Does Short Hair Make You Look Fatter? Perfect short haircuts for you

When it comes to personal appearance and style choices, one topic that often arises is whether short hair can make a person look fatter. It’s a question many of us have pondered at some point, wondering if the length of our hair has any effect on our perceived body shape.

In this discussion, Wholesale Hair Vendors will delve into the subject, exploring the notion of whether or not short hair has the potential to create an illusion of increased weight.

By examining various factors such as hairstyle, face shape, and overall body proportions, we aim to shed light on the intriguing question: “Does short hair make you look fatter?”

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Does Short Hair Make You Look Fatter?

It depends! The appearance of one’s weight is determined by various factors, including body composition, overall proportions, and clothing choices, rather than solely by hairstyle. While hairstyles can influence the perception of facial features and overall aesthetics, it is unlikely that short hair alone would make someone appear significantly fatter.

Personal style, fashion choices, and individual features play a more significant role in how one’s appearance is perceived. It’s important to focus on overall health, confidence, and personal preferences when considering hairstyles or any other aspect of appearance.

short hair make your face look fat
Does cutting your hair make your face look fat?

What is your face shape?

Face shape is the first and foremost thing needed to be considered when you want to style your hair, choose your glasses or even for men to grow their beards. Well understanding your face would prevent you from ridiculous, funny hairstyles and looks.

How many face shapes are there?

In general, there are 6 face shapes that are most popular: oval, round, long, heart, diamond and square face. Each shape suits a certain number of hairstyles, which is why you may see some people look really beautiful in some hairdos, while it is not the case to you.

How do I determine my face shape?

  • Step 1: Measure your cheekbones

Carefully put the tape measure from the tail of one eye, over your nose bridge to the other eye tail, make sure the tape measure is on your cheeks. Do not forget to note down the number.

  • Step 2: Measure your jawline

Stand in front of the mirror, look straight and find the widest point on your jaw – where your jaw angles are most clearly shaped. Usually this point is about 2.5 cm away from the ear. Then measure the distance between that point to the tip of your chin. Duplicate the distance and you will get your jawline length.

  • Step 3: Measure your forehead

Look straight into the mirror and measure across the widest part of your forehead. Normally, this part lies right halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline. Try to make it accurate, and remember to save the results.

  • Step 4: Measure your face length

Find the center of your hairline, run the measure tape longitudinally from that point to the tip of your chin and you will get your face length.

  • Step 5: Determine your face shape

Take the results of these 4 steps above and check out which one below here is your face shape:

Round face: Rounded faces will have the same width and length. People with a round face have a smaller forehead and a slightly curved jaw. To be more precise, you can compare your face length with your cheekbones width. If the two numbers are about 2.5 cm apart, your forehead is then narrower than the cheekbones, the jawline is curved and your face is thus rounded.

short hair make your face look fat
Round face shape – Short hair make your face look fat

Long face: If your face length is greater than your cheekbones, and your forehead measurement is about to equal that of your jawline, it means you have a long face.

short hair make your face look fat
Long face shape

Square face: People with square face have the same face length and width, which means the cheekbones distance and the face length differs approximately 2.5cm – 5cm. Besides, his/ her jawline is also quite angular.

short hair make your face look fat
Square face shape

Heart face: Heart faces are shaped like an inverted triangle: the chin is pointed, the size of the forehead is greater than that of the cheekbones and jawline.

short hair make your face look fat
Heart face shape

Oval face: This face shape has the proportion like an inverted egg: the face length is greater than the width, while the forehead size is greater than the jawline. Also, oval faces have rounded jawline.

short hair make your face look fat
Oval face shape

Diamond face: If your measurement in descending order is: face length, cheekbones width, forehead, jawline, and your chin is pointed, then your face is undoubtedly a diamond face.

short hair make your face look fat
Diamond face shape

What face shape suits short hair?

Now, it is time to answer our question: Does short hair make your face look fat? What face shape can wear short hair? Well, the answer is short hair actually can suit all face shapes, the problem is to choose the right haircut for you!

Suitable short hairdos with different face shapes

Oval face

If you have an oval face, congratulations! This face shape is perfect for all haircuts as long as they suit your personality. You can blow away the question of whether short hair makes your face look fatter or thinner, because this is not the case for you!

Long face

Because the length of your face is already great, you would want to add more width to it with your hair. The perfect option would be bob of any length, or ideally a chin-length bob as it creates an illusion of wider face. A long bob is also flattering on your face, and you may want to make friend with a bang so it can hide a part of your face length.

short hair make your face look fat
Wavy chin-length bob for long face

Curls and waves are also advisable, or you can wear your short hair a bit messy. However, be careful with long hair as it adds more height to your head, and pixies are not a suitable choice either.

Round face

For a round face, you would want to elongate your face look and make it less round. Therefore, best length for your hair is an inch or two below your chin. You can try long bob that falls right below the chin with gentle layers and wispy, tapered ends. They can reduce your face’s bulk and weight in two sides, make it look slimmer.

short hair make your face look fat
Pixie haircut can be a great choice for round face

If you want to grow a bang, go ahead and make sure it is long or side-wept. Less volume around your face would make it more amazing. Stay away from the classic bob if you do not want to have a helmet-like appearance. Pixies can also be a great choice with long bangs.

Heart face

With a heart-shaped face, pixie haircuts are the perfect option. To move the attention from your pointed chin to other points in your face, a side-swept bang or brow-grazing fringe. You may not want to wear blunt-cut bangs or haircuts with choppy layers as they will make your face look like an inverted triangle.

short hair make your face look fat
Pixie haircuts are the perfect option for heart-shaped face

Square and Diamond face

To downplay their angular features, people with square or diamond faces should wear super short, edgy or shag haircuts. In addition, long bob is an ideal choice as it can soften your shapes.

However, try to avoid one-length bob and wide, blunt bangs if you do not want to look like a perfect square or diamond. In this case, long side-swept bang would be excellent.

short hair make your face look fat
Long bob is an ideal choice as it can soften your shapes

Now, I believe you all could answer the question: Does short hair make your face look fat? With the deep understanding of your face shape and features, every women can easily choose a perfect short hairstyle regardless of the “fat looking” worry.

A few beautiful short hairstyles for your reference


“Mushroom” stylized pixie hair gives you a youthful, modern look. This is a beautiful short hairstyle suitable for those who love a stylish, dynamic style.

(Source: Internet)


For a nice promotion with a feminine and sweet style, don’t forget to have a short, curly hair. This beautiful short hairstyle will help you show off the natural charm on your face.

(Source: Internet)


A bit cold, a little way out is what makes this beautiful short hairstyle. The bangs and hair behind the back is cut high close to the head to create a personality, dynamic for women.

(Source: Internet)


In conclusion, when it comes to the question of whether short hair makes you look fatter, we can confidently say that personal appearance is a subjective matter.

While some people may feel that short hair accentuates facial features and can make them appear fuller, others may find that it creates a sleek and stylish look that complements their overall appearance.

Ultimately, the effect of short hair on one’s perceived weight is influenced by a variety of factors, including face shape, body proportions, and individual style preferences.

It is important to remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and what truly matters is feeling confident and comfortable in our own skin.

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28 thoughts on “Does Short Hair Make You Look Fatter? Perfect short haircuts for you

  1. Avatar of Gwen
    Gwen says:

    I have super thick hair, chubby face. Everyone wants to cut my hair with side-swept bangs. I look down alot at work. And so it is always in my way. So though the short sides give height, I always put it up cuz it’s in my eyes. I still haven’t found a solution.

    • Avatar of Leo
      Leo says:

      We suggest that you have some methods to stimulate hair growth:
      Use vegetable oils to brew hair.
      With more than 60% oil content, vegetable oils help provide a healthy scalp. In addition, vegetable oils, especially coconut oil, have antimicrobial ingredients that help with dandruff, scalp problems, healthy hair growth, reduced fallout.
      Hair care with vitamin E
      Vitamin E has long been proven to be an important nutrient for health and beauty. Especially vitamin E helps to structure the hair stronger, reduce damage, dry, protect the hair under sunlight and help stimulate hair growth.
      Relaxing scalp massage.
      Massage is one of the fastest ways to keep your hair long. The massage helps the blood flow better, absorbs nutrients to nourish the hair from deep inside, stimulate long hair and strong hair. The head massage also helps to relax the spirit, relieve stress, reduce fatigue after a day of work.
      Treat the hair with eggs and olive oil
      Eggs contain protein, vitamin B12, biotin (also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7), so eggs are a great solution for women with thin hair, easy to mess. Ingredients in eggs help restore damaged hair, vitamins, minerals to help hair follicles grow stronger and better.
      Wash your hair with beer
      Protein B1, which promotes the growth of hair cuticles, stimulates long hair and protects hair from harmful effects such as sun, dust, pollution.
      Stimulates hair growth with Vitamin B1
      Vitamin B1 increases blood circulation, stimulates the growth of healthy hair and grows faster.
      Hope this information can help you in some ways. Thank you

  2. Avatar of Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Are there specific rules for determining the right hairstyle for myself? For example, a standard formula or some form of check?

    • Avatar of Leo
      Leo says:

      John Frieda, a famous hair specialist in the UK, has researched a great formula that makes it easy to determine whether you should wear short hair or long hair. This formula is called “rule 2.25” and all you need is a ruler and a pencil. In particular, place the pencil under the chin (parallel to the ground), then set the perpendicular to the pencil and measure the distance between the pencil and the ear lobe. If the number you get is less than 2.25 inches, that means you fit in with your short hair. In case the distance you measure is greater than 2.25 inches, long hair will be the wisest choice.
      Explaining this, John Frieda’s associates said, “The most important factor is the angle.” John studied a lot of faces and found that the angle of the jaw was the one that helped determine who. That’s right with the shorter hair or longer hair, and since then, he has researched a correct number (2.25 inches) and one can rely on this number to know the face with short hair or long hair. than”.
      However, this formula is only for reference and you should not depend too rigidly on it. Because in the field of fashion and broader aesthetics, there is no rule that is invariable and sometimes, your emotions as well as your spirit is the most important. If you really love your short hair and feel it suits your style and personality, even if your figure is bigger than 2.25 inches, feel free to experience this dynamic hairstyle.

    • Avatar of Leo
      Leo says:

      Hello. There are many ways you can have a slimmer face. You can try long bob that falls right below chin with gentle layers and wispy, tapered ends. They can reduce your face in bulk and weight in two sides, make it look slimmer. Wish you success and confidently shine with your hair.

  3. Avatar of Alice
    Alice says:

    I just cut my hair and want my hair to grow as quickly as possible. I do not fit this hairstyle. Is there a way to improve my condition? I have a long face

    • Avatar of Leo
      Leo says:

      Hello. There are two ways you can overcome the immediate situation. The first way is to go to the salon and find a short hair style to suit yourself to fix. For example, if you have a long face, you can leave your bob hair or curly hair to look rounder. Hair color is also an important factor in determining whether or not you fit your hairstyle. The second way is to buy yourself a wig. Use a wig until your hair is longer. The wig does not spend too much of your time. Your hair can look natural even when wearing a wig

  4. Avatar of Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Should be short hair is reasonable then. Hair will cover one part of the face so you look slimmer and tighter. Especially short hair makes everyone look a lot younger

  5. Avatar of Jane
    Jane says:

    I use less shampoo and quicker dry hair for shorter hair. Shorter hair means less shampoo, and also saves you money when buying hair care products. In addition, hair drying time is also fast, this is convenient for busy girls like me.

  6. Avatar of Amber
    Amber says:

    No matter whether it is suitable or not, I have short hair for a long time and do not intend to have long hair. Simply because I can easily take care of short hair and style it. Even when I wash my hair, short hair saves a lot of time and shampoo

    • Avatar of Leo
      Leo says:

      Yes Madam. Short-haired women will spend less time styling than long-haired women. The obvious advantage of having short hair is that you will spend less time drying your hair. Dry until the hair is dry for about 50% and then use the hair care products. Leave your hair dry naturally and you are ready to leave the house!

  7. Avatar of nancy
    nancy says:

    The curls will stay on the shorter hair longer on long hair right? I’m curious about curls, but I’m quite confused about whether my long hair will make curly hairs loose

    • Avatar of Leo
      Leo says:

      Short hair is much lighter than long hair, and so if you have curly or wavy hair, they will be curly with a lighter weight than short hair. Long hair usually pulls curls and ripples, making them more elastic, but shorter hair will help your hair get in shape.

  8. Avatar of chloe
    chloe says:

    I have been loyal to long hair for years, there are times when I want to cut short hair to refresh my appearance. However, this is not a simple thing and I always have to think, hesitate a lot before deciding. It would be catastrophic if I hastily cut off my precious long hair and then late to realize that I did not fit a short hair at all. I will carefully consider my face, body and style

    • Avatar of Leo
      Leo says:

      You can refer to our articles, comments of your friends and hobbies. You can also get advice from hair stylists. Hope you will make the right decision.

  9. Avatar of Emily
    Emily says:

    I usually wear long hair, however I am intending to change a little. I have an oval face. How should I choose short hair style and how long should it fit?

    • Avatar of Leo
      Leo says:

      The oval face is the perfect face for every hairstyle. You can try cutting short hair to change. You can fit all hair styles like curly, straight, and so on. You can also freely choose your hair length. Wish you have a happy change.

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