You may not know the difference between bb cream and foundation?

Have you ever questioned that” Using bb cream or foundation?” or” Which one is better?” or “Is there any differences?”. Finally, the result is that there is no difference between of them and you can totally use both of them without worrying about anything. By the way, that’s OK. However, if you are keen on making-up, you will find the difference between bb cream and foundation, dear guys! This difference will help you become master in beauty- making because you can easily know the best time for you to use bb cream or and vice versa.

Are BB cream and foundation similar?

What is BB cream?

BB cream is used widely and you can definitely find it no matter where you live. You can find it from shopping centers, cosmetics shops to local markets.

BB cream( Blemish Balm) is a multi- functional product. It really meets all of your demands. It is said that it can moist the skin, protect the skin from sunlight, nourish the skin and create skin’s coverage. ( Although, according to previous experience, our skin needs a special cream. When doing like that, kinds of BB cream will make our skin more natural.)

Alright, it depends on the branch you pick up. Every BB cream’s branch will have different coverage index and ability to prevent sunlight. On the other hand, this is a product that you should use once until you find the most suitable cream for you. It is also used to hide weaknesses or highlight. It’s so awesome, right?

the difference between bb cream and foundation
The difference between bb cream and 

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What is foundation?

Foundation is one of the kind of making-up cosmetics used by many customers. It has the same color as our skin and it is used to hide weaknesses, nourish the skin, or even make the skin become more smooth.

Foundation is said to be a kind of traditional cream. And then, some kinds of cream such as BB cream, CC cream, and cushion appear with the same function as foundation connected to many conveniences. This doesn’t mean hat foundation is not as good as some other cream, anyway.

                                            the difference between bb cream and foundation

There is no doubt that foundation is a kind of perfect cream ussed for ages. With a lot of different tone colors, you can use it everyday or make-up professionally. However, depening on every kind of skin, you select the suitable method. For instance, if you skin is oily, please select the foundation cream used to norish moist; or if your skin is the old’s skin, please pick the foundation cream used to anti-aging.

Both BB cream and foundation one have a little bit in common. We find it easy to see that. Clearly, they have the same function, right? Both of them are used to making- up period, protect our skin from sunlight, or nourish the skin, and even hide our weaknesses at all.

However, they have some differences that we hardly realize. So, what are the differences between of them. Let’s draw your attention to the next part. Let’s go!

The difference between BB cream and foundation

Criteria 1: Coverage index

                                                                   the difference between bb cream and foundation

BB cream Foundation
BB cream’s coverage is medium and it will be more suitable for you if you make-up lightly when you go to work or go along the beach. The one thing is BB cream only hides small and light weaknesses and it is good for the skin having little scar. Foundation always covers better because the amount of cream seems to be thicker when spraying on the face. Please use Foundation when you want to make up in the important occasions or in your own wedding.

Criteria 2: Moist index

the difference between bb cream and foundation
The difference between bb cream and foundation


BB cream Foundation
Apart from nourishing the skin and making the skin smooth, BB cream is provided in reducing aging process. In general, BB cream is capable of moisting the skin well and it doesn’t make the skin become dry as well. According to some medical researches, Foundation is used to change skin tone and helps us feel that the skin is smoother.

Criteria 3: Color tone

the difference between bb cream and foundation
The difference between bb cream and foundation

the difference between bb cream and foundation

BB cream ( on the left ) Foundation ( on the right )
Clearly, BB cream don’t have a lot of tones for kinds of skin (only have about

1-2 tones). When using it, the inequality color is controlled gradually( tone-downing), and it is suitable to skin’s natural color.

On the contrary, Foundation has up to ten kinds of tones for you to select freely. Unlike BB cream, when using it, you will spend lots of time to find out the best color for you.

Criteria 4: Anti- sunlight index

One interesting thing is that BB cream consists of the high quatify of SPF and it have ability to prevent sunlight better than Foundation. It means that if you go along the beach in these such hot days, it’s the best selection for you to use BB cream. Certainly, it won’t make you feel dissappointed.

That’s amazing, right? Actually, we still realize the difference between bb cream and foundation, don’t we? Hopefully, through this brief post today, you will have much more knowledge in using bb cream and foundation effectively in many particular circumstances.

Make sure that you have authority on beauty-making field. Also, you can also tell them part easily. More significantly, it’s difference that helps you become more and more master and skillful when you make-up in your own way.

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