When referring to Asian women, people often think of the natural black and long hair, healthy and beautiful. In particular, I want to mention the Vietnam long hair of Vietnamese women. The Vietnam long hair is natural black. From the past, the Vietnam long hair is always honored the traditional values. It’s the pride of the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese people love the long hair. The long hair is very beautiful, smooth, straight and shiny. In addition, the Vietnamese ethnic minority women have a very long hair,  more than 100 centimeters.

So that, I want to introduce you to the Vietnamese hair review of Vietnam long hair, Please follow my post.

vietnam long hair

The general introduction about Vietnam long hair:

According to the Asian genus, the Vietnam long hair is black, very strong and smooth. The hair is considered a woman’s jewelry. The women can beautify with the different hairstyles.

In the past, Vietnamese women enjoyed so long hair. The Vietnam long hair expresses the noble qualities of a woman: power, elegance, gentleness, and virtue. So that, they need to have the secret to caring the long hair by the traditional methods. For example, they often use the plants and natural herbs to nourish the hair to be soft, shiny, and healthy.

They choose the natural ingredients: the Gleditsia plant, betel grass, sticky leaves, aromas, peel grapefruit, lemongrass for washing hair. These are the pure essential oils for hair, make the hair to have the antibacterial hair, anti-inflammatory. It helps to cleanse the scalp effectively to prevent the disease of the scalp and stimulate the hair’s growth.

Moreover, the grapefruit oil also helps to strengthen the hair, prevent from drying hair and support the treatment of shedding hair effectively. They just put these ingredients in a pot of boiling water with a specific formula. Then they use directly on the hair.

Nowadays, Vietnamese women have a lot of modern hairstyles. They can change the traditional long Vietnam hair but there are many women want to keep the long black hair. The Vietnamese ethnic minority women have very long hair, even over 100 cm. It’s really beautiful, thick and soft. Because of their Vietnam long hair, they tie the hair on the top of the head and fix it with the hairpins.

The differences between Vietnam long hair (natural black hair) and the natural blonde hair:

The hair is constructed of the identical protein building blocks called keratin. The outer layer of human hair is called the epidermis which protects the inner layers of the hair. Natural black human hair is the most common hair color in the world. And the natural blonde hair is only 2% of the population.

The hair color reflects some special index of the body. The scientists say that the blonde women have more estrogen. They are also believed to have the better emotion, more sensitive and a more youthful personality.

The Vietnamese women, who have the black long Vietnam hair, will have more natural grey and white hair when people get older. In addition, the white women will have their hair turned to lighter yellow. Many people are interested in the Vietnam long hair of the elders

The natural materials are good for the Vietnam long hair:

As I mentioned in the previous part of this post. Now, I will introduce you to two of many materials which are good for your hair: the natural coconut oil and the essence of the grapefruit peel. So that you understand more how to care your hair with the natural materials. These make the hair strong and healthy, shiny and soft naturally.

The natural coconut oil:

Besides these effects, the coconut is especially good for your hair and scalp. It makes your scalp has no any dandruff by the coconut oil is able to clean dandruff and moisturize very well. Using the coconut oil to reduce the breakage of the hair, make the Vietnam long hair be smoother and grow faster.

The first, you pour a little of the coconut oil in a small bowl (just enough for your hair) and use a cotton swab to absorb the coconut oil and squeeze the cotton a bit so that it isn’t so much.

Next, you continue to rub the cotton swab on the hair, turn from the root to the top and from inside to outside. So the coconut oil is permeable all of your hair and your scalp. You use a comb and brush your hair once more to get better and wait about 30 minutes. The coconut oil will penetrate into the hair effectively.

After 30 minutes, the coconut oil penetrated into the hair and your scalp, you need to wash your hair with the shampoo and the clean water carefully (only use shampoo, do not use the conditioner) to have the best effect.

You should often do it this way (2 days/1 time) and after 2 weeks, your hair is surely stronger and smoother as Vietnam long hair.

vietnam long hair

 The essence of the grapefruit peel:

The long and healthy hair after using the grapefruit oil is tested by the scientists, by Narin-gosid, d-limonene, a- pinen, linalool, geraniol, citral and alcohol, pectin, acid citric. Vietnam hair stylist also advised me to care the hair by the essence of the grapefruit peel.

You can find the grapefruit peel easily. It’s inexpensive and has a good effect.

The first, you wash the grapefruit skin cleanly to remove the impurities and boil it with some branches of fresh lemongrass.

Next, you boil the mixed water for 5 minutes, pour out the pots to cool the water. you shouldn’t boil it so long so that the oil won’t be evaporated. After the water is quite warm, you use the mixed water of the grapefruit and lemongrass to wash your hair and massage your scalp gently. You don’t need to wash your hair again with the clean water.

You can do this method about 2 – 3 weeks/1 time to get the best result.

So we have two of the many simple ways to make the natural shampoo, without the other industrial shampoo products. Please try applying it to your hair, I believe that your hair will be noticeably improved. You will have the smooth, strong and healthy Vietnam long hair.

I mentioned the raw hair Vietnam reviews in the previous post. If you need any advice about caring the hair, please contact me to have the beautiful Vietnam long hair. Thank you.

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