How to choose high quality vendors for hair extensions

vendors for hair extensions

At the end of each article I write about (human) hair extensions, many comments are involved in where to buy or best vendors for hair extensions and such kinds of things. Taking your questions as motivation, I decided to spend my words on how to choose high quality suppliers with the hope that you can be awesome as much as possible when Tet is coming to town.

These days, artificial hair integrations are among the most prevalent hair accessories. Hair extensions, their added length and volume, help enhance your beauty and style, which lures many women to search for them and seek advice where to buy.

Steps to choose good vendors for hair extensions

If you choose the right vendors, so-called suppliers or manufacturers, you can get the hi-end hair extensions with affordable prices but long lifespan. Thus, spending time on finding good vendors hair extensions not only helps you save money but also enables you to keep your hair natural and charming as long as possible.

It could be common knowledge that when you want to buy good hair extensions, the first idea across your mind is to go to Alibaba and AliExpress to see which products are on the hot seat and to seek for advice and review. So, for newbies in hair, to succeed in choosing a perfect product with reasonable price in these websites, you need to follow the following rules:

vendors for hair extensions


  • Define what you want

From my point of view, the first tip to pick good vendors hair extensions from the lot is that you know what exactly you really need. You can ask yourself questions such as what type of products you are looking for, how about their quality and what price range of hair extensions you would like to set, which country you prefer, etc. Once you know your demands, it would be not that hard to find suitable distributors.

I can tell you a lot of vendors that I often choose only focus on your price range but I cannot ensure you the quality of hair integrations or whether they fit you perfectly. Why? The simple reason is that I do not know your hair texture and your intentions to change your hairstyle. Therefore, if you are buying for personal use, the step to define your requirements is much more important.

  • Well-researched practices to find vendors for hair extensions

As the technology advances, people are easier to get access to information. So why not take advantage of technology to search for what you want. You can visit hair and beauty trade shows to have the names of some sellers. Or you can watch vlogs of famous and reliable beauty vloggers to listen to their reviews.

Based on your requirements, you can research the kind of hair which is both popular in the community and close to your demands. Hence, you are catching up with the nowadays trend. No matter which methods you use to search for vendors for hair, you can still find some worth to be considered.

My frequently used method is to search in Google with the algorithms “Wholesale…” (dots means your own wanted products) or to type “…” (dots means your own wanted products) in AliExpress. Afterwards, you will have a long list of suppliers suggested.

So what to do next with this messy list?

  • Develop evaluation criteria to shortlist potential distributors

It is time for you to dig deep into a list of criteria you have already prepared to compare vendors in the list. Criteria are requirements you have made in the step 1. In an objective perspective, in this phase, you remove some of distributors in your list.

If you do not have a detailed list of criteria or you are just not a strict buyer, you can see how popular the detailed supplier is then make a sensible decision after that.


vendors for hair extensions
How to short-list vendors for hair extensions in AliExpress ( Source: Internet)

AliExpress and Alibaba both categorize the level of one hair extension vendor by their successful orders and positive customer feedback. The higher the level is, the more prevalent and reliable the distributor is. As you can see in the picture, they put a crown next to the popular store to let customers know how high quality and well-serviced it is.

Diamonds are the representatives of inquiries. If a shop with 5 diamonds (in picture), it means that customers have a lot of questions that need help from the provider and that provider has good interaction with them. Thus, you can decide if the supplier is reliable or not. All the inquiries are public; so, you can see them all.

  • Conduct vendor briefings

What is the most necessary practice in this phase? As for me, it is to check if the chosen supplier has a branch office in your country (if it is overseas). If it is a domestic store, please check if how many branches it has and where you can buy the products conveniently.

You cannot have a sigh of relief in the step because you need to be cautious to see how they communicate, answer your questions and share information. They are good to others but they can be unsuitable with your style. This is also the way to check if the reviews are created by their staff or they are from objective and loyal customers.

More importantly, see if you speak the same language or how understandable you guys are to each other. Misunderstandings need to be solved from the root. One thing that you need to bear in mind is that some vendors for hair extensions you like may share a factory whilst one hair distributor may cooperate with many hair factories at the same time.

You also need to check if they have been in this industry for long time or not. Have they changed their brand name recently or are they operating in different names? Cautiousness is needed to conduct briefings of hair extension vendors.

  • Final decision and check samples with your chosen vendors for hair extensions

It is high time for you to ask for some sample orders, to get samples or to test their hair extensions. If possible, you can see them in person to apply the hair extensions so that you can both have real experience and analyze your various evaluation requirements.

Do not forget to ask for their shipment charges if they are overseas. If you are doing a bulk order, shipping might be free. So, let’s ask for the sake of your benefits!

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Top list of vendors for hair extensions

Generally, Indian distributors are better than those from China because India is home to real virgin hair extensions. China might procure from India and then repackage them from China. When compared to any other part of the world, India is proud to be top quality hair.

This is a common sense but that does not mean you have to boycott other vendors for hair extensions. Good news for you! There are several potential markets where human hair extensions share the same typical features with Indian ones but the prices are much more affordable. They are suppliers from Cambodia and Vietnam.

Vietnam is a potential market with many reliable providers. If you are in love with Vietnamese hair textures, you definitely should drop by their platforms to see how good they are and do not need to worry about the prices at all.

We have taken data from AliExpress and they have divided hair vendors into 5 kinds: A-List, Big Brands, Not Bad, 2017 Newly Joined and Top Ten This Month.

From their names, you probably know their quality that each group has provided with customers. A-List, as for me, is the one which I found really on the top of the high quality vendors with positive feedback levels reaching over 97.5%. However, quality comes with prices. My recommendation goes for Not Bad vendors for hair extensions because I have experienced their good service with reasonable prices.

For more information, please visit AliExpress to see the list and read their reviews. Note that you should read the updated list in January 2018.

vendors for hair extensions

Revealing secrets when dealing with vendors for hair extensions

There is a saying that I regard it as my motto: “Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing” (Actress Carrie Fisher). I use this quote to open the part of revealing secrets when dealing with sellers for a reason.

Vendors for hair extensions are just vendors and negotiating with them is sometimes a form of art or even a science. With a little effort and good direction, you can be a master in this field. Convincing negotiation helps you save money and exploit fully all the benefits you could gain from vendors.

First, each model of vendors for hair requires different game plan. Drop shipping, wholesale or private label from Asia?

How to approach wholesalers

Purchasing your wanted products in your own nation is by far the easiest and the most reliable way to go. No matter what level you are at, they are still willing to work with you, give you advice and offer sales for you in person.

In the United States, everything is simplified in an amazing way. Some vendors even do not ask for your seller permit! However, you will be tax free if you have one. So why not prepare this legal paper to get the most.

If you are purchasing products overseas, just email or inbox the wholesaler and ask them how to make a deal. Vendors for hair extensions do not care if you are an established business or not. One thing you should remember is “net 30”. If you are in a tight budget, you can ask to pay for your products up to 30 days later.

What about vendors for dropshipping

Approaching vendors for hair extensions for dropshipping is really a different story. Asking for dropshipping means asking for partnership. It requires your close attention between you and vendors to make sure that the package and inserts are exactly what you display in your website.

You need to make a larger and stricter contract with the vendors to ensure that suppliers will fulfil every order sent individually.

Vendors for hair extensions

For personal use

Confidence is the key when dealing with vendors for hair extensions. You need to be decisive, know what you want, well prepare and good command of language (overseas).

You can learn their motivation to open up a business for hair extensions to make good first impressions. You can also mention your alternatives with as reasonable price as possible as they need to know that you are just playing a threat card.

Do not show your excitement to your chosen vendors for hair extensions. It will make them feel that you are really in need. Do not appear as a problematic customer; otherwise, you will not get the best deal. Always maintain a good relationship because you guys need each other.

Payment should be made on time. Therefore, next time, you could get their sales, discounts or other promotion programs which bring monetary benefits to you actually. Vendors for hair are just human beings.

Now that is the end of our article which equips you with very helpful domains and knowledge. We hope that you will not get any trouble when finding and dealing with your potential vendors for hair extensions. Let your information be activated and take effect!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ordering a sample really possible? I have not tried this right before and is there any limit when I ask for a sample order?

A: Thank you for the sensible question that I think many readers share the same idea. Actually many reputable businesses are willing to provide you with a sample order before purchasing in huge quantity. There are some that agree to give you sample hair extensions and you are responsible for shipping fee. Invest in hair extensions is expensive, so why not ask for sample order then later make decisions. It would be much better and less risky.


Q: When I do research for vendors for hair extensions, I often feel confused at a mixture of negative and positive comments. How could I know that they are really good or bad in nature?

A: Yeah what a familiar feeling because I used to be in your shoes myself. In a pool of comments and feedback, you will go for the one which dominates the other. If many people, over 50% of comments, complain or share their annoyance, there must be a problem with the vendors and vice versa. Goodness and badness depend on individual feelings and thoughts. However, in some case, go with the flow will save you from terrible experiences.

SourceWholesale Hair Vendors – Virgin Hair Distributors/ Manufacturer – Hair Extensions Supplier

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