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There is a hot trend followed by many netizens. It is called #NoMakeup and #wokeuplikethis. To get these hashtags, you need to take a selfie of your face without makeup. When it becomes trendy in the society, temporary celebrities are rapidly jumping on board. Taylor Swift no makeup is a living example of them.

As eyeliner, blush and lips are removed, there is a myriad of fails. By fails, we mean hilarious parodies are triggered off from their pictures. Their fans even make them as meme to describe their emotions. However, among such failure, some celebs really took the plunge and their results have been unexpectedly admired by audience.

Let’s follow us and find out an updated unseen collection of this singer!

How gorgeous Taylor Swift is in her sophisticated makeup?

Taylor Swift, a country music singer, has gained popularity in short notice. The American composer/singer started writing notes at the age of 14. She is one of those celebs who are quick to be in favor of quite a few generations and it is not surprised when at the age of 20, she won multi-Grammy awards.

The special thing about this singer is that she writes songs based on her own personal experience in life and love, such as betrayal and sometimes hatred emotions. She takes fans by the storm thanks to her music and charismatic beauty on the red carpet.

Therefore, Taylor Swift no makeup is a top-searched keyword, which is understandable. Though she has been in relationship with lots of other famous males, it cannot be denied that she should be applauded for her beautiful face in no makeup. It is true that Taylor Swift no makeup will not disappoint you!

To have a clearer judgement, let’s look at some of her photos when she put on a heavy makeup. As an artist, it is inevitable to look outstanding. However, believe us because in beauty pageants, Taylor is as impressive as other beauties thanks to her bare face.

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
Swifties are definitely in love with her style – red lips in a stunning bob
Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
Mimicking a typical Marilyn Monroe look, Taylor is perfect in this old Hollywood Glam.
Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
Glamorous cat eye makes Taylor more mysterious. From this stunning appearance, try to imagine how Taylor swift no makeup would be!

It can be seen that Taylor has achieved a mature look when she turned 29 years old. Accompanied by a sophisticated makeup, Taylor looks so appealing and gorgeous. She can be regarded as a spotlight of any event and the soul of the party.

If someone who is her anti-fan may say it is makeup that consolidates her look, it is suggested that he/she should glimpse at her collection of Taylor Swift no makeup to prove our point. From an objective perspective, she is still one of the most attractive singers with the natural face and magnetic voice.

Admirable photo collection of Taylor Swift no makeup 

By the title Taylor Swift no makeup, we aim at showing all her no makeup photos until 2018. To see how she is mature in her appearance and to make a better overview, we need to see the whole journey to be a queen since she started a music career. It is also a proven point that we target – her beauty is natural for good.

2008 photoshoot of Taylor Swift less makeup

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
Do you remember which song she is shooting for? It is ‘Love story’ that makes the whole world crazy about!

Taylor Swift no makeup was chosen for People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue in 2008. In the setting of a garden, Taylor was in her white dress. She decided to hold untied curls and let them fall on her shoulders. The magazine quoted Taylor’s lines: “It’s important to be comfortable with who you are and go natural once in a while.”

She seems confident in her own look. Looking back in 2008, we find it simply amazing. 2008 is an evident foundation for others to believe and look forward to seeing Taylor Swift no makeup. Innocent as she may not be, she must be charming in other ways.


Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
Whenever she lives with her dream – music, she does not need makeup.

It is droopy to look at this picture of Tay. You can easily realize that it was taken some years ago when she was younger. However, there is a truth that still holds true until now – her street style with bare face is admirable. When spotted, she was carrying a guitar case, wearing semi-striped red and white top.

It is true that music does not need makeup. The beauty just lights up from the inside and from her real talents. Do you hope that Taylor Swift no makeup still keeps this angelic look or what is your expectation of her in this year?

Taylor Swift no makeup selfie

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
This is the best comparison between Taylor Swift no makeup and Taylor in cosmetics

Can you see any difference between the two? It is proven that Taylor is still in her best appearance even with no makeup. The recognizable discrepancy is the camera, one of the phone and the other of a professional camera.

The picture was taken from her Instagram snap. It was posted after she woke up in the morning and ran a quick brush or fingering. However, it is a sad news for Tay Tay fans because unlike Katy Perry (dẫn link bài Katy Perry without makeup) and Lady Gaga, Tay rarely posts her selfie with no makeup on IG.

We sincerely hope to see Taylor Swift no makeup on her own Instagram account. If so, we can support her flawless beauty and see if she is aging or not. Do not let you wait for any minute. Here is the latest image of Taylor Swift no makeup:

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She is just so adorable in any way! In the picture, she is with Meredith – her kitten.
Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
By her fans, she feels comfortable without makeup. At the age of 29, she still does not want to grow up!
Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
More of her bare face these days…

Taylor – a no makeup shopper

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
With a bit red lipsticks, her face is the spotlight of the supermarket.

Until this picture, do you believe that Taylor Swift with no makeup still looks good? Whether going shopping or wearing casual clothes, Taylor is fine out au naturel (no makeup and dressing preparation). The picture was captured when she bought household groceries at a store.

If you had happened to go to the store at that day, you would have said wow to her beautiful appearance. We need to give a compliment to the paparazzi, too because celebs hardly go out to buy stuff. The photographer must have been so patient and he/she did a really good job.

Are you waiting for the moment to meet Taylor Swift no makeup by accident?

Taylor Swift no makeup after gym workout

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
A close up after her workout

As a celebrity, gym workout is indispensable if she wants to keep shape and stay healthy. Therefore, it is so much easier to capture the free makeup moment of famous people and Taylor Swift is not an exception. She was walking on the street confidently with her flawless natural face.

We just cannot believe she has just turned 29. It is amazing and these pictures really ‘force’ us to fall head over heels in love with Taylor Swift no makeup. We have all seen hundreds of photos of her when makeup is applied. Thus, these unseen photos truly change the way we see her.

She is just her, in her own shell. A normal look saves her from the regular snake on the red carpet and on the stage. It is the daily moments that are appreciable enough to keep her fans stay beside her for good. She is one of the artists who encourage people to go out sans makeup, which is a really good action.

Taylor Swift no makeup – random clicks

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘a smile is the best makeup one can wear’? Taylor is a vivid illustration of it. Whether she is taken on purpose or by accident, she always smiles, even when she is in her most casual clothing items. Taylor seems to be very happy to be spotted when she wears no makeup.

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
Only Taylor Swift no makeup could have this stunning random click.

Look at her red cheeks in a red long coat and loose hair? How innocent she is! She really owns the power to kill the people who see her. In another picture, she looks so cool while wearing earphones, tied hair and of course no makeup at all.

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
It would be hard for the photographers to take an ugly pic of her.
Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
A night off from work of Taylor Swift no makeup

Sometimes, Taylor just acts as an ordinary girl. She would love to dress down, be happy with Meredith and watch Titanic. It is refreshing to see this picture as it depicts exactly how her bare face in close look is. We just cannot see any freckles. It is the case that Tay has a clear complexion, which not every celebrity could maintain as they all have to wear makeup on stage so often.

Taylor Swift no makeup hits the beach

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
Without any dead angles, Taylor is perfect in the sunlight/

Taylor looks classy in her floral pattern dress, dark shades, sling bag on one shoulder and one hand grabbing the shoes. In the beach , it is normal to see many celebrities on her natural look. In this case, Taylor is just exposed in her natural elements.

We have to say that Taylor Swift no makeup is still the style which she keeps from the day she started music career. The simpler she chooses, the cooler she looks. Taylor also follows the simplicity. On the contrary to her elaborate love life, her daily life is much comfortable and peaceful.

Not pretty face in webisode

Taylor Swift no makeup 2018
An office girl called Taylor Swift

Taylor is just brave enough to participate in webisode with a view to persuading people to go sans makeup every once a while. In this shot, she looks a bit older but it is okay because she is 29 years old already. She is in her long locks. However, with no hint of makeup, Taylor shows no freckles. Her skins are so admirable.

Kudos to Taylor Swift no makeup!

From a myriad of Taylor Swift no makeup provided by us, we hope that you can have your own judgement to the beauty of Taylor. She may not be the most gorgeous girl in the world but with no makeup, we are sure that she is still appealing. She really made the case that she does look good in whatever style.

We will see each other in the next article about her tips to keep her clear complexion. A spoiler would be that Taylor does not smoke and she is living a simple life (we do not mean her love life). Thank you for your reading! If you have any picture of Taylor Swift no makeup to add, feel free to inbox or comment below.

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