Is it possible to place semi permanent hair color over highlights?

In fact, you could hardly find a woman with her virgin hair out there. Perhaps she is sick and tired of her old-fashioned styles; her natural strands are not perfect in dark color or she just cannot resist her temptation against hair dye.

Therefore, hair coloring becomes that popular among fashionable ladies. When you start to acknowledge hair color options, you may happen to see such terms as semi permanent hair color, demi permanent hair color and hair chalk.

In this article, we will respectively figure out what they are and answer the frequently asked question – is it possible if semi permanent hair color over highlights?

Let’s together explore a new field in hair dying technique because you will accidentally need it in the future! Browsing through three parts and focus on which one that you are really interested in.

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Hair dye options for new comers in this game

If you have never tried hair coloring before, it is such an important step that you spend time on thoroughly reading and choosing the right color. You may be instantly frightened at the wide range of colors and terms in hair coloring – basically a small branch of hair care and handle.

It is shocking but do not give up before you get a fabulous and new appearance. Believe me, you will not regret coloring your hair. So, should you be thinking about dying, which kind should choose among 4 choices, namely bleach and highlights, semi permanent hair color, demi permanent and permanent one.

  • Bleach and highlights

When your strands are bleached or highlighted, it means the process of oxidation helps to remove color of your own hair. Especially in case you want a lighter shade, there is no other choice but to bleach or highlight.

The last result of bleaching and highlighting is a yellow tint because oxidizing agents facilitate flattering the hair coat and let keratin – a pale yellow exposed to the outside environment

semi permanent hair color over highlights
This is what you will get after bleaching and highlighting

However, if you have done highlights before, could you add one more options to your natural hair? For instance, can you put semi permanent hair color over highlights? The answer is definitely yes but you need to follow strict steps to be successful at home. Read it in the second part!

  • Semi permanent hair color

It is also named a temporary hair color which gives you a much more natural look and is not hard for users, even if you are the new comers. Semi permanent hair color can be regarded as a new challenger in the market because it is widely utilized and prefered.

In terms of this option, peroxide is not included; thus, it will not help to lift the hair, making the hair darker, not lighter. As its name reveals, it can only last approximately six to twelve shampoos since the color only clings to the outermost layer of the hair.

For those who are in search of shine enhancement but still feel afraid you will change your mind afterwards, semi permanent hair color is a perfect choice. If you are sure that you will love it for good, it is not late for you to try a permanent color.

semi permanent hair color over highlights
How many of you are dreaming of this amazing transformation from old you to new version of yourself?
  • Demi permanent hair color

When compared to semi permanent hair color, demi one includes a low quantity of peroxide, which means it can make strands slightly lighter. Imagine that while semi replaces the outermost coat of the hair, demi permanent color is located somewhere between the cuticle and cortex. It lasts longer following the basic principle, after about 12 to 26 washes.

Demi hair color is the best suited to brassy or faded hair. It is noted that both demi and semi permanent hair color over highlights are possible. However, demi hair color is much flexible in the way that you can play with fun colors like blue, yellow or purple.

semi permanent hair color over highlights
To your surprise, demi permanent hair color works.
  • Permanent hair color

Another name of permanent hair color is oxidation because it contains ammonia. Regarding the popularity, this option is not as popular as the three aforementioned ones. It is a complex formulation in which it enables you to change completely your own hair. Strands will be shiner after the process and you no longer realize it is you in the mirror.

However, as its name suggests, it lasts until the colored hair ‘grows up’. It is not highly recommended since necessary chemicals are stronger, thus causing unwanted damages to your hair. It is not a wise choice to combine it over highlights. Only demi permanent and semi permanent hair color over highlights are perfect.

Is it possible to put semi permanent hair color over highlights and how to carry out at-home method?

Many people are coming to us just to ask if it is possible when they have had highlights already, they still desire to color with semi permanent hair color. In general, it is a challenging but practical task. However, it requires you to take many factors into consideration such as which color you are possessing.

There are two ways that you can make use of to get semi permanent hair color over highlights. However, whichever method you use, you have to find a very reliable and experienced hair colorist. A good result is POSSIBLE, not always because hightlights are much trickier to handle than regular hair strands.

semi permanent hair color over highlights
Hair coloring over highlights is a hard task, requiring professional intervention.

In the first case, highlights are perfect but it will be boring if you keep the same look for a long time. Therefore, our suggestion is to turn highlights back to its natural color. By this, we mean that you have to follow several steps for your highlights to go darker.

The principle of highlighting is to remove natural hair pigment by bleaching or high lifting permanent color. Therefore, highlighted hair is often more porous and prone to damages. Therefore, only by putting back in what has been already taken out could you turn your highlights to its natural color.

First, you should apply a gloss, then semi permanent hair color over highlights. But which gloss should you choose? There are few situations that you may happen as it follows:

semi permanent hair color over highlights
Choose a suitable gloss before you put semi permanent hair color over highlights. In the picture, the gloss used is Color Reviving Gloss in Barolo – red tone.
  • If your highlights need to go back to black or dark brown, apply a red tone gloss.
  • If you desire to turn your highlights to medium brown to dark blonde, a copper gold tone gloss will be a perfect choice.
  • If highlights have been bleached to achieve a super blonde tone and you hope to go back to a medium to light blonde, gloss with gold tones is fine.

After 20 minutes of leaving the gloss on the most lightened hair, let’s shampoo and dry hair. When your highlighted hair goes back to its natural color, choose a semi permanent hair color that you like to cover your head. You will look gorgeous in new color but it is quite damaging because your hair has to suffer from quite a few chemical processes.

semi permanent hair color over highlights
This is before vs after putting Bigen semi permanent hair color over highlights.

In the second case, you can directly place semi permanent hair color over highlights without going back highlights to its natural color. The technique of dying hair over highlights to get an even tone is an extremely hard work which need both experience in color matching and a wide knowledge of hair shades. Therefore, in this case, you should go for a hair colorist.

First, you have to establish what color you want your hair to turn out – the overall color. If you use darker-colored dyes, it is much easier for the task to be completed. Meanwhile, as lighter colors own a variety of color range possibility, many clients desire to achieve it. However, they do not know that the hair colorist has to make enormous efforts to multiple shades of hair, which means the task becomes much challenging.

Secondly, color matching accordingly is acquired. You need two steps, namely matching your primary color and establishing a secondary color.

  • The primary hair color

It should resemble the overall desired hair. Apply an even amount of your primary color option to cover the majority of the hair outside of the sectioned highlights. Leave it there in about 20 to 25 minutes. When semi permanent hair color has already penetrated into hair, it is high time to remove all hair clips and rinse out. Steps to care for hair after washing are here (dẫn link bài hair care tips).

  • The secondary hair color

This hair color is used to reserve your highlights and make them blend into the rest of your strands. Be sure for it to match perfect with the primary hair color when being applied. The secondary color must have the same tone as its ‘ancestor’.

For example, in case your primary color is an auburn brown and at the same time, you desire to have different shades of red tint brown. Which secondary hair color should you choose? It has to be two to three shades darker than the overall color.

After rinsing out the primary color, it is the right moment to apply the secondary color (also time to finish put semi permanent hair color over highlights). Tinfoil the highlighted hair again not to destroy the achieved color of other strands.

lly fold to secure highlighted areas. Check on it every 5 minutes. The total time needed for this process is from 10 to 30 minutes.

Rinse through your strands again and now, you finish placing semi permanent hair color over highlights.

The last note is for those who are moaning about getting green-tinted over blonde highlights and against with our answer to the question ‘is it possible if we put semi permanent hair color over highlights’. As long as you do not use ash or red color to dye over blonde highlights, it will end up being green-tinted or pink.

Thank you for your reading until the last words. Should there be any queries to raise, do not hesitate to comment below or directly contact us. You are always welcome!

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