How Does Sofia Vergara No Makeup Look? Do You Like Her Bare Face?

Sofia Vergara is well known as a talented Colombian – American actress and model who made her appearance in some films such as “Machete Kills”, “The Three Stooges” or “Modern Family”. Besides, she is also known as a successful businesswoman. It seems that she is always as busy as a bee with such a lot of work.

The audiences are so familiar with the images of gorgeous Sofia Vergara in movies or events. However, sometimes, also she would like to take off all makeup layers and show her real beauty. So, have you ever seen Sofia Vergara no makeup?

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Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Have you ever seen Sofia Vergara’s bare face? (Source: Internet)

Sofia Vergara with makeup when going to events

Before showing the images of Sofia Vergara without makeup, I would like to introduce to you the stunning pictures of this famous woman so that some people who do not know who she is can see them.

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Sofia Vergara attending an event (Source: Internet)

The above photo was taken when Sofia Vergara made her appearance at a somewhat event. Look at that, it is clear to see that she did not put on too much makeup on her face. However, she still looks so gorgeous in her black dress. Although she did not look straight into the camera, this technological device could still catch the most beautiful moments of her.

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Sofia Vergara in another event (Source: Internet)

In another event, Sofia Vergara proved that she could become a great spotlight-stealer. Sporting a simple but still glamorous look with straight hair and round earrings, somehow she was still so outstanding.

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Can you imagine how Sofia Vergara no makeup is? (Source: Internet)

This is another picture of Sofia with beautiful makeup. Also, in this picture, we can see that she was applying makeup to another girl. Maybe she is rather good at helping others to be stunning like her. The combination between an off-the-shoulder dress and smokey makeup style gave her a powerful and attractive appearance.

Sofia Vergara with makeup when going out

So, if you have seen the wonderful images of Sofia with makeup, now just have a look at some pictures of Sofia Vergara without makeup.

Hot coffee for a cold day

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Here are the images of Sofia without wearing makeup (Source: Internet)

It seems that Sofia Vergara is a real coffee-alcoholic. This picture was taken when Sofia was walking along the street in the early morning with some coffee. She was sporting a very casual look with no makeup layer on her face. Although she looks a little bit tired, her beauty did not still overwhelm by that.

Makeup – free photos

If you are looking for some photos of Sofia with no makeup, you can search for her social networking accounts, particularly Instagram and Twitter.

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Sofia Vergara taking a photo of herself in a swimming pool (Source: Internet)

It is completely not exaggerated to say that this picture can blow everyone’s mind. As usual, celebrities, especially famous women, usually avoid posting their images without any makeup layer on their social networking sites.

However, Sofia is one of the exceptions. She was so confident to show off her real face to people all around the world. She believed in her true beauty, so she decided to share some images of her bare face with her loyal fans. How brave she is! Her dazzling appearance is awesome, a mixture of sweet and sexy.

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Sofia Vergara no makeup selfie(Source: Internet)

The above picture is another time when Sofia posted a picture of her makeup-free face on social networking sites again. Contrary to the selfie in the swimming pool in her house, this one showed off an adorable side of Sofia Vergara. I have to say that in makeup-free photos, Sofia Vergara looks younger than when she wears heavy makeup layers.

Before sleeping

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Sofia Vergara with no makeup face (Source: Internet)

This image was posted on Sofia’s Instagram when she was in her bed before falling into a good sleep. Her funny makeup-free face became famous because this picture immediately went viral right after being on the Internet. After that, she got a lot of compliments and admiration from both her fans and other celebrities.

Go shopping

The following picture was taken when Sofia was spotted going shopping at the Century City Mall. She was even eating something like barbecue. However, what I was impressed is her wonderful barefacedness. Despite going on the street with a lot of people, she still stood out from the crowd with her gifted beauty. She had a day to relax and do everything she wanted after hard days at work.

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Sofia Vergara was wandering on the street (Source: Internet)

A real hunger

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Picture of Sofia Vergara without makeup (Source: Internet)

It seems that the “Modern Family” actress would like to enjoy snacks on the street. In this picture, this lady was sporting a casual look with a simple black shirt and earrings while feeding herself snacks. The way she styled her hair to expose her forehead helps her to look more energetic. Therefore, with no aid from makeup products, she still looks glamour.

Sofia Vergara and her secrets

I am sure that a lot of people now are so curious about how to have a great face like Sofia. Do not worry because now, I am ready to share with you what she revealed about her tips to be beautiful.

Wearing sunscreen

Every day, no matter how the weather is, rainy or sunny, Sofia Vergara always remembers to apply sunscreen to protect her skin from UV rays and wrinkles also.

Drinking water

Why Sofia Vergara no makeup is so pretty?”, “How can I be like her?”. Well, Sofia always tries to drink enough water to make her skin fresh and flawless every time. That is why she has an ageless beauty.

Getting gold facials

One of her important keys to staying young is getting gold facials. She admitted that she is getting old, so skin problems are unavoidable. However, thanks to anti-aging properties inside, gold products have helped her to keep radiance by renewing cells, reducing dryness as well as slowing down the decrease of collagen production. Nonetheless, gold products are rather expensive, so if you cannot afford to buy them, you need to try to look for other alternatives.

Sofia Vergara no makeup?
Mimi Luzon 24K Pure Gold Mask – what Sofia use to take care of her skin (Source: Internet)

There is one thing that I think not many people notice: Sofia Vergara has a charming smile. She is always gorgeous every time she smiles. That is also the main reason why she is beautiful like this.

Just remember to smile every day and be the way you are so that I am sure each of you will be beautiful day by day. Hopefully, this post has helped you to know how Sofia Vergara’s no makeup looks, so you can always believe in her true beauty and support her. Thanks for reading!

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