if you only want them super-temporarily, you can clip and tie them in as well. More exciting, you can be freely creative with a plenty of colors you are keen on, so you can match your current hair with some interesting highlighting or lowlighting effect of color you like.

Pros and cons of hair extensions


You can have the full head of beautiful strong hair you used to dream of

Having naturally thin hair is not your fault. You totally have the right to dream of a lustrous and thick hair. So luckily, your dream will come true with the appearance of hair extensions. Within a short time, you can own a full head of smooth hair, which is as beautiful as any superstars’ hair you have ever seen.

pros and cons of hair extensions
Pros and cons of hair extensions

No matter how long your hair is, maintenance is required less: you are too tired of taking care of your long hair that touches your butt, you have to wash, dry and untangle your long hair every day.  Moreover, you want to change yourself with a lot of cool styles but you scare of your weak hair. You must know that sometimes less is more and hair extensions let you pick and choose whenever you want more.

More style options: with hair extensions, you will not be afraid of hair damage after many times changing the hairstyle. That is the reason why you can easily catch up with hot trends you are interested in such as side-braid, low, curly ponytail, deep wavy, ruffled hair and half-updos. These are some cool looks that you just can’t pull off without a little extra leverage.

No one can realize your wearing hair extensions with the right application. Nowadays, with high technology products, you do not have to be afraid of the fake look because your new hair after extension will look like 90 percent genuine. No worries anymore, no one can find out you are wearing hair extensions.

Some drawbacks you must be aware of – Pros and cons of hair extensions

Extensively expensive  high quality hair extensions often cost you a big deal of money, it can be up to hundreds and thousands dollars to get the hair, installation, cut, and maintenance, depending on how much money you have, how much hair extensions you want to get, how they are attached to your real hair, and which type and grade of hair you use. It is easy to understand that you must suffer to be beautiful… and so must your wallets.

If you have never worn hair extensions it will take a few days to get used to! You need to adapt to everything, and hair extensions are not exceptional. It usually takes time and makes you annoyed a lot before you get used to your new hair. For instance, your head can feel heavier for 1-3 days if you are new to hair extensions.

Tell-tail extensions – Oops! The whole point of having extensions is to trick people into thinking you have naturally long hair. However, nothing is perfect; there are always troubles around your hair extensions. If you do not prepare your hair carefully, it is more likely that there will be nothing more mortifying than going out in public with an obvious hair clips or extension gap. You do not know how many bad things can happen anytime when you’re new to the wonderful world of weaves and you have not managed to take it under control. For instance, you can easily let visible clips, dramatic volume change, and mismatching hues out, which are a few embarrassing mistakes extension users can make.

Today, Hair extensions become popular to all of the women around the world. However, the fair sex should consider carefully the pros and cons of hair extensions so as to get a right decision. That is common advice for every woman: before you decide to use up all your money for some new extensions, you have to think it over and over to make sure you are ready and willing to pull it off! I hope my sharing about the pros and cons of hair extensions will help you get a better choice for yourself. Finally, I recommend you our high-quality human hair from Ivirgo Hair – Investment And Commerce Joint Stock Company and I believe that you will be absolutely satisfied with our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I wonder that what materials are the extensions made from?

A: The extensions are divided into 2 types. The first one is hair extensions made from human hair which can be treated as your own natural hair like dyeing, styling, washing, drying… The second one is hair extensions made from synthetic hair are pretty sensitive to the sun. You will not be able to treat them as your natural hair so you can not style or easily blend with your current hair and keep them as long as the first type.

Q: Are they synthetic or 100% – cambodian human hair? Human hair is more expensive than synthetic counterparts.

A: The extensions are divided into 2 types. The first one is hair extensions made from human hair which can be treated as your own natural hair like dyeing, styling, washing, drying… The second one is hair extensions made from synthetic hair are pretty sensitive to the sun. You will not be able to treat them as your natural hair so you can not style or easily blend with your current hair and keep them as long as the first type.

Human hair is much more expensive than synthetic hair and virgin hair is the most expensive grade of human hair extensions.

Q: Can you choose from a variety of weights and densities?

A: Yes, of course. There is a wide range of weight and densities for hair extensions, which depends on your taste of hair and your financial ability. If you want to be consulted more, we are willing to advise you which is the best suitable for you.

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