6 top tips for long hair in one month you should know 

tips for long hair in one month
Tips for long hair in one month

Owning a beautiful hair make women be more confident and charm. However many women don’t really know how to care their hair in the right way. To help them, we found many tips for long hair in one month. In the article below, we offer many popular and simple ways for you to get a long beautiful and healthy hair just in one month.

Removing the hurt hair – Tips for long hair in one month

The first step to keeping long hair is removing hurt hair. Your hair should be trimmed every 6 – 8 weeks to remove the split ends. When the hair is split and dry, it should be cut to avoid affecting the hair, and then use the suitable shampoo to rehabilitate hair and stimulate hair growth. On the other hand, supplementing with vitamin E and D also promotes hair cell division and stimulates hair growth. So remember removing the hurt hair to get long hair in one month

Do not wash your hair too many times

You should wash your hair every 3- 4 days to avoid losing all kinds of oils to nourish and protect the hair body.

Shampoo too often causes the essential fatty components to disappear. These substances cover your hair and make it look healthy. Adam Friedman, a professor of dermatology at the George Washington School of Health and Science, says that the fats cover the surface of the hair, reinforcing it and preventing it from breaking or splitting. So do not wash your hair is one of top tis for long hair in one month.

Vitamin supplements for the body.

Many people like to use substances to stimulate long hair growth, but in fact, just changing diet is a good method.

Avocado is a golden food for the hair, so why not take a glass of avocado every day? Also do not forget to eat a variety of dark green vegetables such as spinach, vegetables, shrimps … as these are valuable nutrients that help the hair grow faster and healthier.

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tips for long hair in one month

Some kinds of healthy food for long hair 

Eggs – provide protein to the hair

Hair is composed of proteins. So, if you want to have strong, long hair and thick hair, then quickly add high protein foods. Heads of this group include eggs – familiar, easy to find and cheap.

Eggs like chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, are very rich in protein. Eggs are also good sources of other substances for hair such as sulfur, iron and zinc to help healthy hair, reduce fall fracture.

Avocado – a natural fatty acid for hair

Avocado is the best source of natural fatty acids for hair. The dishes include butter with salad or bread. If you do not like butter, you can apply a moisturizer instead of eating it. However, do not skip this dish in your daily menu if you do not want your hair to get worse.

Vitamin C – essential for hair.

Vitamin C is not only good for beautiful skin, but also a “magic pill” to bring beauty to your hair. You can add vitamin C in familiar fruits such as lemon, strawberry, and persimmon or orange, Vitamin C will help regenerate hair follicles, stimulate new hair growth and bring freshness live for the hair.

Iron, zinc and protein supplement

Similar to zinc, iron is an integral component of your hair. Little hair, weak, is due to lack of iron in the diet every day.

To provide iron, eat lean red meat such as beef, pork and lamb every day. This way you can also add iron, zinc, and protein to your hair.

Eat green vegetables

Green vegetables are not only good for the skin, but also for the thicker, longer and smoother hair. You should eat green leafy vegetables, kale, broccoli, lettuce, to supplement the vitamins and minerals.

For example, broccoli is a good source of beta-carotene, iron, and vitamin C. They will help to keep the hair follicles firm, reduce fallout, and grow longer and thicker hair.


Just add the salmon in your daily meals; you will improve your hair significantly and beautifully, beautifully and effectively.

Salmon contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. This essence is very much in the hair and of course is necessary for the beautiful hair nourishment every day. Omega-3 helps keep your hair healthy, hair follicles stronger, stimulates hair growth and beautiful radiant day.

tips for long hair in one month
Tips for long hair in one month

Scalp massage

You do not have to use stimulants, but most importantly, massage your blood with the fingers under the scalp. Nutrition, oxygen supply to the hair root will be the foundation for regular growth, help hair grow longer and thicker.

Use the fingers of both hands and place them on a center line on the forehead, while the thumb will support slightly squeeze on both sides of the forehead, gently pressing and releasing. Now slowly move your fingers closer to the middle of the forehead, using force again after each move. Repeat this until two thumbs move to the middle of the forehead.

tips for long hair in one month
Tips for long hair in one month

Masked hair mask

To keep your hair long, you have to take care from the scalp down to each end of the hair. Especially in the winter, pay attention to moisturize the hair. You can use coconut oil, argan oil or a special type of face masks to use once a week. If you are too busy, just brew 5 minutes each time before shampooing, and if you have more time then 20 minutes.

There are many types of hair masks from natural materials that very simple and easy to make.

Honey mask

Honey is good for skin, body and hair too! Beautiful hair will need a familiar ingredient in this kitchen.

You only need about 2 tablespoons of honey combined with 1 tablespoon of pineapple oil, olive oil and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a thick mixture and apply to wet hair. This hair care mask will keep your hair beautiful, smooth and clean with dandruff, providing the necessary moisture to stimulate hair growth.

Banana Mask

You know that bananas contain lots of potassium, vitamin B6 and moisturizing nutrients and shadows for hair? If you want to own a thick, smooth hair, in addition to often eat this fruit, girls also self-made masks, hair conditioner for banana hair.

Depending on the short length of the hair you mashed from 1-2 bananas, then mix well with fresh milk, coconut milk or honey.

Apply this mixture to your hair for 20 minutes and then gently shampoo. You must persevere and do at least 2 times a week to achieve the desired effect.

Beer masks

Beer is also a familiar mask to help you have beautiful skin. In addition, beer also contains a lot of fine essences for your hair. In beer, there is a large amount of malt and hops provide silica for strong, shiny hair.

When you mix beer with apple cider vinegar, eggs … effective hair beauty, hair loss treatment increased multiples. Hair is not only beautiful, restores damaged but also stimulates hair growth very quickly in a short time.

The combination is for 1 cup of beer mixed with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar applied to wet hair. Apply massage, massage beer to the scalp to nourish the hair, beauty and hair grow quickly.

Mask olive oil and eggs

Every girl knows that olive oil and eggs are natural products that are indispensable in hair care, special for long hair. But do you know that the mixture of these two solutions will create a miracle in your hair?

Mix the two eggs with a sufficient amount of olive oil and put on your hair. Wait for at least 1 hour then shampoo with mild soothing shampoo. Your hair will be soft and smooth as you steam your hair at the spa.

tips for long hair in one month
Tips for long hair in one month

 Using conditioner often

Conditioner is used to protect your hair. Protein and vitamin in conditioner will provide essential nutrients for the hair especial for dyed hair. Apply on the body and hair after shampoo, massage and keep for 3 minutes, rinse with water, your hair will become shiny and smooth. The best way to moisturize your hair and to prevent breakage and dryness is to combine shampoos with conditioner during every wash.  Remember choosing the suitable conditioner with your hair. You should also go to the salon to do conditioner, about two times a month. This way will provide enough moisture for the hair but only suitable for those who have enough money.

Some notes for long hair in one month

For best results, you should note the following tips

  • Wet hair is usually weaker than dry hair, so do not brush your hair when wet, instead of using your fingers to brush your hair.
  • Choose a suitable shampoo for your hair skin and hair
  • Limit using the chemical beauty for hair.
  • Do not dry your hair at high temperature with dryer machine
  • Leave your hair free for at least 4 hours a day. This helps the scalp to relax and circulate blood.

Above are some tips for long hair in one month. These ways are very simple, cheap and easy for you do. These tips are effect but also depend on everyone’s  natural disposition  of the  body. So if you want to have a long  strong beautiful hair, you can use our product.

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