Summarise The Activities In March

Summarise the activities in March

IVIRGO will be present at several important events in March. First and foremost, it is the 113th anniversary of International Women’s Day. In addition, we celebrate the birthdays of employees born in March. Finally, there is a program to summarize the first three months of 2023. Let’s take a quick look at these IVIRGO events.

On March 8, IVIRGO Company held a meeting and exchange for female employees in honor of International Women’s Day.

IVIRGO has a higher proportion of female workers than male workers due to the characteristics of hairdressing and hair processing.

In the factory department, the company has nearly 200 workers, including more than 150 female workers who work in the various stages of production.

In the office department, the company consists of a sales team of nearly 40 people, all of whom are female employees.

Therefore, the Women’s Day is an important holiday in our company.

On this occasion, the company representative, Ms. Vu Thi Trang, sent good wishes to all female employees. In addition, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, on behalf of the staff, expressed her deep gratitude for the enthusiastic support of the leaders for this traditional holiday and shared: “Hope that the Board of Directors will continue to create favorable conditions. opportunities for women to promote their full potential, contribute to the sustainable development of the company”.

Besides, on the eve of March 8, the director gave gifts to 40 female employees in the office block, and held a party and held a party to commemorate the tradition, the birth of March 8, and the important role of women in modern times. The company gave female employees a small gift of one red rose and a check for 200,000. The gift, while small, expresses gratitude and affirms the importance of female employees in the company’s growth.

Ivirgo organizes birthday parties for employees.

In March, we celebrate the birthday party for employees who were born on March.

The each small gift as a wish of health, success, and concern from the boss to employees.

Ivirgo also organizes a first quarter program as the last activity in March.

March also marks the end of the first quarter of 2023. As a result, Ivirgo created a quarterly program that summarized the previous quarter’s activities.

First and foremost, a synopsis of the company’s production and business situation during the first three months of 2023. The team leaders summarized the sales situation of the groups, the problems encountered during the sales process, and customer reflections, while also pointing out defects and shortcomings in products and solutions to customer problems. Furthermore, recommend new products or customer recommendations.  Based on these reflections, the company promotes its strengths and strengthens its weaknesses in order to improve product and service quality in the coming quarters.

Following the meeting process, there is a summary and awards for outstanding individuals and teams throughout the quarter, as well as in March.

There are fun and entertainment activities at the end of the session, as well as group activities to connect people, creating a foundation for integration, solidarity, and always helping each other.

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