Hot Topic of The Day: Rihanna With No Makeup! Have You Ever Seen

I truly believe that the name “Rihanna” is so popular with music lovers all around the world. Robyn Rihanna Fenty also known as Rihanna is well known as a hit maker with a lot of world-famous songs as well as her unique style in music.

Furthermore, Rihanna is also famous for becoming a icon of fashion. She always proves that she is a real fashionista with her amazing taste of fashion. And like an ordinary person, sometimes, she would like to appear without makeup.

So, I am wondering if you have ever seen Rihanna no makeup? If you have not, check this post to see how she looks without the aid of makeup stuff.

Rihanna with makeup

First of all, for people who do not know who this great singer is, I am going to show you how she look with makeup. Here are some examples!

In events

No matter what events are, she always knows how to shine and make herself stand out in front of the crowd. There were many times she even stole the spotlight of other celebrities and became the most remarkable person that days.

Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna participated in an event (Source: Internet)

You may wonder why I said she is a chic icon. The reason does not only result from how she choose and wear her unique and gorgeous outfits but it also results from the way she applies her makeup style. It is so impressive and bold. As you can see, apparently she is so into smokey makeup style which makes her look strong but still fabulous and gorgeous. Look at this following pictures to see more!

Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna’s appearance with makeup (Source: Internet)
Rihanna no makeup
The blue sexy lips makes her look really cool (Source: Internet)
Rihanna no makeup
Another attractive image of Rihanna putting on makeup (Source: Internet)

Rihanna no makeup

Now, let’s have a look at how the owner of the hit song “Umbrella” looks without putting on any makeup paying attention to these precious following photos that you may have never seen.

Rihanna with no makeup or weave

Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna with bare face and short hair (Source: Internet)

I believe that the image of short hair Rihanna is not really familiar to many people. With the aid of short hair, she brought people a new image of strong woman. She also showed her real beauty with her beautiful bare face.

The queen of street styles

Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna was signing the autograph on street (Source: Internet)

In this picture, you can see she just wore a loose grey T-Shirt with a sling bag when she went out. Besides, she did not style her hair. She just let it open instead. Sporting black nail polish, she helped people to understand what the casual chic look means. And of course, she did not put on any makeup on her face, but somehow, she still looks so stunning.

Rihanna with soft curly hair

If you are wondering how Rihanna no makeup looks, here is what you need to find:

Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna’s bare face (Source: Internet)

To most of women in the world, showing their bare faces when going out is something impossible. Although they still look good without the aid of makeup stuff, they do not have the confidence to hang out with no makeup. However, Rihanna is an exception. Not only did she still look good without makeup, but she also showed that how confident and comfortable she was when going outside with her bare face. She really did not care about keeping her image or anything else even though she is a famous person.

The “off to bed” look

Rihanna no makeup
How does Rihanna look before sleeping? (Source: Internet)

Once our fabulous singer posted picture of herself before going off to bed. She removed all her makeup layers and took a selfie for her fans. Unsurprisingly, a lot of fans and even non-fans all around the world left thousands of comments about how beautiful she was with no makeup.

The tattoo show

Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna showed off her tattoo (Source: Internet)

Another time when Rihanna posted a picture of herself on the social network to aim at showing off her tattoo. However, what really made everyone surprise and admire is her flawless bare face.

More selfie photos

Here are some more images of Rihanna without makeup that she posted on different social networks. Certainly, in these pictures, she did not put on any makeup.

Rihanna no makeup
A cute image of Rihanna (Source: Internet)
Rihanna no makeup
She was trying to pretend to cry? (Source: Internet)
Rihanna no makeup
Makeup-free (Source: Internet)
Rihanna no makeup
Let’s go swimming! (Source: Internet)
Rihanna no makeup
An adorable picture with her baby niece (Source: Internet)

The hottest woman

Rihanna no makeup
Can you recognize Rihanna in this photo? (Source: Internet)

If you can say one word, what will you say after seeing the above picture? To me, I said “Wow!”. How could she still look fabulous while eating? Through the way she ate and her no makeup face, it seems that she wanted to show her real personality to people. How cool she was!

Sexy woman

Rihanna no makeup
Rihanna no makeup (Source: Internet)

In the picture, she was sporting her casual clothes and makeup-free appearance. The way she chose what to wear is not really remarkable, but it still helped her to show off her wonderful body as well as her daily image. That is why you can see she looked so fresh and hot in this photos.

Rihanna’s tips

Have you ever thought about how Rihanna with no makeup looked so wonderful? In my opinion, one of the reason results from her daily skin care routine. Only when you have beautiful skin can you have a beautiful bare face. So now, I am going to introduce the secret of Rihanna daily skin care routine.

Rihanna no makeup
Are you curious about Rihanna skin care tips? (Source: Internet)

To her, the key to have flawless skin is hydration. Her skin care routine consists of removing makeup layer, washing her face and applying moisturizer. Furthermore, she always tries to drink enough water to keep her skin hydrated and avoid breakouts. If she encounters any skin problems, she will increase water intake and say “no” to alcohol products because alcohol can make skin dry.

And that is everything for this post. After reading this article, do you have any comments on Rihanna no makeup appearance? Can you get her skin care tips? Hopefully, you will have more information about Rihanna and always support for her. Thanks for reading!

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