How to take care of Senegalese twists hairstyle

Do you know the Senegalese twists hairstyle before? For many people, the Senegalese twists hairstyle is still a strange hairstyle. It is the typical hairstyle, originated from Senegalese people.

This style gives you a whole new look. You look very stylish, dynamic and have a bit wild. Now, many people in the world prefer to try this hairstyle to refresh themselves. Even the famous stars and models on the catwalk mix this hairstyle with many colorful highlights.

So that they can be more personal and modern. Here I will introduce you the details of this hairstyle. I hope you can better visualize this hairstyle and apply it in your life daily. After that, I will tell you how to take care of Senegalese twists hairstyle.

senegalese twists
How to take care of senegalese twists

What is the Senegalese twists hairstyle:

The “hair twists”, which is also called “flat twists” or “mini-twists”, is popular with Afro-style hair in the United States, and sometimes with other textures. People dividing the hair into many sections, and twist each small bundle, then twist it around each other.

The hair twists can be made when the natural curls of the hair are still wet and somewhat comfortable when soaked in hot water. When the hair is dry, it shrinks and creates a tight texture to twist the hair.

The hair twists can also be made of dry hair for different textures or combined with other textures at the same time, like as Afro hairstyle. To maintain the hairstyle, the wearer is advised to use the hairstyle to cover his hair with a headdress at night.

senegalese twists

There are some hairstyles of the hair twists, but the most common are three hairstyles like as Senegalese twists, Marley twists, and Havana twists. While the Senegalese twists originated about centuries ago from Senegal, West Africa.

It’s commonly performed in many African hair salons in the U.S. The hair stylists use the synthetic Kanekalon hair with many colors. You can freely combine the hair colors to suit your personality.

Also, this hairstyle is able to protect your hair from the impacts, prevents the edges from breakage. Unlike the other braiding hairstyles, it places less stress on your hair. Besides, after making this style, your hair will grow faster than usual, promotes the growth of the new hair.

If you know how to take care of Senegalese twists, you can maintain it from one to three months. Here are some tips on how to care this hairstyle.

senegalese twists

How to take care of Senegalese twists:

  • Washing your hair:

You should use a kind of suitable moisturizing shampoo for your hair, wash the hair and massage your scalp properly. The hairstyle will last longer if you don’tt wash them frequently. You can wash your hair just once a week.

While you wash your hair, you should dilute the shampoo with some water, foaming on the hair and gently massage your scalp. Remember to dry your hair before you go to bed.

senegalese twists

  • Protecting your hair at night:

You can use a little moisturizing oil at night for your hair. After that, you can divide your hair by four equal sections. You start twisting each section by overlapping it then you tie each bundle by a rubber band. Finally, let you wrap around your head with a turban towel to get your hair neat before going to sleep.

senegalese twists

  • Cleaning and moisturizing:

Just like regular hairstyles, you should use some natural oils and best for your hair, so that it’s stronger, shiny, soft and smooth, like as: coconut oil, olive oil or peppermint oil. You should use the natural oil twice a week, which can be applied to your hair directly so your hair looks healthier.

Through this article, I hope you can apply this hair to the life daily. And you can also understand more about how to take care of Senegalese twists. If you need any assistance with human hair, please contact me for the most enthusiastic advice. Thank you.

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