The essential hair guide on how to notice signs of new hair growth

POSTED ON July 4, 2018 BY Thomas Taw

How can we notice that new hair is growing in our scalp and what is the signs of new hair growth? Hair growth in your head happens in a cyclic pattern. While each pattern of hair growth is the same as that of all of the other kinds of hair, individual hairs progress through the cycles of growth at different times. At any given time, almost all your hair is actively growing.

Nevertheless, it is said that about six to eight percent of hair falls out each day. When the number of hairs shed outpace the number of actively growing hairs, hair loss occurs. Too much shedding can make a lot of sparse hair patches on the head, which makes you become unconfident and even stressful because of your appearance.

signs of new hair growth
What are the signs of new hair growth? ( Source: Internet)

Recovering from hair loss can take you quite a long period of time. Waiting your hair to grow back will give you the feelings like an eternity. When hair loss occurs too regularly, it can take several months for hair to grow back, and the hair growth does not always seem to be positive. In this article, let’s point out some most popular signals of new hair growing.

Dark spots are one of the first signs of new hair growth

If looking into the the head closely enough, we can notice that those people with dark hair can take dark spots in their hair follicles as one of the signs of new hair growth. Shadow shows that hair follicles have entered into the anagen stages, and activate the state of hair growth.

At first, hair follicles will reform and begin to make the hair root. Keratin and the pigment cells interlace and accumulate, forming things that after become the hair shafts. The presence of the hair color cells and the hair shafts under the scalp are the explanation for the shadow or dark spots.

Fast, short growth of hair is the next signs of new hair growth

It would be such a very positive and good signs of new hair growth when your head is welcoming some short hair growth. It indicates your head scalp is very healthy that encourages some small hair to grow. However, the hair during this stage isso it needs enough gentle care. Treat your hair gently by brushing it softly and in no hurry. Some are advised to use the wig cap to protect their new hair growing and to hide some of their bald spot on the head.

Downy hair is one of other signs of new hair growth

Although just a small amount of fuzz may appear sparsely and has a weak color, it still indicate the future hair growth. The existence of downy hair, or fuzz, show that the signs of new hair growth is occurring. A lot of people will notice during this phase, the hair is almost colorless or just a light color.

This is the consequence of the slow color cell formation. Sometimes, the color of the hair come with a black one, but sometimes it will take the light grey color forever. This is a especially true case among people who have alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that gives small, bald patches on their head.

It’s not over yet, you can also consider strong hair one of the signs of new hair growth

signs of new hair growth
When your hair is strong, it can be the the sign of hair growth (Source: Internet)

After a few months with some first signs of new hair growth, your hair will become bulky and strong. The hair will grow approximately about 1 centimeter every month, stated by the American Hair Loss Association. As a result, it will take a lot more time for the new hair to growth and have a longer length.

Itching, tingling head can also be a signals of new hair growth!

There is a truth that whenever there is a big amount of hair is growing, you can have the symptom: Itching and tingling on the scalp of your head.

It is the way to inform that you are having signs of new hair growth. In almost every case, after seeing this symptom, you will begin to see new hair about 2 months from the start on the shedding or fall hair.

If you are experiencing these signs or symptoms very soon following this initially stages, then it can be significant due to the fact of fast regrowing, considering that sometimes, the body is have far too short period of transformation.

When your hair is much more easier to manage, it’s another signals of new hair growth

signs of new hair growth
Easily managing your hair can also be hair growth sign (Source: Internet)

This is one of the most easy features to notice signs of new hair growth. Loss hair can be caused by dry, lacking of nutrients hair. Therefore, if you can improve the situation by providing your hair with sufficient and suitable hair care products, your hair will be softer and more likely to avoid the hair loss. Manageable hair is always a lot easier for you to style, brush, avoid the hair loss and remain the hair length faster than brittle, dry hair.

The above is 6 signs of new hair growth, which can help you to notice the early signs of growing hair on your scalp and helps you to find out the best solutions to protect your growing hair. Hopefully you will find this article helpful in getting your hair back. Wishing you all the best!.

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