What does the color burgundy look like ? The best question for you

In the collections of clothing, lipstick and fashion accessories of the girls who love the charm and elegance, Burgundy is considered as a must-have color tone. Emerged at the beginning of 2016, Burgundy became the dominant color in the autumn-winter fashion trend. Until now, two years after its heyday, Burgundy still has a certain place in the fashion trend all over the world. Let explore What does the color burgundy look like ? in the following post.

What is the color burgundy?


the color burgundy look like
Burgundy color

Burgundy is a sweet combination between the bright red of the ruby and the dark red tending towards brown of mulberry. The color of burgundy has existed for a long time, but not many people know that it originated from France.

Burgundy was named after the wine with the red shade of color produced in the Bourgogne region. When it came to England, it was called Burgundy and became famous in the whole world.

What does the color burgundy look like?

The color of burgundy is similar to other shades of dark red such as maroon, cordovan; however, it differs from each of these in subtle ways. Burgundy is considered as a charming color that attracts people because of its mysterious, elegant, luxurious and special beauty.

Especially, in the cold weather, not only does this tone make you fresh and vibrant and but it also brings the warmth to the atmosphere around you. This color is not too picky to wear, it is easy for you to mix with the accessories.

the color burgundy look like
What does Burgundy look like?

What does the color burgundy mean?

the color burgundy look like
What does the color burgundy mean?

Many people often associate the Burgundy color with higher class in the society. This shade of red color is believed to be the signifying sophistication. In comparison with pink and lighter shades of red that have a sense of fun and energy, Burgundy is seen to be more serious.

Burgundy is the result of the combination of its psychological seriousness and powerful energy, so Burgundy is known as a symbol of strong determination, leadership, and courage.

What does the color burgundy say about you?

If Burgundy is your favorite color, you tend to become unique. Wealth, sophistication as well as a high social status are the things you desire. Maybe you are a little materialistic.

You are considered as a creative person. You have the ability to make a plan and organize, so you can find yourself suitable for being a leader. You are optimistic; therefore, the challenges are not problems, you will try your best to overcome and achieve your goals.

How to wear the color burgundy

Burgundy with black

A safe but impressive choice for you when you want to wear burgundy is mixing burgundy with black as black perfectly match with everything. If there are too many black blazers in your wardrobe and you do not know which type of clothes can match with them, you can try a pair of burgundy pants or a skirt.

Burgundy is neutral, so wearing burgundy on the bottom is an intelligent solution. A burgundy dress from Theory combined with a black cardigan from Rebecca Taylor is a suggestion for you

Burgundy with camel

Another fantastic choice for you is wearing burgundy with camel. The outfit with camel J. Crew blazer and burgundy cashmere sweater from Repeat can be a suggestion you can consider.

Burgundy with navy

Navy and burgundy is a sweet combination that you should not miss. Navy pants from Reiss mixed with and a burgundy t-shirt from Theory can make you become a stylish girl.

That is some information about burgundy color. Hope you can find some beneficial things in my post. Hope that this post helps you to gain some knowledge about What does the color burgundy look like? Thank you for spending your time reading.

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