Three detailed instructions to care for a human hair wig at home

If you decide to invest in a wig, good for you! Wig is the best tool for you to disguise and hide hair issues that you are struggling with. When it comes to wig, people should mention two types of hair wig which are human and synthetic one.

In terms of prices, human hair wig is of course much more expensive than its counterpart. However, human hair wig allows for a more natural appearance; therefore, people are willing to cost more pennies for it. Wigs are here to stay and care for human hair wig should be taken as seriously as (even more than) your own hair.

This article is to guide you towards proper care for a human hair wig a home followed by amazing tips that you will definitely find them useful in future!

How to care for a human hair wig – curly type

how to care for a human hair wig
Human hair curly wig model (Source: internet)

Curly wig can be regarded as a difficult type wig to care for as the curl shape must be complicatedly maintained for the wig to retain its originality. Learning to take good care of your human hair wig not only extends its lifespan but also saves your time from visiting hair salon regularly.

So as for your artificial hair to be shiny and strong, it is vital that you need to take notice of them from the very basic thing as washing. According to hair experts, avoid washing your curly wig too often (around 10 wears are suitable). This recommendation will vary based on your environment (polluted or not), on your natural disposition (sweat a lot or so), and etc.

Human curly wig is virgin Remy hair, so during care for human hair wig, it can be washes with regular shampoo and conditioner (as with your own hair). During washing, remember to gently run your fingers through the hair and say no to rubbing or bunching up.

The best way to dry it is to blot it with a t-shirt and then place it on a towel overnight. No hanging would be perfect because human hair curly wig is easily impacted or stretched out. Oil massage is suggested after washing and drying.

how to care for a human hair wig
This is how to store human hair curly wig. (Source: internet)

Should curly wig be not used, please place it back into a hair net (shown in the picture) and the bag as the first time you bought it. This method can save your curls from distorted shapes and unwanted dust.

How to take care of a human hair lace wig

how to care for a human hair wig
What does human hair lace wig look like? (Source: internet)

Before getting to know how to care for human hair wig, you need to know their type, specifically human hair lace wig? This article is still worth reading because it offers you the very basic but best hacks that you probably need in the future (it can be somehow applied to other human hair wig as well).

Human hair lace wig is a special kind of human wig in which it is tied by hand to a sheer lace base going over the scalp. Among many hair lace wigs, full lace one is much more popular. At first sight, you may find it difficult to care for this odd human hair wig. However, the truth is that you only need to grasp clearly 4 things:

how to care for a human hair wig
(Source: internet)
  • Wash under luke warm (under 86°F)
  • Avoid extreme heat
  • Gentle in every step
  • Put the lace wig on a head model to properly store

How care for human hair wig by a comb at home

This part focuses on some notes you need to bear in mind when treating your human hair wig by comb at home.

Firstly, it is necessary to know how to pick a suitable comb for your human hair wig. Wigs are like mean and picky girls; thus, let’s treat them gracefully by wooden or wide-tooth comb.

Never use plastic comb because it is sharp enough to damage your hair wig. Our best advice is to come to a hair salon and ask them for a specialized comb for your human hair wig.

How to comb straight human hair wig

how to care for a human hair wig
Straight human hair wig

Straight human hair wig only requires straight forward combing methods. You only need to comb it from the ends of hair upwards, use the massage oil and place it onto the support.

How to comb human hair curly wig

For this type of human hair wig, you need to divide the hair into 4 – 5 small parts. After that, get started by running the comb through the ends of your wig (about an inch from the base), which helps avoid tousling hair wig.

Once you finish combing the first part, tie up the hair wig from right to left and repeat respectively the first step. Keep that condition and use oil in order for human hair curly wig to be soft and keep its style for longer.

Ivirgo provides you with a complete guide: how to care for your human hair wig at home so that you can do it yourself. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask us via the website:

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