Tips about how to take care of bleached natural hair for girls

Girls often like having different appearance all the time, so they often chose the easiest way to make themselves better or more beautiful. Hair plays an important role in appearance of a girl. So, they often change the color of hair to be different and more beautiful.

Although this way is easy to do and it is done by most of girls but it leads to a lot of bad effects. But you shouldn’t be worried because I will give you some tips of how to take care of bleached natural hair. Let’s see what they are.

The first tip how to take care of bleached natural hair is mustn’t wash immediately after bleaching.

Not everyone knows how to take care of bleached natural hair. Anyone who has ever bleached hair has heard a few words from the dyers hair that: after hairdressing, have to wait at least 2-3 days to shampoo.

The reason is that, 2-3 days is a reasonable time to the detergent, dye, curly, … are absorbed completely into the hair. Before this time, shampooing will cause the chemicals to wash away.

Choose the right shampoo for bleached natural hair

After bleaching your hair, especially for the colors such as platinum, pink, red, … you certainly cannot continue to use shampoo for hair usually. In this time, you don’t know how to take care of bleached natural hair, so shampoo products specifically for bleached / dyed hair will be the best ideal replacement for you.

Especially people who bleach hair or dye bright color should use purple shampoo because it has the ability to keep the hair color depth, reduce fade and keep the hair condition turned to yellow orange slower.

Wash your bleached natural hair with cold water

Wash your hair under the shower with cold water because hot water can make your hair fade quickly and losing the shine of your hair. While cold water will keep dyed hair longer. Hot water will cause the scalp and hair to lose its natural moisture, dryness and fiber, especially damaged hair.

how to take care of bleached natural hair
how to take care of bleached natural hair (Source: Internet)


Reduce the frequency of re-shampoo for bleached natural hair

The easiest way of how to take care of bleached natural hair is to get rid of damaged hair is to reduce the frequency of shampooing. For healthy hair, never styled, shampooing every day is too much.

Remember to wash your hair every 2-3 days so that the natural oil on your scalp does not get lost, the hair dye does not fade, and the condition of damaging hair is reduced.

Avoid hot temperature to bleached natural hair

In addition to avoiding shampoo with hot water, firstly, you also need to pay attention to protect your hair from harmful elements. For example, high temperature from dryers, curls, hair trimmers …, which makes hair be weakened by styling. So, limit the heat impact on your hair.

Second, you should know one of ways how to take care of bleached natural hair is to protect your hair from the sun. Just like skin, hair is also susceptible to ultraviolet rays.

If your hair is not covered carefully, the hair becomes dry, fast, broken, and especially fast dye. So, spray sunscreen to protect your hair. This solution is quite simple, fast and effective. In addition, a sun-brimmed hat is also necessary to protect the hair.

Finally, protect your hair from the chemicals in the pool. Do not let your hair ruin by sea salt or chemicals in the pool. They will make your hair weak and ugly. A swimming cap is essential to helping you protect your hair.

how to take care of bleached natural hair
Beautiful bleached hair (Source: Internet)

Choose a suitable hair care for bleached natural hair.

If your hair is not bleached or styled (bending, stretching, curling, …), you can be lazy in hair care. It does not affect too much. But once you decide to bleach your hair and style, it’s really hard to focus on your hair. Otherwise, your hair will get worse and lose its shine and smoothness.

Bleaching only works to change the color of the hair, not to be gloss and smooth hair as you think. The most obvious change after dyeing is that the hair will become dry and split. You should choose your own hair care products: oil, mask, conditioner supplement, … to add moisture and provide more protein to make hair stronger, shiny and last the color in a long time.

Regularly trim your hair

Do not regret a little bit of hair that retains. Regular trim, bleached natural hair grows faster and less be in damaged! That’s because, when you bleach your hair, the hair ends up being the most damaging place: brittle, weaker, split and fibrous are the conditions that the hair ends up in.

Moisturizing the hair is the best way to take care of bleached natural hair

This is the main factor in the way how to take care of bleached natural hair to improve and restore the damage. You can use dedicated hair care products or choose natural hair oils to moisturize.

Using hair oils such as olive oil, argan contains fatty acids that are capable of moisturizing, protecting hair from damage. Heat the essential oil and apply to hair for 20 minutes then rinse.

Eggs are excellent masks that can supplement proteins and amino acids to make hair healthier.

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid to remove excess oil, chemicals harmful to the hair. Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar with 1 cup of water when applied to the hair for 5 minutes after shampoo will work to full effect.

In conclusion, although bleached natural hair is beautiful, but it need to be care carefully. You should spend time on caring your hair after bleached. I have just given you tips about how to take care of bleached natural hair. If you have any problem, please give comments below for me. Hope you pleasant with the tips is introduced.

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