The CEO of Ivirgohair- Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, one of the first to develop the hair export industry in Vietnam

Mr. Dinh was born in the rural countryside of Nam Dinh, Vietnam, in Duong Hoi hamlet, Yen Thang commune, Y Yen district.

Growing up in a disadvantaged household, he realized early on that he needed to work and devote himself to building his homeland and bettering people’s lives.

After graduating from Banking of Academy in 2011, while working at the bank, he discovered that he was not suited to this field, therefore he pursued other job opportunities while also pursuing his professional development goals. When he was visiting a friend’s residence in the Bac Ninh industrial park, he saw the possibilities of the hair industry. He decided to pursue this career in his hometown of Nam Dinh. This was the time Ivirgohair was established.

Decide to build a factory in the village. 

In October 2012, he founded Ivirgohair, a small plant with only 20 employees, all of whom were family members. His hometown, Y Yen, Nam Dinh, is where the factory is located.

In the first days, IVIRGOHAIR only concentrated on collecting and selling the hair material to other companies and salons in Vietnam. We only sell the raw materials without processing them.

In 2017, realized the importance of quality assurance, and seized the opportunity to develop and expand the market, he decided to promote the technology to produce more products that were more suitable for the market. IVIRGO changed the main job. Ivirgo is not only sold to domestic enterprises but also exported to other countries. he officially opened an office, expanded the factory, recruited sales staff, and started exporting hair abroad outside.

From 2017 till now, Ivirgo has made a lot of contributions to the countryside of Nam Dinh. With its growing scale, Ivirgo has created new jobs for local people, helped improve people’s lives, created new sources of income, and contributed to the development of the region.

Besides, Ivirgohair also participates in many social activities such as: supporting temple renovation, supporting covid, giving gifts to disadvantaged children, and building village roads and canals.

Current achievements of Ivirgo


Current achievements of Ivirgo
Developed from a small factory in Nam Dinh with only 20 workers and 5 sales, now, Ivirgohair owns 2 large factories with more than 200 workers and a sales team of nearly 40 people. Currently, Ivirgo has exported from 1000-1500 kgs per month.

Two factories including 1 factory specializing in the production of black hair products and a factory producing colored hair are located in 2 communes Yen Thang and Yen Cuong.

Besides the staff in the factory, Ivirgohair owns nearly 40 sales and customer service staff. The company’s office is located in Hanoi, convenient for freight forwarding and shipping to other countries.

Intending to expand the market to provide quality products to customers around the world, Ivirgohair always conducts the recruitment and training process. It is expected that the number of employees of the company will increase rapidly shortly.


In addition, Mr. Dinh and Ivirgo have many awards

– Prestigious Brand Award

– Top 10 hair export companies in 2020

– Vietnamese young businessman

– Youngsters Passionate Dedication to the Motherland

Ivirgo’s expected development goals

During the Year-end Party, Mr. Dinh, as the director of the company, gave a speech  about Ivirgo’s development expectations in the coming years.

First and foremost, Ivirgo is always proud to promote Vietnamese products to more people worldwide, ensuring that clients obtain the highest quality items from Vietnam.

Second, Ivirgo is increasing production, expanding factories, and hiring an increasing number of employees, so improving the lives of the people in the country.

In the end, Ivirgo will have enough potential to participate in more beneficial societal activities.


With more than 10 years of experience in the hair manufacturing and exporting industry, Mr. Dinh has been leading Ivirgo to become one of the largest hair export companies in Vietnam. We believe IVIRGO will join together to overcome, maintain their position, and elevate the brand. Checking challenges and forgetting the future with confidence, solidarity, and continuous efforts so that IVIRGO is known and trusted by more and more international friends and customers.

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