A Blueprint To Succeed: Selling Hair Extensions Business Plan

Are you going to invest a lot of money in your newly founded company? Are you dreaming of the glorious days to come? As a newcomer in the hair industry, you are expecting that much for sure and you all have the right to nourish the big thing. However, to succeed in realizing the dream, you had better keep track with selling hair extensions business plan.

If you claim that you have finished all the funding needed from your circle of networks and your business plan seems to be useless from then on, you are making a big mistake. Hair extensions business plan is much more than a fund-raising tool as it can facilitate progress, hold yourself countable, and know who you are as well.

Therefore, do not underestimate the effects of writing a selling hair extensions business plan, especially if you are living in a harsh market. To gain competitive advantages, you need to be a pioneer in everything!

What Is A Selling Hair Business Plan?

To create a standard selling hair extensions business plan, you need to have a sound grasp of what a business plan is. Simply speaking, it is nothing different from your notes when you are going somewhere for traveling or on your daily to-do list.

Selling Hair Extensions Business Plan
For example, while making a selling hair extension business plan, you are required to rack your brain to cover all the aspects from analysis to management.
(Source: Internet)

The term ‘business plan’ refers to a written document highlighting the details that your new business is going to follow to achieve the final goals. As you can see in the picture, a plan often lays out a written schedule including financial, operational, and most importantly marketing approaches.

Sometimes, you do not head towards your sketches but believe it or not, it does help you to reach new horizons with the business. Scientifically, having the ideas in form of notes enables you to execute the operation with precision.

Do not forget that in a selling hair extensions business plan, the feasibility should be demonstrated. For instance, it is not good if you conservatively stick to a less profitable type of hair integration.

Why Is A Hair Business Plan A Must?

No matter which line of product you are focusing on, make sure that you spend adequate time writing a detailed plan. When it comes to hair extensions, you should take lots of things into consideration.

You must choose if you start selling hair extensions to individuals, opening a wholesale hair vendor or hair export company. After that, it is time for you to sketch significant bullets in a selling hair extensions business plan.

selling hair extensions business plan
It is a game of buying and selling. To be a successful candidate, you should be meticulous in each strategy (Source: Internet)

So, why do these few sketches matter? Why do most speakers mention it when they are asked to share secrets to success? A business plan is a must for some reasons and it should be repeatedly named.

One small note: hair extensions can be regarded as a new field in some countries; therefore, without an appropriate selling hair extensions business plan, you will easily get lost in the maze and be susceptible to bankruptcy.

To clarify directions

A company could not survive for a long time if it were not for a mission. My mission means what the business is or what it intends to achieve in the future. For example, a selling hair extensions business plan should indicate how far a certain hair vendor expects to go, such as ranking number 1 in the list of Vietnamese distributors.

In this very first step, it is necessary to include a simple idea about your company, the line of product/service you are going to provide, and a detailed description of your customer persona. If you aim at exporting strands, you should enhance the marketing campaign and increase the quality of products.

selling hair extensions business plan
You cannot just do things without any preparation. Even though you are selling online without any original capital, you must think about a line of products that can attract others (Source: Internet)

Let’s take Ivirgo hair company for example. While Indian and Brazilian hair is taking customers by storm, instead of going with the flow, they introduce Vietnamese hair of good quality and reasonable price. Therefore, they make themselves a pioneer in this type and this orientation must be carefully discussed in their selling hair extensions business plan.

To obtain financing

selling hair extensions business plan
We all know that money is the result of a good idea and well-written plan (Source: Internet)

Repeat that you are selling hair extensions and fund-raising is inevitable. No matter what you intend to do – either to operate a new plan or to seek bank loans and venture capital, a selling hair extensions business plan is always vital to secure funds.

Supposing you are going to get a $1000 or more loan. To see the return on your investment, you need to know how you are going to allocate that money, who is in charge of each stage, what qualifications they need, and estimated assets, liabilities, and profits. You just cannot keep that much data in the head.

To maintain the operation

selling hair extensions business plan
To jump into the hair extension market, you cannot do everything on your own. In other words, you should be accompanied by a team (Source: Internet)

As for an organization, as a leader, you should pay much attention to human resources. It determines how well-developed the organizational structure of your business will become. Therefore, in your detailed selling hair extensions business plan, you should specify the entitlement of your directors, officers, and their duties.

For example, your type of business is a wholesale hair vendor. This means there are quite a few lines of products. In addition to departments related to marketing and IT, you should divide the staff into groups like the Vietnamese hair team and Malaysian hair team. Each will be in charge of providing customer service to a certain customer persona.

A vision for the future

An organization is similar to a living body. It evolves and factoring in future development in your selling hair extensions business plan proves crucial to facing up to fluctuations in the market.

selling hair extensions business plan
Dealing with customer complaints or competitor’s pranks is art with strategic moves (Source: Internet)

Sometimes, you should anticipate the worst situations as in business, everything can happen.

A Selling Hair Extensions Business Plan Template

Gain business overview

You cannot jump into the hair extension industry without being equipped with basic foundations, let alone the process of creating a selling hair extensions business plan. As a leader, you are not supposed to be ignorant. However, this does not mean Wholesale Hair Vendors ask you to study the history of the House of Worth.

Before writing your selling hair extension business plan, try to think of the following prospects: how many variants of hair integrations are there? which one is of good quality and worth your investment? where are the potential locations to sell? To answer these questions is to seek fundamental insights.

Executive summary

selling hair extensions business plan
You briefly state your mission, your vision, and your purpose to start this business. Normally, one page is standard (Source: Internet)

Depending on each hair vendor’s owner, the executive summary may vary from one to another. However, in general, they still mention the very basic thing of a company. You can look at this executive summary model to see how it works in real life.

“Sharon & Anita Hair Extension Store®, Inc. is a family business owned by Sharon Williams and her immediate family members. Sharon Williams has a B.Sc. in Business Administration, with over 5 years of experience in the retailing industry, working for some of the leading brands in the United States. Although the business is launching out with just one outlet in Charleston – West Virginia, there is a plan to open other outlets all around major cities in the United States” – extracted from Sharon & Anita’s speech.

Market analysis

You cannot win others if you do not thoroughly understand a targeted market and potential competitors. Therefore, it is vital to add data and domains of these in your selling hair extensions business plan.

selling hair extensions business plan
A chart to analyze your opponents should be included (Source: Internet)

Through market research, you can determine the wind vane and your direction of investment. You must figure out which styles of hair integrations customers may be attracted to and what range of quality they can afford.

Additionally, defining your competitors with detailed strengths and weaknesses helps you to gain a competitive advantage. From that point, let’s think about a feature that makes you outstanding!

Human resources

In every organization, human beings play an inevitable role in encouraging business growth. Therefore, it is suggested that you should invest more time and money in this factor. On your selling hair extensions business plan, you are required to list out the necessary departments for the business to start.

selling hair extensions business plan
At this time, you should think about how much you will pay them and how much experience they need to fill in the detailed selling hair extensions business plan (Source: Internet)

Normally, a company includes 9 departments which are CEO, admin and HR, store, merchandise, sales and marketing, IT, accountant, client service, and cleaners. However, if your business is a startup, you can reduce the number of staff provided that do not put yourself into an understaffed situation.

Vendors/ Suppliers/ Sources

Indeed, this also dictates how far your business could go in the field. Only by establishing a good relationship with a manufacturer could you protect your brand appearance. If you are a wholesale vendor, you need to find a way to ensure quality as well as to reduce costs. As a retailer, similar desires are achieved.

Marketing plan

In the 4.0 society, the key to opening the success door is a powerful marketing plan. Your selling hair extensions business plan will become useless note without a brilliant marketing approach. In other articles, they even consider it as the backbone of any business venture.

selling hair extensions business plan
You need to clarify these questions to the audience. They need to know who you are before getting into a relationship with you. It is what marketing is about.
(Source: Internet)

Do not forget any such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Skype, and so on. Thanks to these, you can advance your business beyond the frontiers of your immediate location.


In this stage, you should think about how you are going to run the business. No matter which manner you are going for, it should be effective both in productivity and business culture. This determines the most efficient way to get the job done.

Final projections

The last thing you should dictate in your selling hair extensions business plan is final projections. You must anticipate how much money you need to run the business. After estimation, you have to start your fundraising campaign or just find a way to convince investors.

These are all the things that you may be aware of before writing your own selling hair extensions business plan. Now, it is time for you to practice, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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